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Okay here it goes...

I want to see and McCoy/Sarek bonding with leads to Kirk and Spock falling in love and eventually bonding. This can be as long as the lovely author who takes up this challenge wants it to be (I beg for long, but as we say in the States, beggars can't be choosers.)

I would like this to be set in Abramsverse and I would like to see:

Kirk, Spock, or both catching McCoy and Sarek in the act...repeatedly.

In the beginning Kirk and Spock are not yet friends.

Also alot of McCoy and Sarek bonding over personal losses.

A fight between Spock and McCoy which leads to a fight between Kirk and Spock.

And last but not least....

Lots of Sexy Fun Times between Sarek/McCoy and Kirk/Spock.

The Challenge has been made. Pre thanks to any of you lovely authors who respond.



(Insert Favorite Star Trek Theme here)

Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy, Sarek
Summary: Spock and Kirk meet at starfleet and fall in love. Spock's family adores Jim. I don't want Amanda to die in this. Also want lots of Uhura bashing with Spock disliking her. Bones likes Jim but gets over it later and becomes happy for the couple. Multi-chapter story and set in Addams universe. Bonus: m-preg for Jim Bonus: Pike is like a father to Jim
Categories: Works in Progress Characters: Amanda, Chris Pike, McCoy, Sarek, Uhura

Okay, so I'm going to issue a challenge and let's see who bites! Must be set in ST:XI verse is all I ask. You have full creative rights to take this prompt where-ever it carries you as a writer.

So, here goes: The Enterprise is six months into its 5 year mission and its Crew are building the foundations to those important relationships Selek had hinted to in the 2009 film. However, Spock has been struggling to deal with the loss of his Homeworld and his Mother; his efforts are meeting with little success. 

Soon, after a Rescue Mission, Spock discovers that the Enterprise has two new passengers he never thought it would be possible to see again. Stonn and T'Pring have survived the Destruction of Vulcan. Now, not only has Spock discovered that his Betrothed is alive but also that the Crew of the Enterprise were under the mistaken impression, along with its Communications Officer, that he had a relationship with Uhura he was unaware of.

Stonn, on the other hand, informs Spock of his "lack of feelings" towards T'Pring and of his attraction towards the Enterprise's Captain instead.

Basically, Spock is left to deal with two overly competative females while at the same time as saving Jim's virtue. That is, after all, his duty as Jim's First Officer is it not?

Will Spock ever figure out his feelings towards in Captain in time or will he loose his chance with Jim to Stonn?

A/N: If my English Grammar is a bit hard to read, I apologize. It's not by best language when I am writing quickly.

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Chris Pike, McCoy, Sarek, Stonn, T'Pring, Uhura

Alright! Challenge timeeee. I want a story about a De-aged Spock,  Kirk, and McCoy. 

-Kirk and McCoy are already bestfriends as children. (They Met As babies *DAWWWW*)

-McCoy and Kirk sneak away to Vulcan, and are accidentally left behind by the StarShip they hid on

- They both start living at Spocks house, and remain there because their parents don't want them. 

-Follow the Life of DeAged  McCoy, Kirk, and Spock 

-As they Get older McCoy and Kirk start Falling in love with Spock. Spock is oblivious to their love

- Kirk and Spock Start dating, McCoy gets Jealous 

-Kirk Cheats on Spock with McCoy

-Huge Fight Between all of them

-They all fall in love with each other and live happily after aaaftterrrr :D


*BONUS* If there is a lot of Crack and Embarrasing Moments 

*BONUS* If T'Pring gets told off by Kirk 

*BONUS* If McCoy is caught wearing a Dress


Have fun with this, and be Creative 

*Dances Away*


Categories: None Characters: Amanda, McCoy, Sarek, T'Pring

Jim and Spock are together but there's not much burning passion and Spock is sometimes an idiot irritating Jim without meaning to and sometimes hurting his feelings by accident.


I want Jim willingly stolen away by Sarek


Anything else up to the author

Categories: Fiction Characters: Sarek

So in one of the Abrames-verse comics, we see the mirrorverse Jim as a Commander trying to destroy Vulcan and getting killed for it by Uhura and Spock.  Please re-write this so mirror Jim gets lives, keeps his title (or becomes the Captain), and gets with mirror Spock.

Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction, Ficlets Characters: Amanda, Sarek, Uhura

Cannedebonbon drew a beautiful picture of Spock in a geisha costume We both agree that this would make a wonderful story. Historically, men were the original geisha's and I would like to see a fic where Spock, was perhaps stolen as a child from his prominent family and sold to a geisha house in another province. James Kirk is captain of the Enterprise, a western ship on an exploratory mission to open trade with Japan.

What I'd like:

  • Bottom Spock, please, with lots of angst and some h/c sprinkled in.
  • Geisha's are entertainers, not whores. I would like to see Jim misunderstand the roll of a geisha and Spock sets him straight.
  • Sarek is the minister/lord chosen to facilitate the trade agreement and hires Spock (unknowing that he's the son that was kidnapped from him years ago) the most prominent geisha in the land.
  • Spock's parentage is discovered and in order to save his families honor, he leaves with his lover (Kirk) to go back to the west. With homosexuality bringing a death sentence in Europe, he continues to dress and act geisha. None of the crew (except for McCoy) know that he's a male.

*Bonus for Sybok (Sarek's older son from a previous marriage) being behind the kidnapping plot to ensure his place as heir and in revenge for Sarek setting aside his mother in favor of Amanda, a western woman that was the sole survivor of a shipwreck.

*Bonus for Kirk trying to seduce his geisha and winds up falling in love. **Double bonus for the feeling being mutual.

*Bonus for it to be illegal for Spock to handle weapons, but surprising his aggressors/assassins with martial arts (neck pinch?)

*Bonus for McCoy finding out Spock is male from having to give him medical aid. How surprised his is, is up to you.

*Bonus for a touching and emotional scene between father and son at their reunion and again at their parting.

That's what I'm hoping for, but I'll be just as happy with any kind of Geisha Spock fic. I know writing is hard work, but making it historical is even harder, so however this comes out, the author will have earned a lifetime of virtual hugs from me. :)

Please check out Cannedebonbon's drawing for inspiration.

Categories: Fiction Characters: Amanda, Chris Pike, Gary Mitchell, McCoy, Sarek, Scott

I've had this idea/ storyline in my head for over a year now and due to various health and other real life issues I'm likely never going to write it. So here is my outline/ points on what I would adore in a fic. Artistic license to your hearts content, as long as there is a happy ending. :)

Sarek notices something about Jim that no one else does

Surak said that only logical to defend your mate and family- other hidden issues with sexuality with Vulcans that they didn’t let other species in on (i.e. double ridges, telepathic erogenous zones etc.) Pon Farr is just the tip of the iceburg.

Jim much smarter than he lets on- i.e. can read Vulcan from his time studying on Taurus IV (where the translator was on the fritz more often than not)—major points if Jim can contribute to something going on in the science research part of the ship and/or engineering and/or is able to identify something quicker than Spock

Jim submissiveish when it comes to actual relationships not just ones where they indulge in each others bodies without real connection (So Jim is still Jim but with a submissive twist.)

Jim also more actively avoids certain types of foods etc due to allergies that Spock and Uhura originally take as lack of willingness to branch out and try other alien species foods etc. (I have allergies myself and I am often scared sh*tless if I’ve eaten something and I think I might be having an anaphylactic reaction, so I avoid a bunch of foods. Would love to see a realistic fear written for Jim regarding this, as well as maybe not enough food either).

Cocky, diplomat Jim just a mask he’s developed from childhood-lack of affection, lack of comfort or support, Taraus IV, Frank, etc.

McCoy calls him darlin’ at some point and means it- Bonus points

Spock and him on bad terms still professional but by no means friendly especially as Spock believe Uhura about her first and continuing impression of Jim

Sarek follows something Amanda once said to him and researches Jim, what he finds stuns and impresses him (in a vulcany way)

Sarek begins talking with Jim and Jim slowly opens up to him

Sarek eventually decides Jim needs a Vulcan bondmate that can appreciate his genius as well as care for him according to submissive Vulcan care customs

As Ambassador gets the Enterprise to come help New Vulcan

Selek greatly frightened Jim when he melded with him on ice planet- possibly damaged him a bit sending over all that information

Vulcan had done research finding that the majority of submissives have high empathy scores and now that Vulcan destroyed especially important

Kinky possessive Vulcan sex :P

Happy ending is a must

Categories: Fiction Characters: Sarek

Established relationship , Spock and kirk go with a landing party but are captured by the natives , kirk is given something that turns out to be an Aphrodasiac and he violently rapes forward. How does Spock cope with a fear of the man he loves and how does kirk cope with what he did to Spock can be either TOS or AOS. 

Categories: None Characters: Amanda, Chapel, McCoy, Original Character(s), Sarek, Scott, Uhura
Summary: Okay here's my challenge. I prefer it in Abrams universe, however Amanda must survive. After the events of the battle with Nero, Spock and Jim are drawn to each other. (Nyota and Spock had an amiable breakup, Jim's not a homewrecker.) Jim and Spock begin a relationship and it comes to the point where Spock needs Sarek's blessing to bring Jim into the clan. Sarek refuses demanding that Spock bond with a female and help rebuild the population of the Vulcan race. Spock refuses and Sarek threatens to have him brought before the High Council and have Spock declared without world or clan for refusing his responsibilities to clan and world. Spock does not care and returns to Enterprise. Enter T'Pau, Spock's grammie. She as leader of the council summon's Jim and Spock to the council, she verifies their T'hy'la bond. Sarek is stunned, T'Pau admonishes him, making him repeat the story she taught him at age 4 about Surak and his T'hy'la, a story that teaches children about the sacred bond that cannot be forced, that cannot be changed, and cannot be denied. T'Pau states that logic demands that one whom has caused hurt as Sarek has must be made to endure at least a measure of the same hurt. She cites the 20 years of silence between Sarek and his son, as well as the refusal to acknowledge the T'hy'la bond with Jim. She sentences him to a year in Coventry, during which no one family included may acknowledge Sarek's existence, no communication, no comfort, no touch. Nothing. The punishment is to take place after Jim and Spock's formal bonding ceremony on New Vulcan. T'Pau then tells Spock that she has made arrangements with Star Fleet and he will take Sarek's place for 1 year as clan leader, with Jim at his side. Spock tries to refuse citing that he is not a true vulcan. T'Pau tears this arguement down. ***bonus points T'Pau refutes this and states just this once that she is proud of her grandson. The bonding happens and Sarek relinquishes his place. He then leaves on a years pilgrimage into the desert. Unknown to Sarek or Spock or Amanda Jim manages to hide a small transponder in Sarek's pack. Using the transponder Jim regularly beams in to make certain that Sarek is in good health, during coventry if he were to be hurt or in trouble no one would respond to a may day. Shortly before the end of the year Jim beams in to find Sarek severly wounded from a wild animal attack. Jim beams him back to the estate and using his first aid training tries to stabalize Sarek, Spock finds them and steps in to help. Sarek vows to be a worthy father to such a fine pair of sons. Together he and Amanda see them off when Enterprise returns to collect its Captain and First Officer. Sarek then pulls Jim to the side he apologizes, asking Jim to help his son, “I tried to make him something he is not, much to my shame. He is a child of two worlds, my failure caused him to feel unwelcome on this one, it was fitting that he found his life mate from his other home world.” Sarek tells Jim that he is proud to have him as his son. Sarek holds him hand up with spread fingers, offering the traditional touch allowed between close family members. Jim touchs his fingertips to Sarek’s. Sarek’s thoughts cross the touch and he “hears”, “Son of my heart, know that I have come to love you, and am always here if you ever have need of me.” Jim feels a tear slip down his cheek Sarek envelops him in a fatherly hug, a spectacle that one year ago Sarek would have never indulged in, however knowing that it is what Jim truly needs, a father’s arms around him, to comfort and provide a safe haven if only for a moment. Sarek whispers in his ear, “I love thee my son, more than you will ever know.” As he says this he is looking directly into Spock’s eyes. Spock knows that the message is to both Jim and himself. Jim and Spock then leave and carry on with their lives. ****Super Bonus Points**** Amanda is like a mama sehlet, she's ready to take on the council and her errant husband in defense of her son, and the son of her heart. I had this inspiration reading several fics by CMM, who is my hero. I'd write it but I'm afraid I'd mangle it to pieces...
Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Amanda, Sarek

Spock and Jim are together. It is one year and a half after the events in Into Darkness. They decide to get married (the human way) on the ship and then ask Sarek and T'Pau if they can be bonded.

But some Star Fleet ships and their crew had some problems. Diplomatic problems. It put Star Fleet Command and Earth in the wrong light. So the Star Fleet Command decides to assign a person who worked in diplomacy to the ship (after 6 weeks of basic training like shooting from a phaser or self defence).

USS Enterprise diplomatic officer (or whatever you choose to call that person) is...SAREK! (as to the attire it could be the same as Spock's. Blue)


Already halfway in their preparations for the weeding, how will Jim and especially Spock work with Sarek? And why did Sarek decide to become part of the USS Enterpise crew? Does this have something to do with Sybok or a rumor that there is a place that can bring anything and anyone back from the dead.

 (All grammar mistakes are mine. Apologize for that)

Categories: Fiction Characters: Sarek

K/S pre-slash-slash

Spock wants to be a singer. Sarek forbidden Spock to do so and tells him he should attend Vulcan Science Academy. He disagrees and leaves to live on Earth. There in pubs and in public locations he sings for tips. Jim Kirk notices him and they make duet called (name the band whatever you want) but it must be close to word ‘hurt’: because Jim lost someone dear to him and Spock is not accepted in his home world.

Later when their relationship becomes more apparent and they become the most famous duo in the world and universe how will Vulcan react to the first ever Vulcan singer singing about emotions? How will Sarek deal with his son being famous? How will people treat them?

NOTE: I was listening to HURTS "somebody to die for" when I came with this idea. Please use HURTS songs if you’ll be writing their performance on stage or in studio, videos etc. Solo Spock songs are up to you to choose.

Note 2: Abrams universe please

Note 3: Sarek follows Spock's progress as a singer listening to his songs and watching the music videos. Sarek is just not apreciated enough

Categories: Fiction Characters: Sarek

Why yes, before you ask, I'm watching the episode A Taste Of Armageddon while issuing this challenge. While I'm watching this episode, I had a thought: What if war had really started?

So, the challenge:

While on a planet, war breaks out. Could be against guerrilla forces on the planet fighting for a revolution or another planet could have infiltrated the populace and decided to strike during treaty talks/offical ceremony/first contact ect. Jim and Spock are caught in middle of the war and are seperated for whatever reason, but not before Spock, in a stroke of genius or desperation, links them together without giving Jim all the facts about a mind link. Because of fighting, communication with Starfleet and the Enterprise is lost.

Others may be part of the landing party caught in the fighting. Author's descrestion.

One of our duo must be caught and held as a hostage and the other must be "recruited" and fighting for the other side. Not looking for serious torture of the hostage.

During the time the two are seperated, they become closer because of the telepathic link and talking through it, eventually falling in love with each other.

Must haves:

  • Abrams Universe
  • Inability to lie/hide anything in the link
  • Dramatic reunion
  • Happy ending
  • Battles
  • Badass!Kirk and badass!Spock
  • Escape attempts
  • "Captain, you almost make me believe in luck."
  • "Mr. Spock, you almost make me believe in miracles."

Hope to see:

  • Sex
  • Bones being Bones
  • Badass!Scotty commanding Enterprise
  • Sarek putting the diplomatic smackdown on one of the warring factions.

Also, would make me happy fangirl to see this take place as a civil war on New Vulcan, if author could pull it off. Maybe between those who believe Vulcans have gone too far with Surak's logic and those who think they haven't taken Surak's ideas far enough. That's just a jump point and in no way required.

Mostly, have fun!

Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy, Sarek, Scott

Sarek has been experiencing a odd series of COMM calls from his Son. Spock it seems has been accidently sending messages to his Father during events on the Enterprise. "Butt Dialing" as the Humans seem to refere to it.

It's up to you to choose if the Events are audio or video based messages. Have fun with the whole experience! I can imagine you could keep it to a one shot or a whole multi-chapter story.

There could be humor or angst. Which ever way you choose to take it, have fun with the possibilities!

Categories: Fiction Characters: Amanda, Chris Pike, girl!Kirk, girl!Spock, McCoy, Sarek
Summary: What if the widowed Winona Kirk and widower Sarek met at Jim and Spock's bonding ceremony and were attracted to one another? How would the dynamics between parent and child affect the relationship of Jim and Spock (hopefully lots of fireworks). Must have comedic elements for the situation balanced with heavy angst between the spatting lovers. Prefer K/S Reboot universe and bottom Spock. *Bonus points for Jim and(or) Spock catching their parents in a compromising situation of your choice. *Bonus points for Jim going to Uhura for advice and for Spock going to McCoy. *Bonus points for hot/steamy make-up sex. Have fun!
Categories: Fiction Characters: Chapel, Chekov, McCoy, Sarek, Scott, Sulu, Uhura

Okay, I've read some Kirk/Spock stories that are based on fairy tales like Cinderella and Beauty & the Beast. So why not another fairy tale, a darker one?

"Thousandfurs" or "All-Kinds-Of-Fur" is about the sin of inappropriate love or incestuous love. I'll give a summary here but you should look it up and read the whole tale.

Once upon a time there was a king, who had a wife with golden hair, and she was so beautiful that her equal was not to be found anywhere on earth. She fell ill and before she died, she made the king promise not marry anyone who is not as beautiful as she is and who does not have the same golden hair as her. After her death, he grieved a long time. But then the councilors insisted he remarry for they needed a queen. Messengers looked far and wide but could not find a princess who met both criteria.

So the years passed. But the king had a daughter. After she came of age, he looked upon her and realized she was as beautiful as her mother, with the same golden hair. He fell in love and announced he would marry her. The king's councilors and his daughter are horrified. The princess, hoping to stall until he comes to his senses, demands impossible bride gifts: three dresses: one as golden as the sun, one as silver as the moon, and one that glistens like the stars. Lastly, a cloak put together from a thousand kinds of pelts and fur. Every animal in the kingdom must contribute a piece of its skin for it.

The king was determined though. He hired the most skilled maidens in the kingdom to weave the dresses. And had his huntsmen capture all the animals in his entire kingdom and take a piece of skin from each one. From these a cloak of a thousand kinds of fur was made. Quicker than anyone thought, everything was done. The king presented these gifts to his daughter and announced that tomorrow would be their wedding day. The princess decided her only choice was to run away. She packed up the dresses, three golden valuables, put on the fur cloak, blackened her hands and face with soot before leaving the castle.

The princess walked all night til came to a forest and then she slept. The next day, she was found by the prince of the neighboring kingdom and his huntsmen and dogs. She claimed to be a poor girl abandoned by her mother and father and begged for pity. The king agreed to grant her work in the castle kitchens. Because she gave no name, they called her "All-Kinds-Of-Fur".

When the prince held a ball, the princess sneaked out and went to it in her golden dress, and the prince fell in love with her. The next morning, the cook set her to make bread soup for the prince, and she put her golden ring in it. The prince found it and questioned the cook and then All-Kinds-of-Fur, but she revealed nothing. The next ball, she went dressed in her silver dress and put the golden spindle in the soup, and the prince again could discover nothing.

The third ball, the princess went in the dress of stars, and the prince slipped a golden ring on her finger without her noticing it and ordered that the last dance go longer than usual. She was not able to get away in time to change; she was able only to throw her fur mantle over her clothing before she had to cook the soup. She slipped the last valuable, a golden reel, into the soup. When the prince questioned her, he caught her hand, seeing the ring, and when she tried to pull it away, her mantle slipped, revealing the golden dress. The prince pulled off the mantle, revealing her, and they married. They lived happily until they died.

What I am asking for follows more closely to Robin Mckinley's novel Deerskin, which is based on Donkeyskin, a variation of Thousandfurs. 

The Challenge:

I would really, really appreciate the story being written futuristically. George and Winona of the House of Kirk are the king and queen of Earth with their son Jim as the prince, who they neglect to continue their extravagant and carefree lives. (It is up to you whether to include Jim's brother Sam.) At some point George dies and Winona grieves for a long time. She is pressured to consider remarrying but does not think anyone measures up to her deceased husband. Then at Jim's coming out ball, Winona notices that Jim is all grown up and looks a lot like his father, with the same legendary blue eyes and golden brown hair. Winona announces she will marry her own son, taking advantage of an old forgotten law that permits the royal family, to marry within the family, to keep the blood pure, if no eligible noble person is found worthy.

Jim is horrified and refuses. It is up to you to decide to use a variation of the impossible gifts. But I want to include Winona raping her son, using a drug to incapacitate him. He runs away, cuts off his hair, maybe dyes it, obtains contacts to make his blue eyes hazel, and manages to stow away on a transport to the planet Vulcan, where Sarek and Amanda of the House of Surak are king and queen, and their son Spock is the handsome prince. (It is up to you whether to include Spock's brother Sybok.)

Jim befriends Scotty, who helps him obtain fake identification, and get a job at the palace. Eventually he befriends Dr. McCoy, Chekov, Sulu, Uhura, Gaila, and Pike. Maybe include some canon and original Vulcan characters. Of course, he will meet Spock and fall in love. But Jim feels guilty for the lying about his real identity, and suffers from insecurities from his childhood and the rape. From there the story is mostly up to you and what you want to use from the traditional fairy tale format.

Bonus:Winona finds out Jim's location and threatens war if Sarek does not return him. Jim tries to be noble to protect his and Spock's people by handing himself over. Spock refuses to give Jim up because he loves him.

Bonus: Sarek figures out before anyone else who Jim is and secretly draws up documents granting him asylum. He has backing from other allied planets who consider Winona a tyrant who is unfit to rule.

Bonus: At the end of the story, Jim and Spock either rule Earth or they rule Vulcan but not both. You can also decide on neither. That's where either a sibling or a cousin comes in as alternative heirs to the throne.

Bonus: BottomKirk, TopSpock

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Sarek
Summary: OKay I have been on a musical soundtrack binge for awhile and reading stories on this site from wonderful writers when i had a crazy idea. Write a story that uses the animated movie Anastasia as a guideline. Criteria: -Either Spock or Jim is the missing prince, I think it would work better with spock as missing but you're choice. Bonus points if Jim and Spock have had a link since the night the royal family was killed. If you haven't seen the movie, for shame, lol anyway here's the trailer so you have a base to work from: But most important have fun!!
Categories: Fiction Characters: Sarek
Summary: Star Trek AU. Story can be as long as author wants, though I prefer *long* stories! Spock, still a teen, decides he will eventually join the VSA and never leaves Vulcan for Earth. James, a teen as well, moves with his mother to Vulcan, where she is stationed for the next few years for some reason or other. James is Spock's neighbor, and is home-schooled. Spock becomes intrigued with the Human, who is different from what he expected of the species; Jim is intelligent, friendly... yet a bit introverted and... shy? (For whatever reason the author chooses.) Curious, Spock decides to get to know Jim more, and eventually falls in love. BONUS POINTS: If, while discovering his love for Jim, one or more Vulcan teens (maybe even Stonn and others) want to attracts Kirk's attention simply to anger Spock. But in so doing, they realize Kirk's mind is unique, and some Vulcans begin to want Kirk as their own. MEGA BONUS POINTS: If Kirk is completely oblivious to his impressive popularity amongst the Vulcans (because he was unpopular and alone on Earth and doesn't understand Vulcan culture). BONUS POINTS: Spock, in his desperation not to lose his friend, secretly creates a light bond between him and Kirk, and the bond slowly grows and helps Kirk realize he isn't alone and is loved. WOULD LOVE: Some "heat-of-the-moment" sex between our lovely boys (after Kirk admits his feelings to Spock), with a dominant, possessive (but not cruel) top!Spock and bottom!Kirk who secretly loves Spock's dominant nature because it makes him feel wanted and needed.
Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Amanda, Original Character(s), Sarek, Stonn, T'Pring

In an interesting turn of events, Jim Kirk (Abrams' Verse) gets transported to another Reality (transporter malfuction, alien technology, up to author's discretion). In this reality, when Nero destroyed the USS Kelvin, Jim's counterpart died as an infant. Jim is now on the Enterprise, where Chris Pike is still the Captain, and Spock his First Officer. Both of whom, among everyone else, knows nothing of him. (By this time, Jim has become a more mature person due to his Captaincy, losing most- not all- of his brash recklessness.)

Another major turn, in this Reality, is that instead of Vulcan being destroyed, Nero attacked Earth, devastating the planet into becoming inhabitable and its population all but extinct. The surviving Humans have moved to nearby colonies, some even staying on Vulcan, as it is one of the closest Federation-aliged planets to Earth. Until Jim can find a way to return to his realm- if he even decides to return-(where his Spock is in a commited relationship with Uhura), he has decided to help the people in the alternate Reality.

Guess everyone will get to learn who he is-all over again, including a curious- and single- Vulcan First Officer. Eventual K/S.

BONUS POINTS: In the alternate reality, Bones is still married, Uhura and Scotty are dating, and Spock is slighty more accepting of his Human side. (His mother still lives). 

BONUS POINTS: Spock finds Kirk to be an extreme enigma- one he relishes in unravelling.

BONUS POINTS: Kirk finds this new Spock just as attractive as the one from his realm, yet unique in his own way. However, he is hesitant to let his attraction grow because he may have to return home soon. (Despite this, his attraction intensifies nonetheless as he comes to know the Vulcan who is so much like- yet entirely different- from the Spock in his reality.)

MEGA BONUS POINTS: Until Kirk can find a way to return home (assuming the author wants him to return home), Kirk is given a position on the Enterprise, in order to put his talents to good use. Maybe in Engineering?

ENDING: Up to author- James can stay in new realm to help rebuild/stay with Spock, or return to his realm. HAVE FUN.

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Amanda, Chapel, Chekov, Chris Pike, McCoy, Original Character(s), Sarek, Scott, Sulu, Uhura

Jim has a dog and they have a mutual loving relationship with each other. However, the dog is protective of Jim, and has a long running track of disapproving of any boyfriend Jim brings home and chasing them out of the house.

However, one day in a walk through San Francisco, the dog spots Spock at a book store, looking for books that would help him undertsnad the humans he's surrounded by ever since he entered Starfleet. The dog likes Spock right away and wants him to be Jim's lover, thus draging Jim all the way through traffic, since they're on the other side of the street from where Spock is.

However, Spock is intimidated by the dog and harshly tells Jim to get his dog away from him, while insulting said beloved dog at the same time. This angers Jim, and they end up having a bad start. Their relationship worsens with every meeting, despite the dog's efforts.

But that changes when one night, Jim accidently and unknowingly consumes something he's really allergic to. The dog, knowing immediately what when wrong, tries to get Jim to safety away from traffic. The dog succeeds and then starts searching for help as Jim sinks into anaphylactic shock.

The dog runs into Spock and tries to get him to help Jim. It takes stealing his scarf made by his human mother for Spock to follow. When Spock sees Jim and signs of his struggle to breathe, he carries Jim bridal style and rushes him to the Starfleet medical center with dog in tow. (Spock does get his scarf back right after he arrives where Jim is)

While Jim is rushed into ER, Spock sits in the waiting room with Jim's dog by his side, worrying for Jim with tense pacing and whimpering. Spock warms up to and comforts Jim's dog as they wait.

From here, their relationship improves as Spock gets to know Jim as he assists Jim and his dog at his stay in the hospital, and they learn that they share many common interests. Spock starts visiting Jim to make sure he's okay and learns about Jim's past relationships (and his dog's infamous reputation). Their relationship grows as they spend time together at cafes, fairs, science conventions, the beack, sailing trips (never read a fic in which they went sailing), and a gay pride parade.

They soon are loving each other (bell hooks, "Romance: Sweet Love" (2000)) and become lovers. Spock tells his mother, since his father is not one for phone conversations at all, which leads to a surprising development: his parents are going to be visiting Spock on Earth very soon and want to meet Jim while they're at it.

Spock is freaking out in his own way about this, which is made even more conflicting by Jim's moving in with his dog to Spock's off-campus apartment. What will Spock due?

I want Spock and Jim to have a happy ending together. The dog needs to be large and/or strong enough to pull Jim across a traffic clustered street, so keep that in mind.

Major requirement: Jim's and Spock's relationship shall not be described in terms of "in love", only "loving". Refer to the source given in the eighth paragraph of the work that will help to make you understand what I mean (Though you'll have to read it quite a few times to get it, despite hooks's lacking of academic wording writing). If you can't find this work and want to read it, just e-mail me; I have the book it's in and will scan the section for your to read.

Please, in any sex scenes have Jim as bottom.

Bonus if Sarek is like really scruntinizing, but Jim isn't fazed by this and treats him and Amanda as family and hugs both of them. Have Spock freak out at this and try to separate them to save Jim, only to be shocked when Sarek returns the hug. Sarek's explanation: might as well get to know and be comfortable with my soon-to-be son-in-law.

Super duper bonus if you have Spock's family really liking Jim's very smart and friendly dog. Including T'Pau (Maybe use a future scene or story if you want to fulfill this bonus).

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