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Slash slapped me up the side of the face in 2010, even though I'd watched and loved Star Trek, the original series, forever, and of course had eagerly trotted off to see the new movie.

When I say "slapped me up the side of the face" LOL: I googled Kirk/Spock to see if I could get a screen saver of my favourite boys, and found a uTube video called "Closer." When I picked myself up off the floor and realised what the rest of my life was going to be about, I googled more, found the archives, read a lot and was in heaven.  Then I dragged out all my old diaries and uploaded the stories.

After a while I realised there were stories I wanted to read that weren't on there, so I started writing them and got some lovely helpful feedback from all the readers here while I found my writing feet.

Once I found my writing feet, I decided to write other stuff as well (gen sci-fi, and gay romance - a friend commented the other day that reading my stories was like playing "where's Wally" only you were trying to "spot the hidden Vulcan" LOL).  Well, yeah, I do that.  But hey.  Anyway, I've been having a ball ever since.

I write gay romance under the name Jack Byrne, and my first novella in that genre was published 27 November 2013.  If you remember that line at the end of Balance of Terror (Star Trek the Classic Series), where the Romulan Captain says to Kirk before he dies, "In another life, I could have called you friend"? Well, that line just broke my heart, so I wrote my story using Jim and the male Romulan Commander as my inspiration for the lead characters, but giving them 'another life': as bushrangers in outback Australia in the 1870's.  In fact, you could read it as Jim/Spock (or Jim/Sarek) if you squint because I de-aged them and made them in their twenties.  (Jim has blue eyes, just because I'm a sucker for blue-eyed blond guys, I guess LOL.)  It's called "The Billabong" and is the first novella in what will be a series of three novellas and a couple of novels. Here's the link for this eBook, it's only $3.99 for the 70 pages: The sequel "Walkabout" has been completed, edited and sent in to the publisher too, I'll post a link up here when that also becomes available.

(Breaking news 2nd January 2014: Dreamspinner has accepted Walkabout for publication in August and contracted with me for any future stories in this series, too!  I'll be writing about 15000 words a month in that series from now on.  So anyone wanting to follow the series can be assured that it will be continuing!  :) :) :)  Links will be posted here!)

The notorious "Clan Leader" is due up on Amazon in print form this week published by Amok Publications, so if you want to get your hot little hands on a print copy.... ;) use this link:

Oh, and there's a gen sci-fi anthology, which I wrote with a bunch of other authors from the archives here and a couple of professional writers (scary people!).  It's all very James Bond-ish to get there: 

Link to the anthology, which is gen sci-fi: go to and search for the two words Tales and Perseus and it will come up at the top of the list.  It includes stories by CMM, eimeo, T'nash-veh, and others, and some stunning cover artwork by Spock2U, (the robot holding up the head of Medusa) it's worth a peek.  If you can't find it message me and I'll send you a link!

(Oh, I write BBC Sherlock slash too, under FugitiveSGA on, also I'm posting some House/Wilson slash stories (Season Nine) there also.)  I looooove Johnlock and Hilson.  I also ship Thor/Loki, but haven't written much of that because I think the movies are doing a great job of that already LOL!

Cheers, and once again, thank you for reading my stories!

Email me if you have any questions, I love to hear from fellow shippers!  Sometimes I will sneak in a response to a request too, if you catch me in a non-busy moment (rare).

 Breaking news!  I now have a website!!!  Yay, and thanks to the people at Amok Publications:

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Challenges by Fugitive

Write the hottest sex scene between Kirk and Spock... where they do not touch each other.

Can be fantasizing, or they are physically prevented from touching, or whatever reason. Poetry or prose.

Categories: None Characters: None

Evil Laughter.  This is a direct challenge to CMM.... to rewirte (filk) "Achey Breakey Heart" and make it sound plausible.


Categories: None Characters: None

Write a fic with the above title.

Bonus points for humour/bonus points for it being Mirror Universe.

These tribbles, being mirror, would probably hate Vulcans, dislike humans, love Klingons (who in the Mirror Universe are peacemongering vegetarian types).

Good luck!


Categories: None Characters: None

Write the hottest alien sex scene possible in less than 1,000 words..... the one with the most (positive) reviews wins.

Categories: None Characters: None

I love the character of Edith Keeler in TOS.  But what would Mirror Edith be like?  Would she be a nasty dominatrix running the 21st St Whorehouse, helping the Nazis with their secret plans?  And would Mirror Spock and Kirk help or hinder her????

TOS please

Categories: None Characters: Edith Keeler

Would love to read a crossover Mirror flick with the Big Bang Theory (all the characters still uber-clever, but popular girl magnets) and Mirrorverse.  A transporter malfunction dumps Mirror Spock and Mirror Kirk in Sheldon's apartment and they have to stay there until their shipmates manage to beam them out....

Categories: None Characters: Original Character(s)

In the Mirrorverse, Mudd is a clever snake who trades in men (not women) and slaves, and he is ultra rich and powerful.  Kirk peeves him and Mudd manages to take over the Enterprise, and ends up leading Kirk and Spock around by chains around their necks on their own ship. 

The Venus drug (the Mars drug, of course, now) still acts the same, but Mudd annoys McCoy into concentrating the drug and injecting it into Kirk and Spock in the hopes this will empower them to escape and help him overpower Mudd.

The concentrated Mars drug turns Spock into a fire-breathing demon with a long tail and horns, and Jim into an Archangel complete with white wings and a baaaaad attitude.

What will their revenge be, on both Mudd and McCoy?

Bonus points if the change is irreversible and the two start to find their new forms attractive to each other.

Categories: None Characters: None
Summary: Sam Taylor "You think you have seen beauty... then it walks into the room and you realise you have never seen it before"

Could I have a short story or poem based on the above quote please?  Thank you.

Categories: Essays, Poetry, Ficlets, Fiction, Filks and Songs Characters: None