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Reviewer: sunshine Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/08/2014 3:37 AM Title: Chapter 20

I really enjoyed this story. :)

Reviewer: OzMaBa Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/06/2014 6:25 PM Title: Chapter 20

What a great story! Absolutely love it! Thank you very much!

Special thanks for: not fucking my mind by too much jealousy and misunderstandings, not all vulcans being complete assholes, bringing Kirk and Spock together in soft way rather than in wild way, not making villains, and the greatest - for not leaving Spock Prime behind (autors so often do it... and still it breaks my heart each time).

Sorry for possible mistakes - english isn't my own language.

Reviewer: angelocustode Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 11/07/2013 8:31 AM Title: Chapter 20

I very much enjoyed this extensive piece of fiction. It is well structured and well paced, it has a convincing plot, good action writing, marvelous cliff-hangers and the moments of hot sex fit in well, never giving the reader a feeling of a plot made only as a pretence for porn.

You had some very good ideas in there, like the way of healing prime Spock's severed bond. I loved the explanation of Kirks blue eyes and the name of Jim's son.

Thank you so much for writing and sharing this.



Author's Response:

Thank you, once again, for leaving such a lovely, detailed comment.  I'm sorry it's taken me so long to reply to them all but it's been a bit of a tumultuous year and I stepped back from fandom for a while.  This is, by far, the longest piece I've written and I'm glad you found the structure and pace worked for you.  I started writing it the day after I went to see the reboot movie for the first time and the one thing that really haunted me was that poor Spock prime was stuck in a universe without his Jim, but 'a' Jim within arm's reach.  On top of everything else he'd suffered, I felt that must have been devastating to him.  My heart broke a little and I just *had* to fix it!

Thank you so much for your generous feedback! ♥

Reviewer: angelocustode Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/06/2013 3:52 AM Title: Chapter 15

Just another cliffhanger - I am happy the next chapter is written already!

Reviewer: angelocustode Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/05/2013 7:38 AM Title: Chapter 11

Wow, that chapter is great action writing, acutally I should have done other things, but I just couldn't stop myself from reading.

Author's Response:

Haha! Now *that* is a huge compliment, thank you! :-)

Reviewer: angelocustode Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/04/2013 11:42 AM Title: Chapter 6

There is an easyness and transparency about their relationship that is endearing.

Reviewer: angelocustode Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/04/2013 7:02 AM Title: Chapter 3

Very well done how you portray the slowly growing understanding between the two, the way Kirk comes to interpret the smallest nuances of Spock's facial expression and posture.

Author's Response:

I think Kirk was a bit of a 'streetfighter' and also well-versed in picking people up, so I think he'd be pretty good at reading people.  It would just take a bit more effort to figure Spock out. :)

Reviewer: angelocustode Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 11/04/2013 6:58 AM Title: Chapter 4

I thoroughly love this story, it is something to be savoured slowly, it makes me feel good.

Author's Response:

Reviewer: sakura Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: 10/17/2013 4:18 PM Title: Chapter 20

A gorgeous story! I enjoyed it a lot! Thanks for sharing it with us

Author's Response:

This story seemed to write itself - I did it in under two months!  I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for commenting. ♥

Reviewer: AliLark Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/10/2013 4:08 AM Title: Chapter 20

One of my favorite love stories. I'm a sucker for endings where everything works out for everyone.

Author's Response:

So glad you enjoyed it - given the body of work out there, that's a huge compliment!  Thank you! ♥

Reviewer: nekoii-desu Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/31/2013 6:13 PM Title: Chapter 20

O-kay... I needed a sec, a few minutes actually. Just WHAT sort of TWIST was THAT?! Totally did NOT see it.
You've managed some sneaky twists in this one.
What with Charalam, and then with Spock Senior. I'm just bug-eyed and gaping. Sepak, there, watching?! Oh GOD... What?

Sneak attack like no other.
I read a story somewhere before where it ended with the two Spocks deciding to 'share' Jim.  But this one is on another plane, the mental plane... And Voyeurism!
Haha! Gosh gosh gosh, bloody socks man. ... -le still gaping-
Then you go name that baby Zachary.
Floored! I am floored! Though this has me floored in a way where I'm being floored on cloud nine! Like all that earlier wasn't enough?! Hah! Awesome man.
Followed soon after by Winona marrying Pike. I knew you were throwing them curveballs left right and center so I was ready when this one came! and baby Amanda. Imagine that! A 3/4 vulcan baby named Amanda. HAH! Bow down to matriach Amanda! I'd imagine it would be really hard to remain stern with a warm and gentle name like that ;D
The little bit about Sulu and Chekov didn't slip by me (ship em young I say!)

Anyway. Curve balls and sneak attacks aside.
This has been a very very pleasant read. It was very light, and overall delightful. And humorous! I still recall a few lines here and there - thank you Dr. Bones - that still has be muffling snickers.
It wasn't one of those more deeper and darker stories with complicated and troubling emotions running high.
Coming home felt just as the name suggests. Like you had a very long but enlightening journey, filled with good memories, the touch of trouble just amplifies your gratitude at the wonder and love you've experienced, then you reach back home and everything comes full circle. That sigh of contentment, and feeling complete.

This one is a chicken soup receipe. In plot and love and words for the soul.

Once again, thank you for this awesome literary filling meal :)

Author's Response:

I adored Spock Prime in the movie and couldn't leave him on his own, I just couldn't.  I had to find a fix, and there it was.  It had to be done. :-)

I think when I wrote this story on Livejournal, my notes included the observation that the Enterprise was turning into a love boat!  You're right, this is kind of candyfloss - I like light, upbeat stories and don't feel confident yet, as a writer, to try the darker, emotion-laden stuff yet.  I love the idea of this story being soothing, something to turn to when things aren't so good. :-)

Thank you SO much for leaving all your awesome, thought-provoking comments, showing me your thinking and reactions as you were reading - I really loved it and appreciate it. ♥

Reviewer: nekoii-desu Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/28/2013 6:13 PM Title: Chapter 13

you know. I always knew you were the sort who did your research very diligently. Or that you were just plain intelligent.
but this whole Medical field is astounding me, and I studied sciences for quite some years too.
Just wow, at your ER terminology.
and explanations. Very eloquently phrased.

Of cause, it's always a plus when nobody dies in the end :)

And ofcause, Charalam is made hero for the day~

Author's Response:

I do do a lot of research as I'm a stickler for detail, and am also aware many people who read my work are qualified in medicine and sciences.  I'm so glad the medical terminology rings true - I remember doing a LOT of reading up about all this.  I am a qualified massage therapist, and had to do considerable studying in anatomy and physiology, so I already have a fairly strong grounding which helps me a lot! :-)  Thank you for this lovely feedback - it means a lot!

Reviewer: nekoii-desu Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/28/2013 5:16 PM Title: Chapter 11

I was wrong about Charalam. Perhaps, instead. she is a Charm.

Author's Response:

Hee! I think you may be right... ;-)

Reviewer: nekoii-desu Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/27/2013 6:34 PM Title: Chapter 9

This Charalam is bugging me. Charalam sounds too much like Charlatan. And it's making me wonder if perhaps that near-pun is very intended.

What is this woman up to really. First with the coffee. then soaked wet on the same day Anderson nearly drowned to death. Sneaking to places she ought not be at. Then under a table. What next?

Author's Response:

Ah, Ensign Charalam.  A lot of readers had alarm bells going off about her.  Always in the wrong place at the wrong time... :-)

Reviewer: nekoii-desu Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/27/2013 2:57 PM Title: Chapter 6

Hmmmm what a convinient compromise they have managed for themselves aye~

This is awesome, this is splendid, this is nearly as good as them meeting at childhood :P But still sooner better than later.

Author's Response:

Spock Prime is totally meddlesome, and I love him for it. :-)

Reviewer: nekoii-desu Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/26/2013 7:50 PM Title: Chapter 4

Digest THAT Spock. Wohooooooooooooooooooooooooo are my assumptions coming true? *w*

Author's Response:

So glad the story got you thinking and trying to figure things out! :-)

Reviewer: nekoii-desu Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 03/26/2013 7:04 PM Title: Chapter 3

You know I usually just read read read until I'm done reading the story, then I review. But gotta pause now.

Because. This chapter felt awesome on a subtle level. Like awesome sneak-attack. Like, I'm just reading, then suddenly the plan unfolds and it's like - WHOA MAN - that was good stuff man...

I loved, in particular, the conversation Jim had with Bones. Really really felt it, the way is was played out, and how it blended so nicely with the setting and plot. It was really , I don't know what you call it, a work of art? Literary art. I'm reminded once again what a plot genius you are! Thank you! Gotta love the good plots man, love them, they're rare you know.

Will be resuming, my enjoying read of your many chapters to come :D

I have LOADS of assumptions. (LikespockisgoingintoponfarrandmaybehewantstobeaGoladepttoo and thefreakingsparkbetweenhimandjimscreamsThyla!) but we'll see what the future holds~


Author's Response:

I'm sorry I didn't get around to responding to all your feedback until now.  Going through each one has made me smile.  Coming Home was my first (and so far, only) novel length story and I found it huge fun building in all the plot points and foreshadowing.  Your comment is extremely generous - it's left a big smile on my face. :-) Thank you! ♥

Reviewer: atymer Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 03/07/2013 1:16 PM Title: Chapter 20

Good character study. I enjoyed the development of their relationship from advesarial to lovers.  The events after the bonding ceremony were a surprise, cut a pleasant one and rather heartfelt. Great story telling.

Author's Response:

This was only my second reboot story and technically the first as I got started on it before the first one I posted.  I began it immediately after the moview was released in May '09 and finished it in August - I can't believe I wrote to much, so quickly, with three major edits too!  I felt I had to resolve the issue of Spock Prime being stuck in a universe on his own - I simply couldn't leave him like that and I couldn't imagine either Jim or Spock would, either.  So glad you enjoyed it - thank you for the feedback! ♥

Reviewer: YaoiBatman Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 01/24/2013 5:28 PM Title: Chapter 20

This has to be one of my favorite ST fics ever. I love their first kiss, I love McCoy's friendship jealousy, I love Kirk calling Sarek dad (lol), and I love Kirk and Spock sharing their bond with Prime Spock. 

Thank you so much for this lovely story.

Author's Response:

I'm thrilled you name this story one of your favourites - given how many awesome stories are out there, that's really made my day! :)

I had so much fun writing this in the initial aftermath of the release of STXI, playing with the dynamics of the relationships and resolving a serious problem I had with poor Spock Prime being stuck alone in a new universe.

Thank you for your kind and generous comment. <3

Reviewer: argona Signed [Report This]
Date: 05/25/2012 5:19 PM Title: Chapter 20

This was such a nice read. I love what they did for prime spock. Not to mention now the idea of threesome won't leave me alone! I really enjoyed reading this.Thank you so much for writing it!You are one of my favorite writers in this archive.You totally rock!

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