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Summary: Kirk/Spock. Mr.&Mr. Smith based off the movie with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Let's do this Star Trek style in the Addams universe. Have fun with it but also keep it sexy. I'm more of a bottom Jim fan but it doesnt matter who tops.
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Summary: Totally AU. I'd love to read a K/S version of the musical "West Side Story". We all know it's based on "Romeo & Juliet", of course, but the challenge is more focused on the modern approach: two different cultures clashing, different mentalities, disoriented youth, rivalling street gangs, expectations from families and friends vs. individual happiness and utopian idealism, prejudiced society against mixed relationships (maybe one of the two ethnic groups is considered more lower class in general public opinion). Kirk and Spock would fill the roles of Tony and Maria, but I don't mind which of our boys fills which role. Human emigrants on Vulcan could be as interesting as Vulcan emigrants on Earth. Try to stay close to "West Side Story", while still preserving the traits of the TOS characters (yup, that could prove difficult, but I count on your talents). One exception to the original plot: I leave it open to you if you want a tragic ending (like in West Side Story) or if there will be a happy end. Oh, and I hope to see McCoy in a major supporting role. Oh, and although the model in this challenge is a musical, there is no need for dancing & singing characters ... ;-)
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I follow the train of thought that AOS has always been an Alternate Universe and the arrival of Spock Prime and the Narada simply caused even greater differences between the two verses. That and I was re-reading my fav fics by CMM and Awarrington and thinking about how the slightest tweak can cause so much change. Then I came up with this....


I've got this awesome idea growing about in my head. One day I may play with it, but not right now, so I place it here to see what others may do.   When it comes to Kahn's back story.... What if the genetic modification was something naturally existent in a small percentage of humans and the genetic tinkering amplified it to the point it's at the level Kahn is. Then I'm wondering. How did they manage to round up all 73 people 300 years ago when Spock, Kirk, and the crew could barely catch one?

What if there weren't 73, but 74 and there's an even number because each of the warriors has a mate that is similar to the Vulcan concept of T'hy'la. 300 years ago their mates were used to force them into cryogenic hibernation. Kahn was woken without his mate, so he's missing his balance and having to exist in a timeline where everyone is hostile to him and holding his mate and people hostage. He knows his mate isn't dead. He can feel it, but he can't contact him due to the cryosleep.  

With a few tweaks, when it comes to the assault on Starfleet during the meeting, he could have been aiming for disabling shots instead of kill shots. Because really, if he was aiming to kill, Kahn would have made sure to hit Marcus. He's supposedly extremely good at fighting. That would normally include good aim. Pike would be incapacitated, but not dead and Marcus would still be able to manipulate Kirk, but eventually Spock's logic and Scotty's pleas and resignation lead to the away team scenario. But when he's told of the torpedoes, one slight change. He asks "Just 72?"  

Scenarios follow on and Kahn tempts Kirk with his history. Now, in this universe, Kirk is just bitter and cynical enough to have researched the darkest times of Earth's history. I could truly see him having found and researched this topic and learned that the genetic traits that were naturally part of humanity had since been repressed through the use of drug therapy. But if he knew the history, knew the reality and then took into context Kahn's implication that something is missing... Once they discover the men in the cryo chambers, he would put it together and come back to Kahn with the question of where's his mate. Revealing to Spock and Bones this hidden history of Earth.  

From there much happens similarly, but if Jim revealed he was one who'd been born with this natural genetic happening and had it blocked as an infant as was common in his time when Jim went to Kahn and then offered to help him find and wake his mate. Bones may protest, but if Spock likened it to the T'hy'la bond, he would see the logic in it. This may be enough to convince Kahn to not betray them on the bridge of the other ship. Especially if once Marcus is in custody, they search for Kahn's mate and have him transferred to the Enterprise. Then instead of Kahn firing on the Enterprise, Marcus would need to escape custody and do so. Kahn taking out Marcus. Jim, Scotty, and Chekov saving the Enterprise with the touching scene between Spock and Kirk. Kahn setting the self-destruct on the black ship and beaming to the Enterprise. He wouldn't be suicidal. His mate is still alive after all and he couldn't do that to him. Then Kahn offering his blood when McCoy makes his discovery.   

And then becomes the question of what to do with 74 individuals who's genetics were tinkered to amplify an aspect of human society that has been shoved into the darkest recesses of history for centuries. I think once everything was said and done they might do well with those on New Vulcan helping in the rebuilding and possibly finding that place Kahn had dreamed of for his people when they woke. He did say he'd dreamed of peace.  

And then it's quite possible that the infusion of Kahn's blood could cause the awakening of Kirk's genetic legacy, though his is a part of natural evolution and probably not quite as extreme as Kahn's, though who knows it could lend itself to increasing his lifespan to a degree. Either that or the Vulcan's probably have a solution for that aspect. It would be fun to see how Jim's genetic history ties in to the T'hy'la bond with Spock. It'd end up Kirk/Spock I'm pretty sure. Of course there's always that possibility of Kirk/Spock/McCoy in this little alternate universe or even Kirk/Spock/Kahn.... But definitely Kirk/Spock at least. And Martin is always available as Kahn's mate....

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Established relationship , Spock and kirk go with a landing party but are captured by the natives , kirk is given something that turns out to be an Aphrodasiac and he violently rapes forward. How does Spock cope with a fear of the man he loves and how does kirk cope with what he did to Spock can be either TOS or AOS. 

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I have an idea, but I do not have the literary skill to pull it off myself, so I am issueing it as a challenge instead. 

Setting the scene:

It is a ways into their five year mission and Captain Kirk and Spock have an establish relationship.  However, do to it being taboo for a Captain and his Commanding Officer to have a relationship and them not wanting to be the main point of gossip across the galaxy they have kept their relationship a secret from the crew.  Maybe Bones knows, but that is it. 

Something goes wrong and the ship is in impending paral.  Maybe a powerful alien race is going to destroy it or the engine are died and they are getting pulled into the sun.  However you think is a believable way for the whole ship, including all of the crew, to be potentially destroyed.  Captain Kirk, Spock and the crew, try everything in their power, but it looks like they have 5 minutes to live and they are out of ideas. 


1) Create a very public goodbye scene on the bridge, filled with loving words, kisses, and strange looks from all of the bridge crew. Note: Jim and Spoke are soulmates and the thought of their life together being cut short it unbearable.

2) I like happy endings, so find a way for the ship to be saved in the last possible minute

Bonus Points if:

-All the TOS crewmen are at least mentioned if not actually active characters (Chekov, Sulu, Uhara, Scotty, Bones)

-Flashbacks of Jim and Spock's relationship are included (with sex, because their should be sex in every K/S fiction, but they obviously can't have it on the bridge when they are all about to die)

-There is a slightly awkward, but humourous ending, since they didn't end up dying but now everyone knows


I hope someone likes this idea and runs with it, have fun and thanks,


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(Full disclosure:  I did not take the time to scan all of the existing challenges to see if this has already been issued - I'd be surprised if it hasn't actually but I wanted to get this written down before I forgot about it ... again!)

K/S TOS - The Wrath of Khan

Basic premise:  Khan has triggered the Genesis wave and it is on countdown to detonation. Kirk & Spock are both on the bridge - knowing they won't make it unless ... What if Kirk, not hearing back from Engineering, decides to go there, leaving Spock in command and then Spock, knowing what Jim was planning, took the alternate lift to follow him, leaving Saavik (or Sulu) with the Con. Then, in Engineering, Scotty is collapsed, Bones is not there (yet), and just as Kirk starts to enter the reactor chamber, Spock nerve pinches him and places his katra with his T'hy'la.  Kirk is completely immobilized but is aware of what is happening. Since they have been bonded for a long time (however long suits the author, but definitely well before the events of TWOK) the two minds/souls do not clash but Kirk's acceptance is mixed with horror and denial. From there, it is Spock who saves the ship and his T'hy'la - Bones, Scotty & other crewmen have to stop Kirk from following Spock into the chamber just as in canon.

I would like to see how different the story might have been with this twist and how things might play out differently from there.

Feel free to include Saavik/David.

The title is merely one I thought of - change it to suit the story that you develop.

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So i really want a hurt!spock in an abusive relationship.  Spock meets the guy somehow and it has to take place in the Abrams Universe. This guy Spock is dating takes advantage of him by physicallu and emotionally abusing him. I want protective!Kirk to come out when he finds bruises on Spock.  Also, I want Bones to figure out something is going on when Spock goes in for his physical.  However, I don't want this to be melodramatic and Spock seen as OOC so much so that it takes away from his personality. 

BONUS points if the crew becasue protective over Spock when they find out!

 BONUS if the guy Spock's with is human.

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Summary: After the battle, Kirk send Pike on a shuttle to earth asap while the Enterprise takes a slower route to pick up survivors and Spock Prime. Kirk uses skills learned on Tarsus IV to help children etc. with trauma and loss. Gaila lives and is a Big Damn Hero. Spock is jealous of Gaila and Kirk sharing is mind with others. When they get back to earth, Spock is repped for assaulting Kirk, abandoning him, and putting Uhura on Enterprise due to favouritism. Pike's original best pick is assigned to Enterprise for the 5YM and Uhura is reprimanded for abandoning post, etc. and assigned elsewhere as Ensign. Comm. Officers are supposed to be perceptive and in 3 yrs she didn't see Kirk's potential and was off base with Spock - which is why Pike didn't pick her. Spock is Lieu Comdr or Lieu. Chekhov and Gaila are Lieus, Scotty and Bones are Comdrs, and they receive medals etc. Spock now has alot to think about - how will his relationship with Kirk build through the first missions? Virgin!Spock. Bottom!Spock. Bonus - Kirk stays in touch with Vulcans and is a bit of a hero with power. Bonus 2 - smart!Kirk. Bonus 3 - 7 - allergies, hurt!Kirk, alcohol contest/drunk with Bones, (past?) affair with Gary Mitchell, interaction with Kor from TOS (Kor desires Kirk, maybe they have rough!sex?). The Empire ends up fearing Kirk. Superbonus - Kirk meets the Romulan Commander outside of battle and gains the respect of the empire. Maybe they have a mutual attraction? Or father/son.
Categories: Fiction Characters: Gaila, Gary Mitchell, Original Character(s), Scott

I know this idea is not very original but I would like to see a crossover between Star Trek and Aliens. You know Sigourney Weaver, xenomorphs, the eggs, facehuggers, chestbursters, warriors, and the queen. You could use original series (Shatner / Nimoy) or the alternate original series (Pine / Quinto).

The Challenge:

There is a mining colony located on a planet that has regular violent storms that make communications from the colonists irregular and the use of the transporter impossible. Only specially shielded shuttles can transport to and from the colony to a starship. The colonists feel the hazards are worth it because of what they mine, either dilithium or something else valuable. Then the colonist miners discover an old ship, with mysterious eggs inside.

Starships are regularly sent to check on the mining colony. The Enterprise is the one sent to do the next scheduled welfare check. Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and an away team of medical and engineering crewmembers take a shuttlecraft down, in case the colony has medical or repair issues. Scotty is left in charge of the Enterprise. Once the shuttle either lands or crashes, they enter the main complex and discover the colonists missing and signs of fighting. Investigating, they discover facehuggers in the labs or medbay and perusal of the logs lead to learning about the ship, the eggs, acid blood, and the parasitic nature of their reproduction. The away team struggle to stay alive until they can find a way to escape or make contact with the Enterprise for a rescue.


The team finds two survivors, two children, a Vulcan boy around 9 or 10 (could be named Sasik) and a human girl around 6 or 7 (could be named Newt / Rebecca). They survived by using the air ducts to hide and the boy using his enhanced senses.

At some point the team ventures into the nest in search of more survivors and suffers casualties.

Someone, maybe Chekov or Chapel, is implanted by a facehugger with an embryo and it is a race against the clock to get that person back to the Enterprise to remove the embryo before it kills that person. (It is known from the logs that removing a facehugger before its done results in killing its victim. When it finishes its task, it removes itself and dies.)

This story must be Kirk / Spock pairing. While they are on the colony, the two realize their feelings for one another. They also become attached to the two kids and decide to adopt them.

Optional: The human girl becomes separated and is taken. Kirk and Spock go back for her, invading the nest and killing the queen.

Optional: The colony's power generators, maybe a thermonuclear reactor, have been damaged and will soon explode, destroying the colony. It is race against the clock to escape before then.

Optional: You can make either the boy or the girl the child of a cousin of either Spock or Kirk.

Optional: For Abramsverse, you can have Kirk's brother as one of the colonists and the girl his daughter, making her Kirk's niece.

Bonus: BottomKirk, TopSpock

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Summary: Star Trek AU. Story can be as long as author wants, though I prefer *long* stories! Spock, still a teen, decides he will eventually join the VSA and never leaves Vulcan for Earth. James, a teen as well, moves with his mother to Vulcan, where she is stationed for the next few years for some reason or other. James is Spock's neighbor, and is home-schooled. Spock becomes intrigued with the Human, who is different from what he expected of the species; Jim is intelligent, friendly... yet a bit introverted and... shy? (For whatever reason the author chooses.) Curious, Spock decides to get to know Jim more, and eventually falls in love. BONUS POINTS: If, while discovering his love for Jim, one or more Vulcan teens (maybe even Stonn and others) want to attracts Kirk's attention simply to anger Spock. But in so doing, they realize Kirk's mind is unique, and some Vulcans begin to want Kirk as their own. MEGA BONUS POINTS: If Kirk is completely oblivious to his impressive popularity amongst the Vulcans (because he was unpopular and alone on Earth and doesn't understand Vulcan culture). BONUS POINTS: Spock, in his desperation not to lose his friend, secretly creates a light bond between him and Kirk, and the bond slowly grows and helps Kirk realize he isn't alone and is loved. WOULD LOVE: Some "heat-of-the-moment" sex between our lovely boys (after Kirk admits his feelings to Spock), with a dominant, possessive (but not cruel) top!Spock and bottom!Kirk who secretly loves Spock's dominant nature because it makes him feel wanted and needed.
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In an interesting turn of events, Jim Kirk (Abrams' Verse) gets transported to another Reality (transporter malfuction, alien technology, up to author's discretion). In this reality, when Nero destroyed the USS Kelvin, Jim's counterpart died as an infant. Jim is now on the Enterprise, where Chris Pike is still the Captain, and Spock his First Officer. Both of whom, among everyone else, knows nothing of him. (By this time, Jim has become a more mature person due to his Captaincy, losing most- not all- of his brash recklessness.)

Another major turn, in this Reality, is that instead of Vulcan being destroyed, Nero attacked Earth, devastating the planet into becoming inhabitable and its population all but extinct. The surviving Humans have moved to nearby colonies, some even staying on Vulcan, as it is one of the closest Federation-aliged planets to Earth. Until Jim can find a way to return to his realm- if he even decides to return-(where his Spock is in a commited relationship with Uhura), he has decided to help the people in the alternate Reality.

Guess everyone will get to learn who he is-all over again, including a curious- and single- Vulcan First Officer. Eventual K/S.

BONUS POINTS: In the alternate reality, Bones is still married, Uhura and Scotty are dating, and Spock is slighty more accepting of his Human side. (His mother still lives). 

BONUS POINTS: Spock finds Kirk to be an extreme enigma- one he relishes in unravelling.

BONUS POINTS: Kirk finds this new Spock just as attractive as the one from his realm, yet unique in his own way. However, he is hesitant to let his attraction grow because he may have to return home soon. (Despite this, his attraction intensifies nonetheless as he comes to know the Vulcan who is so much like- yet entirely different- from the Spock in his reality.)

MEGA BONUS POINTS: Until Kirk can find a way to return home (assuming the author wants him to return home), Kirk is given a position on the Enterprise, in order to put his talents to good use. Maybe in Engineering?

ENDING: Up to author- James can stay in new realm to help rebuild/stay with Spock, or return to his realm. HAVE FUN.

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Amanda, Chapel, Chekov, Chris Pike, McCoy, Original Character(s), Sarek, Scott, Sulu, Uhura

In this AU, it was Humanity who went through an Awakening instead of Vulcans. Humans are extremely peaceful, curious, and are staunch pacifists, while Vulcans are still passionate (and dangerous). A young James Kirk, Second in Command to Chris Pike, finds his outlooks on life challenged when the Enterprise is overrun by a Vulcan warship. In the hectic alarm, James and a few others (your choice) are taken captive by the warrior Vulcans, but the Enterprise manages to get away in the end. James, himself, is taken property of Vulcan Prince Spock, but all may not be lost when Spock discovers James is his T'hy'la. BONUS POINTS: If the story is very long, and if there is some K/S loving. MEGA BONUS POINTS: If another Vulcan (perhaps Stonn) desires James for their own. PREFER: Top!Spock, Bottom!Kirk NOTE: Feel free to elaborate on Humankind's evolution (they can live longer, have certain "abilities" if you wish, etc.) MAJOR RULE? HAVE FUN.

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Amanda, Chekov, Chris Pike, McCoy, Original Character(s), Sarek, Scott, Stonn, Sulu, T'Pring, Uhura

 At age 23 Jim is forced to mate with a male vulcan during Pon Farr This leaves Jim, a breed do to genes left over from the Eugenics Wars, pregant and bonded to said vulcan.

But the Vulcan renounces Jim and the child even going so far as to sign away all legal rights to the baby.

2yrs later comes the bar meeting with Pike and the events of the movie.

Then the Vulcans try unsucessfully to take the baby from Jim to raise him on the coloney.

Eventually things calm down and the Enterprise begins it 5 yr mission with Jim and Spock in charge. Everything is fine,

Until Spock enters Pon Farr. with his bond to T'pring gone. (by death or choice is up to you) and little chance of getting to the coloney in time Spock preapares to die.

But Spock is Jim's friend and 1st officer and maybe Jim has a crush on him. And with that other Vulcan dead Jim is free.

But the memories of that Time still give Jim nightmres. If he is going to save Spock he'll have to fight off his terror.

And even if it works. How will everyone, the Vulcan Elders  Fleet Command the crew, Jim's Child and especially Spock himself take the fact that Jim and Spock are now bondmates.

Especailly when the 'precautions' Jim took didn't work? 

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Why everyone insist on Jim being always the bottom? Why? Because he is human and Spock Vulcan? Spock always have to be the dom, because he is stronger? Bullshit!

Why not a story where for once it’s Kirk who is aggressive/overprotective/dominating?

Kirk is crazy about his First Officer, but not wanting to make Spock uncomfortable, he keeps his feelings in secret. One day the Enterprise picks up a delegation from a new Vulcanoid species who want to join the Federation. The leader of the party (strong, handsome blah blah blah) has his eyes on Spock and starts to court him and Spock happy that someone is paying him attention, responds in kind. Kirk of course is furious, has an argument with Spock (nasty one) and generally wants to throttle the offending alien. Later he cools down and wants to apologise (after all he doesn’t want Spock to leave the ship because of him) but he walks on the Ambassador kissing HIS Vulcan. Furious he knocks down the surprised competition and later drags Spock to his bedroom, where he has wild, possessive animal sex with him, calming him as his and Spock loves to be a bottom!

And as Spock is stronger, Kirk needs to be creative in order to secure his Vulcan’s cooperation at first (restraints, mild sedatives etc.)

Let’s break the monopole for always!bottom Jim!

Categories: Fiction Characters: Original Character(s)

This is a story that has been kicking around my head for the last 2 years and since it looks like I am never going to write it I thougt I would pass it on. I'm thinking Abrams Verse AU here.

Someone gets the bright idea to start a school for very gifted and troubled human youth on Vulcan. Maybe a Vulcan teacher who learns that the most inteligent humans are often deemed unstable, and thinks that these young humans could be aided by a more Vulcan curiculem. This Vulcan gets Amanda Grayson (who was a school teacher on earth as well as working on the Universal Translator) to help organise and teach there. (I am thinking the kid Vulcans Spock dealt with where just asshole bullies and not actually indecative of most Vulcans views of humans.) Looking for a Vulcan that actually works at respecting IDIC. Young James Kirk, after driving the car off the cliff, gets sent to be one of the first class of students who are all in the upper 99.999% of humans and have some sort of instablity issues. Amanda ropes Spock into attending after the fist fight at school, basicly figuring that geting him away from the bullies is the important thing.

I like Slash, but remember that they are young. I would really like it if someone would turn this into a long story (lots of build up and adventure etc.

Things to Avoid;

     The absolutly perfect Vulcan effect (All Vulcans are better at everything then humans... please no.)

     Some how magicly including the whole bridge crew in the school.

     An Amanda who has no say in how her son is raised.

     A Sarek who is a jerk to Amanda and Spock.


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I wish for a story where the crew of the Enterprise comes across an orphanages ship. One child, a Vulcan, imprints himself on to Jim and when it is time for the kids to go back to their ship the little Vulcan boy hides on the Enterprise and refuses to leave.

1. Vulcans are extremely possessive. Spock jealous that the child is taking his captains attention away from him and the child's so jealous of Spock relationship with his 'father' that he does all can keep Spock from getting anywhere near Jim.

2. Jim is enjoying have a cute little kid to hug.

3. It is important for Vulcan children to build their mental power, they do this by holding on to (cuddling) their parents shooting thoughts between ecother.

4. Must be fluffy

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I have read many slave, bondage and prostitution fic here at kirk/spock archive but I want more.

I would love for someone to write a long fic or series in which Spock buys kirk as a love slave or vice versa, or where either one of them are prostitues and pleasures the other one. I also would love a little rape. Bondage, and crying is very welcome.

Extra points if the one in charge forces the other to take part in role playing.

Extra Extra points if the slave tries to fight back and has to be taught a lesson and or how to serve the other. 

I would perfer these stories to be TOS, Mirror, or AU. 

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I might have to my own challenge but, if I have time but I really want to see this story. I am reposting because it was too confusing the first time around, and the formatting was bad. On to the challenge:

Universe: Abrams regular or Mirror Abrams, (if you can make it work in any other then more power to you. I haven’t seen all the episodes in TOS so I can’t speak to that; I know I am a bad fan.)

Trope: !Bottom Kirk

So Kirk likes Spock, and Spock likes Kirk but he will not admit it even to himself. So at some sort diplomatic mission to New Vulcan Kirk meets another Vulcan male. The problem is that the other Vulcan ends up falling for Kirk, and gets himself assigned to the Enterprise. Of course Spock has to find out. !Bottom Kirk please.

Can be any rating you want and any length you want.

Bonus points:

~The other Vulcan male is someone who picked on Spock as a child.

~Same Vulcan male sees the feelings that Spock has for Kirk and originally hooks up with Kirk to hurt Spock even more.

~Lots of Kinky sex

~Kirk being a “virgin” when it comes to men

Any other things you want to add you want just have fun. I will give Spock and Kirk shape cookies to anyone who gets all the bonus points, as soon as I figure out how to make them and make them look good. ::smiles::

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Ever seen "Austin Powers" (the first film)? Maybe even loved it for its self-ironic, clichee and meme parodying undertones?
OK, then read on:
James T. Kirk is a Starfleet hero who has made it to his agenda to fight the insane machinations of "Dr. Evil" (insert galactic super-villain here) and his imperium of maniacs. When the latter disappears after having put himself into stasis (or a cryogenic frozen state or undergone a similar procedure), Kirk decides selflessly to let himself be put into stasis too - to save the universe in case "Dr. Evil" returns. Which he does of course. So, Kirk gets "defrosted" and is confronted with a world that has considerably changed since his last contact with it. Dr. Evil has to face the same problem of course. To complicate matters, Kirk is a real tomcat, always horny and willing and on the prey - which has been part of his fame and well-accepted, even admired, in his own time, but - times a changin' - is frowned upon in the future. But despite his erotic conquests he has only really loved one person ever - insert Spock here. ;-) They were working together in his own time and were best friends but had never acted on their mutual romantic interest because Spock was already in a committed partnership then. BUT: The defrosted Kirk is introduced to his new partner who will work with him on this case: Spock's son or grandson (which is well into the future, as Vulcans have a long lifespan)! Who is at least optically a perfect copy of Kirk's failed love interest. Though he seems to be emotionally rather uptight ... Complications ensue ... Kirk has to fight Dr. Evil, save the universe, struggle with the present and his own sexual drive, and - win over this version of Spock or descendant of Spock.

I'd love to read a fic which manages to capture the humour and self-irony of "Austin Powers" while still keeping it in character with Star Trek. Can be set with the original or nu! characters in mind. (Or maybe both? If you find a way ...) Please no gender-bending and no crack!fic. While the challenge may sound cracktastic, I am sure there must be a way to keep it in style with the special humourful dignity which the classic Star Trek was famous for.

Bonus love for including McCoy!

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I had this dream last night. 

Basically, the characters were this

  • Spock- Prince Henry
  • Jim= Danielle
  • Danielles Dead father =George?
  • Evil Step Mum=Frank
  • King= Sarek
  • Painter friend = McCoy
  • De Vinci = Pike
  • Pepe le Peu = Komak?


Spock was Prince Henry - running away (it's not logical to marry T'Pring, he has nothing in common with her and she hates him??) 

Jim sees him stealing from his dead dad's orchard an throws the apples etc

You can see where this is going, cant you?

Spock and Jom fall in love, but hen at the Ball, Jim is revealed to be a servant by Frank.  Spock is an idiot and refuses to speak to Jim

****Please, no genderswap.****

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