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So, this has been going around in my head for the longest time, and I'm slowly (and sadly) beginning to realize I'm never going to write it. But I really want to read it, so here goes...

Anyone ever seen the magnificent film "Truly, Madly, Deeply", starring Juliet Stevenson and Alan Rickman? I'd love to see an AU K/S fic based on that. Basically, Kirk's lover, Gary Mitchell, has recently - and unexpectedly - died and he's having a hard time getting past his grief. While Kirk hovers on the verge of despair, Gary comes back to haunt him benignly and, surreptitiously, to help him move on. Because Kirk has just met a mysterious man named Spock, who could be so much more to him if he can just let go of Gary's memory and face up to a future without him...

Can be set in Starfleet, or modern day, or wherever you like. I'm biased towards TOS, but, you know, if you can make it work with reboot then go for it! Also, bonus points for including Bones as the Bill Patterson/Sandy character, and as many of the other guys as you can fit in. But I'd like lots of angst, please - the movie makes me cry like a hungry, angry baby and I gotta have some tears here too! Pretty please?

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I was watching A Few Good Men last night, and the second I saw Tom Cruise waltz into Demi Moore's office munching on an apple and being an all around cocky shit, I knew I had to post this challenge, which calls for a reboot of the movie starring our favorite ST:XI characters.

I'm envisioning Kirk as Lt. Kaffee, Bones as Lt. Weinberg, and Spock as Lt. Crd. Galloway. (I'm fine with Spock being human, but no gender bending of any kind, please.) You can have the rest of the cast fill whichever roles you like. (I picture Sulu and Chekov as Dawson and Downey, but that's just a suggestion) 

Can be a modern AU or a Starfleet "JAG" AU.

Don't feel as if you have to strictly adhere to the plot (or sub-plots) of the movie. (If I wanted to read the transcript of the movie with the character's names changed to ST characters, I could do it myself with a search and replace.) I very much want everyone to be in character despite their radically different careers.

The only other requirement is some yummy K/S, but if you want to keep it to sparks-flying pre-slash, that’s fine by me.


  • Areel Shaw for the prosecution
  • Some cute Spock & Chekov interaction (nothing slashy-- just big brother/mentor/two geeky peas in a pod stuff)

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Cannedebonbon drew a beautiful picture of Spock in a geisha costume We both agree that this would make a wonderful story. Historically, men were the original geisha's and I would like to see a fic where Spock, was perhaps stolen as a child from his prominent family and sold to a geisha house in another province. James Kirk is captain of the Enterprise, a western ship on an exploratory mission to open trade with Japan.

What I'd like:

  • Bottom Spock, please, with lots of angst and some h/c sprinkled in.
  • Geisha's are entertainers, not whores. I would like to see Jim misunderstand the roll of a geisha and Spock sets him straight.
  • Sarek is the minister/lord chosen to facilitate the trade agreement and hires Spock (unknowing that he's the son that was kidnapped from him years ago) the most prominent geisha in the land.
  • Spock's parentage is discovered and in order to save his families honor, he leaves with his lover (Kirk) to go back to the west. With homosexuality bringing a death sentence in Europe, he continues to dress and act geisha. None of the crew (except for McCoy) know that he's a male.

*Bonus for Sybok (Sarek's older son from a previous marriage) being behind the kidnapping plot to ensure his place as heir and in revenge for Sarek setting aside his mother in favor of Amanda, a western woman that was the sole survivor of a shipwreck.

*Bonus for Kirk trying to seduce his geisha and winds up falling in love. **Double bonus for the feeling being mutual.

*Bonus for it to be illegal for Spock to handle weapons, but surprising his aggressors/assassins with martial arts (neck pinch?)

*Bonus for McCoy finding out Spock is male from having to give him medical aid. How surprised his is, is up to you.

*Bonus for a touching and emotional scene between father and son at their reunion and again at their parting.

That's what I'm hoping for, but I'll be just as happy with any kind of Geisha Spock fic. I know writing is hard work, but making it historical is even harder, so however this comes out, the author will have earned a lifetime of virtual hugs from me. :)

Please check out Cannedebonbon's drawing for inspiration.

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Summary: After the battle, Kirk send Pike on a shuttle to earth asap while the Enterprise takes a slower route to pick up survivors and Spock Prime. Kirk uses skills learned on Tarsus IV to help children etc. with trauma and loss. Gaila lives and is a Big Damn Hero. Spock is jealous of Gaila and Kirk sharing is mind with others. When they get back to earth, Spock is repped for assaulting Kirk, abandoning him, and putting Uhura on Enterprise due to favouritism. Pike's original best pick is assigned to Enterprise for the 5YM and Uhura is reprimanded for abandoning post, etc. and assigned elsewhere as Ensign. Comm. Officers are supposed to be perceptive and in 3 yrs she didn't see Kirk's potential and was off base with Spock - which is why Pike didn't pick her. Spock is Lieu Comdr or Lieu. Chekhov and Gaila are Lieus, Scotty and Bones are Comdrs, and they receive medals etc. Spock now has alot to think about - how will his relationship with Kirk build through the first missions? Virgin!Spock. Bottom!Spock. Bonus - Kirk stays in touch with Vulcans and is a bit of a hero with power. Bonus 2 - smart!Kirk. Bonus 3 - 7 - allergies, hurt!Kirk, alcohol contest/drunk with Bones, (past?) affair with Gary Mitchell, interaction with Kor from TOS (Kor desires Kirk, maybe they have rough!sex?). The Empire ends up fearing Kirk. Superbonus - Kirk meets the Romulan Commander outside of battle and gains the respect of the empire. Maybe they have a mutual attraction? Or father/son.
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Jim is the one in a relationship when he has a drunk fling with Spock. Not knowing Spock is completely in love with him. After that they decide to forget about it. Spock ends up being prenant (vulcan thing) and decides not to tell Jim or anyone because he doesn't want to embarress/end Jim's relationship. When it gets to the point he can't hide it anymore he disappers from everyone's life. Its many years later (7-9) that anyone finds out about the baby.



*Jim can be with Carol or someone you just make up

*Jim could be getting married to said girl and the bacholer party is where "it" happened


*Abrams Verse

*Amanda didn't die

*Boy child

*NO ONE on the Enterprise knows why Spock left

*Spock Prime takes one look at the baby and knows its Jim's

*Sarek and Amanda don't know its Jim's until Jim finds out

*Jim and Spock end up together somehow

*Kinky times

*long story no less then 30,000 words (I'll live if you have less its just a example of how long and what not lol)


Good luck! 

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I would like a story that is based on Fifty Shades of Grey. Jim could be based on Christian and Spock on Anastasia or the other way around. I thought it would make a really good K/S story.


*Abrams Verse 

*Narada never happened

*Kinky times (Of course!)

*I want some fluffy scenes to..

*I want the ending to to happy

*I want it to be a long story please


*If you feel up to a challange you could have mpreg (it would be interesting) if so boy baby please 

*Sarek trying to be closer to Spock after not being there for him (you can make a background for that)

*You could have everybody come together somehow

*Jim could or couldn't be in Starfleet at some time - your choice




If you feel up to it have at it I look foward to see what you do with this! (=

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Summary: [AU]. Jim Kirk never joined StarFleet. He moved to California to escape his home in which his mother ignored him and his stepfather used him as a scapegoat for his frustration. Instead of becoming a notorious womanizer, Jim has chosen to lead a quiet life of solitude, living in a apartment complex, fixing people's computers and appliances for money. He keeps to himself, unless required to be around others in which he is unfailingly polite and respectful... but he uses his charm as a wall to keep people from getting to close to him. All of that changes when Jim goes to a StarFleet academic event to accompany a friend who goes to school there (not McCoy- who Jim can be introduced to later at author's discretion). Jim happens upon Spock, and cannot help himself from striking up a conversation after having read some of Spock's research in journals. Spock becomes intrigued of the intelligent young man, and wants to know more about him... but getting through Jim's barriers may prove to be quite difficult... K/S romance. No sex needed, but preferred. Would like emphasis on the evolution of their emotional/romantic relationship. BONUS POINTS: Please, PLEASE would like for Jim to be inexperienced in being intimate sexually with anyone (has issues with getting close to anyone enough for sex due to childhood neglect), but nonetheless is becoming intensely attracted to Spock. MEGA BONUS POINTS: Spock becomes patient, but determined, to win Jim's affections... and eventually leads to a lot of affectionate touching, comforting "snuggling", and maybe even some fondling. RULES? Have FUN.
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I'm proposing a universe similar to the Mirror one but less brute strength, more cold, intelligent... cruel and resourceful.  They don't waste, the Federation or the Empire, whatever you want to call it, anything that could be of use to them... they find a way to control it.  Sometimes using science, threats, intimidation, torture, etc. Anything that would put the people they want under their control.  Anyways, what I'm proposing is one where Spock in under sole control of James T. Kirk, who is exactly as this type of universe made him into, but for the small, unusual kindness he displays at odd moments.  Now everyone knows the less powerful a person is in this type of world is always stressed and frightened, what if Spock created a sheltered place for the people with no power and it was secret from basically everyone except whoever they decided to tell.  I want the people he helps to be really protective of him, so they only tell people who won't alert anyone of power.  Kirk finds out by accident and is intrigued because he's noticed the marked efficiency on his ship by the ensigns and whatnot but didn't really care until he discovered what Spock was doing.  It's up to you to decide what he'd do about it.  Oh, and I want Spock and Kirk to get together, but there are people both on and off the ship who oppose for whatever reason.  Oh, and I adore bottom!Spock.

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Can anybody try and write a fem!spock X kirk? The plot doesn't matter. It can be alwaysagirl!spock, temporarygirl!spock, or anything.

Bonus points for any other characters involved and for non-generic plot.

No fem!kirk

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Okay this has been in my head for too long, and I have come to conclusions I’m not going to write it, so I rather see someone else’s work of wonder.

Any way here’s the summary:

Jim and his mom (and possibly Frank) move out to Vulcan (for political reasons concerning his mother, or whatever other reason you can come up with.) Would prefer Frank to not be in this but, up to you. Jim has to attend a Vulcan school and because he is a human genius he catches the eye of a certain Vulcan (Spock) who is ridiculed at his school, and Spock automatically creates a weak bond with Jim (They’re T’hy’la), pretty much telling others he staked a claim. He then tries to produce a friendship with him, other Vulcans that see this try to also receive Jim’s attention (to either anger Spock or because they actually have an interest in him, or both.)

Spock then becomes VERY possessive and protective of Jim (he can began this possessiveness/protectiveness when him and Jim are still friends or when they form, a sort of boyfriend relationship)

Some Vulcans don’t get the point that Jim is Spock’s and Spock ultimately has to threaten a couple of them, or get a bit aggressive.

Sarek and Amanda have to be part of the story, and you can choose if they accept Jim and Spock being T’hy’la, or not.

*Kirk is the bottom

*Age between Spock and Jim, is around seventeen and eighteen.

Bonus: Jim doesn’t see Spock’s over protectiveness as a sign he likes or cares for him, since he really didn’t have friends on Earth.( this is before the form a committed relationship)

Bonus: If you include Frank, he is still abusing Jim, Jim’s mother is oblivious and Spock soon finds out about the abuse and becomes very angry, this anger can escalade to whatever you choose.

SUPER BONUS POINTS: Before and when Jim arrives on Planet Vulcan he’s in a relationship( preferably Gary Mitchell), but soon breaks up with him for whatever reason (your choice) AND early in Jim and Spock’s friendship, Spock finds out Jim’s in a relationship and becomes jealous thinking Gary is not worthy of Jim.

SUPER BONUS POINTS: In the end both Jim and Spock go to Starfleet academy, and Jim becomes captain and of course Spock Commander. And of course the crew can be added in later chapters.


BONUS POINT JUST FOR FUN: since Vulcan anatomy is different from humans, Spock is a little *Ahem* in the lower regions, and that leaves Jim a little discouraged.


Rule: Have fun ^_^   



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Ok, so I have this idea, but it turns out that I can't write crack very well.

So here's my challenge:

I want a crack!fic (preferably with multiple chapters/stories/authors), where Jim and Spock (Abramsverse) keep getting transported into different universes by accident.


-Genderbent universe

-Mirror universe

-Prime universe

-Spock-is-human universe

-Kirk/Spock bonded in the Academy universe

-3 weeks into the future (future boys remember this happened, and are still trying to figure out how to fix it)

-Maybe implied mpreg?  Have K/S's kid running around causing havoc

-The set of Star Trek: TOS being filmed (this would cause some mental breakdown in the actors XD)

-Basically anything cracktastic that you can think of!


UNLESS THEY'RE KIDS AT THE TIME.  A kid!fic chapter is also acceptable :D



-Scotty says "I think we broke the universe!"  AND/OR  "I cannae change the laws of phys-- oh, right."  (your choice on how to work that in!)

-Every incarnation of Spock has some form of dislike towards himself, whether it be because he has issues, or because he's jealous/protective of his t'hy'la

-At the start, our Abramsverse boys have only a grudging working relationship, but after seeing so many universes where they're together... they just can't deny it anymore

-They get sent to multiple universes so many times, that Jim ends up having a rant about it (probably 3 or 4 universes in).  Maybe an exasperated sigh and/or comment every time it happens again.

-Many chapters/stories!  At least 4, but would be awesome for it to be ongoing.  Collabs are encouraged :D



Have fun!

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So, I was thinking.

fem!kirk/spock fics are hard to find, so I want a good one.


Here's a basic plot line. After the whole into darkness plot plays out, the crew has begun on their five year mission. Through some planetary accident or transporter malfunction, Kirk gets changed into a girl, permanantly. But right before this happens, Spock and Uhura break up for a reason that is up to the writer.

At first, the crew goes great lengths to fix the captain's problem until one of the experiments hurts her. So, as all of this is happening, Spock starts to fall in love. He becomes more cold towards Kirk, trying to hide his feelings but that only makes her upset and she runs to bones for comfort. Shortly there after, Gary Mitchell becomes dangerous like in TOS but he becomes fixated on the captain. The captain gets abducted, and Gary and her go to a strange planet. Instead of keeping his cool, Spock seems to become restless, searching for weeks on end until McCoy declares him unfit for duty. Then, the captain can be found. Bones mentions the whole Spock was worried to her and she is very happy, since she likes him too. they have a whole reunion until a mysterious force takes her, Uhura, and Chekov off the ship (from that episode in TOS... I can't remember the title) Everyone can act all panicky and they have the whole episode plot play out. Then Kirk is saved and so is Spock and they get bonded and fluff. More episodes where they get endangered can be added, but those two are the best.


bonus points for any of the following--

When Spock gets all stressed, he frowns a lot and his hair gets all messy in a cute just got out of bed style.

Possessive Spock even before he declares his love.

Kirk gets hurt and Spock stays by her bedside.

kirk whines about girl problems such as makeup, dresses and That time of the month

Bones gets Spock mad.

when he declares spock unfit for duty, bones gets all sad and talks about how he misses Kirk too, yadayadayada

Kissy scene between Spock and Kirk  

other pairings  between other crew members

and last but not least.

any Tribble reference of even a Tribble scene.


sorry that this is a lot. If nobody wants to write it, i think I will if enough people want me to.

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