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Summary: Spock and Kirk meet at starfleet and fall in love. Spock's family adores Jim. I don't want Amanda to die in this. Also want lots of Uhura bashing with Spock disliking her. Bones likes Jim but gets over it later and becomes happy for the couple. Multi-chapter story and set in Addams universe. Bonus: m-preg for Jim Bonus: Pike is like a father to Jim
Categories: Works in Progress Characters: Amanda, Chris Pike, McCoy, Sarek, Uhura

Okay, so I'm going to issue a challenge and let's see who bites! Must be set in ST:XI verse is all I ask. You have full creative rights to take this prompt where-ever it carries you as a writer.

So, here goes: The Enterprise is six months into its 5 year mission and its Crew are building the foundations to those important relationships Selek had hinted to in the 2009 film. However, Spock has been struggling to deal with the loss of his Homeworld and his Mother; his efforts are meeting with little success. 

Soon, after a Rescue Mission, Spock discovers that the Enterprise has two new passengers he never thought it would be possible to see again. Stonn and T'Pring have survived the Destruction of Vulcan. Now, not only has Spock discovered that his Betrothed is alive but also that the Crew of the Enterprise were under the mistaken impression, along with its Communications Officer, that he had a relationship with Uhura he was unaware of.

Stonn, on the other hand, informs Spock of his "lack of feelings" towards T'Pring and of his attraction towards the Enterprise's Captain instead.

Basically, Spock is left to deal with two overly competative females while at the same time as saving Jim's virtue. That is, after all, his duty as Jim's First Officer is it not?

Will Spock ever figure out his feelings towards in Captain in time or will he loose his chance with Jim to Stonn?

A/N: If my English Grammar is a bit hard to read, I apologize. It's not by best language when I am writing quickly.

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Chris Pike, McCoy, Sarek, Stonn, T'Pring, Uhura

Vulcan males are able to get pregnant. But since ages past it is firmly forbidden. Those males who get pregnant are either forced to abortion and those who refuse are meant to leave Vulcan and never come back. The same goes to their child(ren). Pregnant Vulcan male give off characteristic odor: something close to roses, that’s how others know.

Now Spock is pregnant and Jim is the father. What will they do? Will Spock keep the child? Will he even tell his father after the child will be born?

Decisions are tougher when you’re Sarek’s son and have a human mother.

Everything complicates when T’Pau herself requests USS Enterprise to take her to the biggest negotiations in history of federation and Vulcan: with Romulans. Sarek and Amanda and many other Ambassadors are to come with her.

Spock can’t hide forever in his quarters.

Mpreg K/S slash, Sarek/Amanda


Bonus: I love angst and romance and hurt/comfort and family and lots of other feels.

Bonus 2: doesn’t matter which universe TOS or Abrams…I’ll love it either way.

Oh and if you love long stories to write like I love to read them then please do write a long story.

I don’t want short one shot.

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Amanda


Spoilers: Star Trek Into Darkness

Backstory: During their rapid rush to save a crumbling Vulcan, Spock and Kirk spend one heated night together. Afterword, Spock insists that it is a mistake and continues to maintain the level of professionalism that they had before. Jim, however, is head-over-heels for his first officer and can't help but admit that he's a little hurt that he means so little to his first officer. The next day, Spock is back with Uhura. A little while later, Kirk finds out that he is pregnant.


Prompt: Jim and Spock are together. Spock doesn't know about the baby - that is, of course, until they meld for the first time. Jim successfully had the baby, but was so out of it, he didn't know what happened after the birth and was convinced his baby was dead. As it turned out, their baby was very much alive. And Spock, desperate for a way to correct his egregious error and quell his 'human' emotions, will do anything to get her back. Even if it means taking her out of the hands of an intergalactic terrorist known as Khan.

Abrams Verse, please!

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A child is orphaned and brought onto the Enterprise after an away mission gone terribly wrong. The infant is skittish and afraid, so much so, even Bones is having a hard time with him/her. To everyone’s surprise Jim Kirk is a child rearing extraordinaire. He seems to know so much about children, in fact, that the crew begin to speculate, but the actual reason behind Kirk’s abilities are far darker than any one of them could have imagined. And Jim Kirk doesn’t really care what they think anyway, not when he’s ankle deep in his new parental responsibilities.


Must include: 2009/New Movie Verse

Humor, and a sprinkling of fluff (I don't want my teeth to fall out from overly saccharine writing.)

Cute scenes with Kirk, kid, and Spock

Gender/species of child is your choice, but I'm partial to a little girl. I think it might be easier if maybe Kirk has some prior relationship (non sexual) to the parents, but that is also the author's decision.

The reason Jim is so good with chidren is because he took care of so many children on Tarsus IV. (He knows how to calm them and such, but maybe he also watched the children in his neighborhood before the famine hit.) He refuses to tell the crew this. They speculate on why he's a daddy extraordinaire. They might believe that he has a kid out there somewhere.

Spock (and maybe several others) find daddy!Kirk incredibly attractive. Spock is confused as to why.

Spirk is non-established. Spock sees Jim in a new light and begins to realize he's/fall in love with him.

Bonus: scenes with Bones, because I love grumpy Bones. (maybe sweet sympathetic Bones who misses Joanna)

Someone gives the kid a stuffed sehlat. (with a bow) Spock finds this illogical.

Jim gets to keep the kid on the Enterprise. (I don't care how this is done as long as it's believable.)

Parental tututoring from Spock Prime?


Happy writing to anyone who takes the challenge!

Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction Characters: McCoy

Uhura and Spock are bonded, but somehow manage to bond with Jim without his consent.  Jim wants out of the bond and does not want a relationship with people who expect him to "just accept it."

Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction, Ficlets Characters: Uhura

Captain Kirk has been made into a woman, a toddler, a cat, a Vulcan, and various other creatures and critters in his many adventures on KSarchive. Now, it's time for something a bit more...energetic.

Note: Romantic relationship not pre-established.

Abram-verse preferred, TOS acceptable.

CHALLENGE: James "Tomcat" Kirk has been turned into (Powers That Be, help us all) a dog. How this happens is up to you (alien technology, some weird ancient other-worldly voodoo, etc.), but it must be Spock that is forced to keep an eye out for the furry captain of the USS Enterprise. The crew can help, but they also need to try to hide his condition from the Admiralty to keep Jim from losing his Captaincy before they can reverse the change.

BONUS IF: You pick an energetic breed. Border Collies, Australian Sheepdogs, and other herding breeds would be good choices. All intelligent, most of them loving and loyal, and all of them are energetic. And mostly fluffy~!

BONUS IF: Kirk, at some point, gets too lonely at night locked in his quarters and scratches and whines at the joint-bathroom door until Spock reacts. How he does so (whether it is berating the dog or allowing him into his own room, or any other variation) is up to you.

LARGE BONUS IF: He still hops up into his chair on the bridge. C'mon, picture it - it's just adorable!

MEGA BONUS IF: He is protective of Spock in a threatening situation.

MEGA BONUS IF: Spock has no prior knowledge on how to care for a Terran canine. Kirk is thinking like a dog, not a person, and sehlats are much more intelligent than dogs.

MEGA BONUS IF: After being changed back, Jim's protectiveness of Spock and jealousy for his attention is still very obvious.

You can make this fluff and leave it at that, or continue this as a longer story that leads into a building relationship beteeen Jim and Spock. I prefer the latter, but fluff is good too. Good luck~!

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: McCoy

Spock is still dating Uhura, when for a reason to be dictated by the author Spock somehow gets Jim pregnant.  However Jim does not want to have the baby, but is forced to keep it.  Spock continues his relationship with Uhura while expecting Jim to have the baby and care for it.  Jim refuses to accept that he has to have the baby.



1.  Jim does not automatically fall in love with the baby.

2. The story can have a happy or sad ending.

3. Jim makes a decision where he does not keep the baby (i.e. adopts it out, gives it to Uhura and Spock, or has an abortion, transfers the pregnancy to another, or some other solution)

4. Jim has post-partum depression

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Uhura

So in one of the Abrames-verse comics, we see the mirrorverse Jim as a Commander trying to destroy Vulcan and getting killed for it by Uhura and Spock.  Please re-write this so mirror Jim gets lives, keeps his title (or becomes the Captain), and gets with mirror Spock.

Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction, Ficlets Characters: Amanda, Sarek, Uhura


I was watching A Few Good Men last night, and the second I saw Tom Cruise waltz into Demi Moore's office munching on an apple and being an all around cocky shit, I knew I had to post this challenge, which calls for a reboot of the movie starring our favorite ST:XI characters.

I'm envisioning Kirk as Lt. Kaffee, Bones as Lt. Weinberg, and Spock as Lt. Crd. Galloway. (I'm fine with Spock being human, but no gender bending of any kind, please.) You can have the rest of the cast fill whichever roles you like. (I picture Sulu and Chekov as Dawson and Downey, but that's just a suggestion) 

Can be a modern AU or a Starfleet "JAG" AU.

Don't feel as if you have to strictly adhere to the plot (or sub-plots) of the movie. (If I wanted to read the transcript of the movie with the character's names changed to ST characters, I could do it myself with a search and replace.) I very much want everyone to be in character despite their radically different careers.

The only other requirement is some yummy K/S, but if you want to keep it to sparks-flying pre-slash, that’s fine by me.


  • Areel Shaw for the prosecution
  • Some cute Spock & Chekov interaction (nothing slashy-- just big brother/mentor/two geeky peas in a pod stuff)

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Chapel, Chekov, Chris Pike, Gaila, Gary Mitchell, McCoy, Scott, Sulu, Uhura

I follow the train of thought that AOS has always been an Alternate Universe and the arrival of Spock Prime and the Narada simply caused even greater differences between the two verses. That and I was re-reading my fav fics by CMM and Awarrington and thinking about how the slightest tweak can cause so much change. Then I came up with this....


I've got this awesome idea growing about in my head. One day I may play with it, but not right now, so I place it here to see what others may do.   When it comes to Kahn's back story.... What if the genetic modification was something naturally existent in a small percentage of humans and the genetic tinkering amplified it to the point it's at the level Kahn is. Then I'm wondering. How did they manage to round up all 73 people 300 years ago when Spock, Kirk, and the crew could barely catch one?

What if there weren't 73, but 74 and there's an even number because each of the warriors has a mate that is similar to the Vulcan concept of T'hy'la. 300 years ago their mates were used to force them into cryogenic hibernation. Kahn was woken without his mate, so he's missing his balance and having to exist in a timeline where everyone is hostile to him and holding his mate and people hostage. He knows his mate isn't dead. He can feel it, but he can't contact him due to the cryosleep.  

With a few tweaks, when it comes to the assault on Starfleet during the meeting, he could have been aiming for disabling shots instead of kill shots. Because really, if he was aiming to kill, Kahn would have made sure to hit Marcus. He's supposedly extremely good at fighting. That would normally include good aim. Pike would be incapacitated, but not dead and Marcus would still be able to manipulate Kirk, but eventually Spock's logic and Scotty's pleas and resignation lead to the away team scenario. But when he's told of the torpedoes, one slight change. He asks "Just 72?"  

Scenarios follow on and Kahn tempts Kirk with his history. Now, in this universe, Kirk is just bitter and cynical enough to have researched the darkest times of Earth's history. I could truly see him having found and researched this topic and learned that the genetic traits that were naturally part of humanity had since been repressed through the use of drug therapy. But if he knew the history, knew the reality and then took into context Kahn's implication that something is missing... Once they discover the men in the cryo chambers, he would put it together and come back to Kahn with the question of where's his mate. Revealing to Spock and Bones this hidden history of Earth.  

From there much happens similarly, but if Jim revealed he was one who'd been born with this natural genetic happening and had it blocked as an infant as was common in his time when Jim went to Kahn and then offered to help him find and wake his mate. Bones may protest, but if Spock likened it to the T'hy'la bond, he would see the logic in it. This may be enough to convince Kahn to not betray them on the bridge of the other ship. Especially if once Marcus is in custody, they search for Kahn's mate and have him transferred to the Enterprise. Then instead of Kahn firing on the Enterprise, Marcus would need to escape custody and do so. Kahn taking out Marcus. Jim, Scotty, and Chekov saving the Enterprise with the touching scene between Spock and Kirk. Kahn setting the self-destruct on the black ship and beaming to the Enterprise. He wouldn't be suicidal. His mate is still alive after all and he couldn't do that to him. Then Kahn offering his blood when McCoy makes his discovery.   

And then becomes the question of what to do with 74 individuals who's genetics were tinkered to amplify an aspect of human society that has been shoved into the darkest recesses of history for centuries. I think once everything was said and done they might do well with those on New Vulcan helping in the rebuilding and possibly finding that place Kahn had dreamed of for his people when they woke. He did say he'd dreamed of peace.  

And then it's quite possible that the infusion of Kahn's blood could cause the awakening of Kirk's genetic legacy, though his is a part of natural evolution and probably not quite as extreme as Kahn's, though who knows it could lend itself to increasing his lifespan to a degree. Either that or the Vulcan's probably have a solution for that aspect. It would be fun to see how Jim's genetic history ties in to the T'hy'la bond with Spock. It'd end up Kirk/Spock I'm pretty sure. Of course there's always that possibility of Kirk/Spock/McCoy in this little alternate universe or even Kirk/Spock/Kahn.... But definitely Kirk/Spock at least. And Martin is always available as Kahn's mate....

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: McCoy, Original Character(s)

The other day while watching Les Miserables and seeing Eponine die in Marius arms made me think that Spock and Kirk deserved something like that, so I would like a fic where Spock dies in Jim´s arms or Jim in Spock´s, of couse, the rest of the story, like the reason they die or if you want to place it in the Wrath of Khan or Into Darkness is your choice

Categories: Works in Progress, Poetry, Ficlets, Fiction Characters: None
Summary: Okay here's my challenge. I prefer it in Abrams universe, however Amanda must survive. After the events of the battle with Nero, Spock and Jim are drawn to each other. (Nyota and Spock had an amiable breakup, Jim's not a homewrecker.) Jim and Spock begin a relationship and it comes to the point where Spock needs Sarek's blessing to bring Jim into the clan. Sarek refuses demanding that Spock bond with a female and help rebuild the population of the Vulcan race. Spock refuses and Sarek threatens to have him brought before the High Council and have Spock declared without world or clan for refusing his responsibilities to clan and world. Spock does not care and returns to Enterprise. Enter T'Pau, Spock's grammie. She as leader of the council summon's Jim and Spock to the council, she verifies their T'hy'la bond. Sarek is stunned, T'Pau admonishes him, making him repeat the story she taught him at age 4 about Surak and his T'hy'la, a story that teaches children about the sacred bond that cannot be forced, that cannot be changed, and cannot be denied. T'Pau states that logic demands that one whom has caused hurt as Sarek has must be made to endure at least a measure of the same hurt. She cites the 20 years of silence between Sarek and his son, as well as the refusal to acknowledge the T'hy'la bond with Jim. She sentences him to a year in Coventry, during which no one family included may acknowledge Sarek's existence, no communication, no comfort, no touch. Nothing. The punishment is to take place after Jim and Spock's formal bonding ceremony on New Vulcan. T'Pau then tells Spock that she has made arrangements with Star Fleet and he will take Sarek's place for 1 year as clan leader, with Jim at his side. Spock tries to refuse citing that he is not a true vulcan. T'Pau tears this arguement down. ***bonus points T'Pau refutes this and states just this once that she is proud of her grandson. The bonding happens and Sarek relinquishes his place. He then leaves on a years pilgrimage into the desert. Unknown to Sarek or Spock or Amanda Jim manages to hide a small transponder in Sarek's pack. Using the transponder Jim regularly beams in to make certain that Sarek is in good health, during coventry if he were to be hurt or in trouble no one would respond to a may day. Shortly before the end of the year Jim beams in to find Sarek severly wounded from a wild animal attack. Jim beams him back to the estate and using his first aid training tries to stabalize Sarek, Spock finds them and steps in to help. Sarek vows to be a worthy father to such a fine pair of sons. Together he and Amanda see them off when Enterprise returns to collect its Captain and First Officer. Sarek then pulls Jim to the side he apologizes, asking Jim to help his son, “I tried to make him something he is not, much to my shame. He is a child of two worlds, my failure caused him to feel unwelcome on this one, it was fitting that he found his life mate from his other home world.” Sarek tells Jim that he is proud to have him as his son. Sarek holds him hand up with spread fingers, offering the traditional touch allowed between close family members. Jim touchs his fingertips to Sarek’s. Sarek’s thoughts cross the touch and he “hears”, “Son of my heart, know that I have come to love you, and am always here if you ever have need of me.” Jim feels a tear slip down his cheek Sarek envelops him in a fatherly hug, a spectacle that one year ago Sarek would have never indulged in, however knowing that it is what Jim truly needs, a father’s arms around him, to comfort and provide a safe haven if only for a moment. Sarek whispers in his ear, “I love thee my son, more than you will ever know.” As he says this he is looking directly into Spock’s eyes. Spock knows that the message is to both Jim and himself. Jim and Spock then leave and carry on with their lives. ****Super Bonus Points**** Amanda is like a mama sehlet, she's ready to take on the council and her errant husband in defense of her son, and the son of her heart. I had this inspiration reading several fics by CMM, who is my hero. I'd write it but I'm afraid I'd mangle it to pieces...
Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Amanda, Sarek


Jim's daemon never settled and Spock's, who had taken a small and easily hidden form, starts shifting again after Khan and she shifts into big animals like Le-matyas and Sehlats. Jim's shifts to prominently motherly animals like lionesses etc.

Thanks to Khan blood both Jim and his daemon make it back from death and Spock's daemon starts stalking Kirk's in her stalking of crewmembers and daemon in need of help around the ship... With complete disregard of social rules like "no touching others/others' deamons" and the  like.

Bonus if Chekov's daemon is a pup cocker spaniel and Sulu's is a red panda, double bonus if Kirk's daemon tries to lick-bath both XD

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Chekov, Chris Pike, Gaila, McCoy, Scott, Sulu, Uhura

Jim is deathly afraid of mind melds after the one between Spock Prime and him.  Spock the younger believes Jim must submit to a mindmeld in order to continue their relationship development.  What happens?

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I know this idea is not very original but I would like to see a crossover between Star Trek and Aliens. You know Sigourney Weaver, xenomorphs, the eggs, facehuggers, chestbursters, warriors, and the queen. You could use original series (Shatner / Nimoy) or the alternate original series (Pine / Quinto).

The Challenge:

There is a mining colony located on a planet that has regular violent storms that make communications from the colonists irregular and the use of the transporter impossible. Only specially shielded shuttles can transport to and from the colony to a starship. The colonists feel the hazards are worth it because of what they mine, either dilithium or something else valuable. Then the colonist miners discover an old ship, with mysterious eggs inside.

Starships are regularly sent to check on the mining colony. The Enterprise is the one sent to do the next scheduled welfare check. Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and an away team of medical and engineering crewmembers take a shuttlecraft down, in case the colony has medical or repair issues. Scotty is left in charge of the Enterprise. Once the shuttle either lands or crashes, they enter the main complex and discover the colonists missing and signs of fighting. Investigating, they discover facehuggers in the labs or medbay and perusal of the logs lead to learning about the ship, the eggs, acid blood, and the parasitic nature of their reproduction. The away team struggle to stay alive until they can find a way to escape or make contact with the Enterprise for a rescue.


The team finds two survivors, two children, a Vulcan boy around 9 or 10 (could be named Sasik) and a human girl around 6 or 7 (could be named Newt / Rebecca). They survived by using the air ducts to hide and the boy using his enhanced senses.

At some point the team ventures into the nest in search of more survivors and suffers casualties.

Someone, maybe Chekov or Chapel, is implanted by a facehugger with an embryo and it is a race against the clock to get that person back to the Enterprise to remove the embryo before it kills that person. (It is known from the logs that removing a facehugger before its done results in killing its victim. When it finishes its task, it removes itself and dies.)

This story must be Kirk / Spock pairing. While they are on the colony, the two realize their feelings for one another. They also become attached to the two kids and decide to adopt them.

Optional: The human girl becomes separated and is taken. Kirk and Spock go back for her, invading the nest and killing the queen.

Optional: The colony's power generators, maybe a thermonuclear reactor, have been damaged and will soon explode, destroying the colony. It is race against the clock to escape before then.

Optional: You can make either the boy or the girl the child of a cousin of either Spock or Kirk.

Optional: For Abramsverse, you can have Kirk's brother as one of the colonists and the girl his daughter, making her Kirk's niece.

Bonus: BottomKirk, TopSpock

Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction Characters: Original Character(s)

Prompt: On an alien planet Jim and Spock have sex (can be sex pollen, spores or alien ritual) afterwards they pretend it didn't happen. At least until Jim finds out he is pregnant. But as no one knows that Jim was illegally genetically altered on Tarsus IV. Freaked out that everyone will find out and they would be disgusted and he'll lose his place as Captain and be arrested, Jim flees at the first shore leave planet, space station, etc. No one realizes this until he is supposed to return to the ship and doesn't. Freaked out that he has been captured by Romulans, Orions slavers or Klingons the Enterprise go in search of him.

Bonus: It would be amusing if sometime after running away Jim is captured by the Romulans, Orions slavers or Klingons and the crew rescues him only to find him very obviously pregnant.

Key Points: Aliens-made-them-do-it, Angst, K/S, Mpreg, Genetically engeneered!Jim

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Okay, I've read some Kirk/Spock stories that are based on fairy tales like Cinderella and Beauty & the Beast. So why not another fairy tale, a darker one?

"Thousandfurs" or "All-Kinds-Of-Fur" is about the sin of inappropriate love or incestuous love. I'll give a summary here but you should look it up and read the whole tale.

Once upon a time there was a king, who had a wife with golden hair, and she was so beautiful that her equal was not to be found anywhere on earth. She fell ill and before she died, she made the king promise not marry anyone who is not as beautiful as she is and who does not have the same golden hair as her. After her death, he grieved a long time. But then the councilors insisted he remarry for they needed a queen. Messengers looked far and wide but could not find a princess who met both criteria.

So the years passed. But the king had a daughter. After she came of age, he looked upon her and realized she was as beautiful as her mother, with the same golden hair. He fell in love and announced he would marry her. The king's councilors and his daughter are horrified. The princess, hoping to stall until he comes to his senses, demands impossible bride gifts: three dresses: one as golden as the sun, one as silver as the moon, and one that glistens like the stars. Lastly, a cloak put together from a thousand kinds of pelts and fur. Every animal in the kingdom must contribute a piece of its skin for it.

The king was determined though. He hired the most skilled maidens in the kingdom to weave the dresses. And had his huntsmen capture all the animals in his entire kingdom and take a piece of skin from each one. From these a cloak of a thousand kinds of fur was made. Quicker than anyone thought, everything was done. The king presented these gifts to his daughter and announced that tomorrow would be their wedding day. The princess decided her only choice was to run away. She packed up the dresses, three golden valuables, put on the fur cloak, blackened her hands and face with soot before leaving the castle.

The princess walked all night til came to a forest and then she slept. The next day, she was found by the prince of the neighboring kingdom and his huntsmen and dogs. She claimed to be a poor girl abandoned by her mother and father and begged for pity. The king agreed to grant her work in the castle kitchens. Because she gave no name, they called her "All-Kinds-Of-Fur".

When the prince held a ball, the princess sneaked out and went to it in her golden dress, and the prince fell in love with her. The next morning, the cook set her to make bread soup for the prince, and she put her golden ring in it. The prince found it and questioned the cook and then All-Kinds-of-Fur, but she revealed nothing. The next ball, she went dressed in her silver dress and put the golden spindle in the soup, and the prince again could discover nothing.

The third ball, the princess went in the dress of stars, and the prince slipped a golden ring on her finger without her noticing it and ordered that the last dance go longer than usual. She was not able to get away in time to change; she was able only to throw her fur mantle over her clothing before she had to cook the soup. She slipped the last valuable, a golden reel, into the soup. When the prince questioned her, he caught her hand, seeing the ring, and when she tried to pull it away, her mantle slipped, revealing the golden dress. The prince pulled off the mantle, revealing her, and they married. They lived happily until they died.

What I am asking for follows more closely to Robin Mckinley's novel Deerskin, which is based on Donkeyskin, a variation of Thousandfurs. 

The Challenge:

I would really, really appreciate the story being written futuristically. George and Winona of the House of Kirk are the king and queen of Earth with their son Jim as the prince, who they neglect to continue their extravagant and carefree lives. (It is up to you whether to include Jim's brother Sam.) At some point George dies and Winona grieves for a long time. She is pressured to consider remarrying but does not think anyone measures up to her deceased husband. Then at Jim's coming out ball, Winona notices that Jim is all grown up and looks a lot like his father, with the same legendary blue eyes and golden brown hair. Winona announces she will marry her own son, taking advantage of an old forgotten law that permits the royal family, to marry within the family, to keep the blood pure, if no eligible noble person is found worthy.

Jim is horrified and refuses. It is up to you to decide to use a variation of the impossible gifts. But I want to include Winona raping her son, using a drug to incapacitate him. He runs away, cuts off his hair, maybe dyes it, obtains contacts to make his blue eyes hazel, and manages to stow away on a transport to the planet Vulcan, where Sarek and Amanda of the House of Surak are king and queen, and their son Spock is the handsome prince. (It is up to you whether to include Spock's brother Sybok.)

Jim befriends Scotty, who helps him obtain fake identification, and get a job at the palace. Eventually he befriends Dr. McCoy, Chekov, Sulu, Uhura, Gaila, and Pike. Maybe include some canon and original Vulcan characters. Of course, he will meet Spock and fall in love. But Jim feels guilty for the lying about his real identity, and suffers from insecurities from his childhood and the rape. From there the story is mostly up to you and what you want to use from the traditional fairy tale format.

Bonus:Winona finds out Jim's location and threatens war if Sarek does not return him. Jim tries to be noble to protect his and Spock's people by handing himself over. Spock refuses to give Jim up because he loves him.

Bonus: Sarek figures out before anyone else who Jim is and secretly draws up documents granting him asylum. He has backing from other allied planets who consider Winona a tyrant who is unfit to rule.

Bonus: At the end of the story, Jim and Spock either rule Earth or they rule Vulcan but not both. You can also decide on neither. That's where either a sibling or a cousin comes in as alternative heirs to the throne.

Bonus: BottomKirk, TopSpock

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Sarek
Summary: Star Trek AU. Story can be as long as author wants, though I prefer *long* stories! Spock, still a teen, decides he will eventually join the VSA and never leaves Vulcan for Earth. James, a teen as well, moves with his mother to Vulcan, where she is stationed for the next few years for some reason or other. James is Spock's neighbor, and is home-schooled. Spock becomes intrigued with the Human, who is different from what he expected of the species; Jim is intelligent, friendly... yet a bit introverted and... shy? (For whatever reason the author chooses.) Curious, Spock decides to get to know Jim more, and eventually falls in love. BONUS POINTS: If, while discovering his love for Jim, one or more Vulcan teens (maybe even Stonn and others) want to attracts Kirk's attention simply to anger Spock. But in so doing, they realize Kirk's mind is unique, and some Vulcans begin to want Kirk as their own. MEGA BONUS POINTS: If Kirk is completely oblivious to his impressive popularity amongst the Vulcans (because he was unpopular and alone on Earth and doesn't understand Vulcan culture). BONUS POINTS: Spock, in his desperation not to lose his friend, secretly creates a light bond between him and Kirk, and the bond slowly grows and helps Kirk realize he isn't alone and is loved. WOULD LOVE: Some "heat-of-the-moment" sex between our lovely boys (after Kirk admits his feelings to Spock), with a dominant, possessive (but not cruel) top!Spock and bottom!Kirk who secretly loves Spock's dominant nature because it makes him feel wanted and needed.
Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Amanda, Original Character(s), Sarek, Stonn, T'Pring
Summary: Star Trek AU. In this realm, both Kirk and Spock are female. (Everyone else are their respective genders). I would prefer a long story, (though the author is free to determine length) focusing on the evolving relationship between fem!Kirk and fem!Spock, from acquaintances, to friends, and then to lovers. I would also like to see fem!Spock become more protective and territorial over Kirk as time progresses (and Kirk secretly loving it). BONUS POINTS: if there is some eventual femslash between our lovely ladies, (feel free to employ toys, creative sex, fem!Kirk's tongue and fem!Spock's talented fingers of course!) and an eventual bonding between them. SUPER BONUS POINTS: If fem!Kirk is... very loud in bed. ;)
Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Chapel, Chekov, girl!Kirk, girl!Spock, McCoy, Scott, Sulu, Uhura