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Okay this has been in my head for too long, and I have come to conclusions I’m not going to write it, so I rather see someone else’s work of wonder.

Any way here’s the summary:

Jim and his mom (and possibly Frank) move out to Vulcan (for political reasons concerning his mother, or whatever other reason you can come up with.) Would prefer Frank to not be in this but, up to you. Jim has to attend a Vulcan school and because he is a human genius he catches the eye of a certain Vulcan (Spock) who is ridiculed at his school, and Spock automatically creates a weak bond with Jim (They’re T’hy’la), pretty much telling others he staked a claim. He then tries to produce a friendship with him, other Vulcans that see this try to also receive Jim’s attention (to either anger Spock or because they actually have an interest in him, or both.)

Spock then becomes VERY possessive and protective of Jim (he can began this possessiveness/protectiveness when him and Jim are still friends or when they form, a sort of boyfriend relationship)

Some Vulcans don’t get the point that Jim is Spock’s and Spock ultimately has to threaten a couple of them, or get a bit aggressive.

Sarek and Amanda have to be part of the story, and you can choose if they accept Jim and Spock being T’hy’la, or not.

*Kirk is the bottom

*Age between Spock and Jim, is around seventeen and eighteen.

Bonus: Jim doesn’t see Spock’s over protectiveness as a sign he likes or cares for him, since he really didn’t have friends on Earth.( this is before the form a committed relationship)

Bonus: If you include Frank, he is still abusing Jim, Jim’s mother is oblivious and Spock soon finds out about the abuse and becomes very angry, this anger can escalade to whatever you choose.

SUPER BONUS POINTS: Before and when Jim arrives on Planet Vulcan he’s in a relationship( preferably Gary Mitchell), but soon breaks up with him for whatever reason (your choice) AND early in Jim and Spock’s friendship, Spock finds out Jim’s in a relationship and becomes jealous thinking Gary is not worthy of Jim.

SUPER BONUS POINTS: In the end both Jim and Spock go to Starfleet academy, and Jim becomes captain and of course Spock Commander. And of course the crew can be added in later chapters.


BONUS POINT JUST FOR FUN: since Vulcan anatomy is different from humans, Spock is a little *Ahem* in the lower regions, and that leaves Jim a little discouraged.


Rule: Have fun ^_^   



Categories: Fiction Characters: Amanda, Gary Mitchell, Sarek, Stonn, T'Pring