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I'm proposing a universe similar to the Mirror one but less brute strength, more cold, intelligent... cruel and resourceful.  They don't waste, the Federation or the Empire, whatever you want to call it, anything that could be of use to them... they find a way to control it.  Sometimes using science, threats, intimidation, torture, etc. Anything that would put the people they want under their control.  Anyways, what I'm proposing is one where Spock in under sole control of James T. Kirk, who is exactly as this type of universe made him into, but for the small, unusual kindness he displays at odd moments.  Now everyone knows the less powerful a person is in this type of world is always stressed and frightened, what if Spock created a sheltered place for the people with no power and it was secret from basically everyone except whoever they decided to tell.  I want the people he helps to be really protective of him, so they only tell people who won't alert anyone of power.  Kirk finds out by accident and is intrigued because he's noticed the marked efficiency on his ship by the ensigns and whatnot but didn't really care until he discovered what Spock was doing.  It's up to you to decide what he'd do about it.  Oh, and I want Spock and Kirk to get together, but there are people both on and off the ship who oppose for whatever reason.  Oh, and I adore bottom!Spock.

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Can anybody try and write a fem!spock X kirk? The plot doesn't matter. It can be alwaysagirl!spock, temporarygirl!spock, or anything.

Bonus points for any other characters involved and for non-generic plot.

No fem!kirk

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