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Ok, so I have this idea, but it turns out that I can't write crack very well.

So here's my challenge:

I want a crack!fic (preferably with multiple chapters/stories/authors), where Jim and Spock (Abramsverse) keep getting transported into different universes by accident.


-Genderbent universe

-Mirror universe

-Prime universe

-Spock-is-human universe

-Kirk/Spock bonded in the Academy universe

-3 weeks into the future (future boys remember this happened, and are still trying to figure out how to fix it)

-Maybe implied mpreg?  Have K/S's kid running around causing havoc

-The set of Star Trek: TOS being filmed (this would cause some mental breakdown in the actors XD)

-Basically anything cracktastic that you can think of!


UNLESS THEY'RE KIDS AT THE TIME.  A kid!fic chapter is also acceptable :D



-Scotty says "I think we broke the universe!"  AND/OR  "I cannae change the laws of phys-- oh, right."  (your choice on how to work that in!)

-Every incarnation of Spock has some form of dislike towards himself, whether it be because he has issues, or because he's jealous/protective of his t'hy'la

-At the start, our Abramsverse boys have only a grudging working relationship, but after seeing so many universes where they're together... they just can't deny it anymore

-They get sent to multiple universes so many times, that Jim ends up having a rant about it (probably 3 or 4 universes in).  Maybe an exasperated sigh and/or comment every time it happens again.

-Many chapters/stories!  At least 4, but would be awesome for it to be ongoing.  Collabs are encouraged :D



Have fun!

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I wanted to to see what would happen if the Abrams universe were to wind up getting blasted 104 years in the past and meeting the first Enterprise. Their ship is almost destroyed, most of their people dead. There are few survivors. The bridge crew, Sarek, Amanda (Yeah, I went there), Scotty, T'Pau, Spock Prime, Pike, Winona Kirk, McCoy, Chapel, and Keenser. Trapped in 2154, they have to figure out a way home. Enter some Starfleet magic and the team is further blasted to 2063, 3 days before First Contact and then blast them somewhere else. The major characters on NX-01 will come along too. Home is the last place from there. Good luck!!!!

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Rewatching "Amok Time" and "Journey to Babel" for like 50th time. I've had this idea stuck in my head for awhile. 

Sometime after the end of "Amok Time" T'Pau informs Sarek and Amanda that it is unnecessary for them to find someone for Spock because even though T'pring rejected him and he left, Spock has a bondmate.(*cough*Kirk*cough* How could she not know that Kirk faked his death! She has amazing Vulcan powers that make Kirk/Spock happen. That and she saw them roll around in the sand together...mmmm...)

Anyways, During "Journey to Babel" Amanda (and Sarek) try to figure out who Spock's bondmate is.

Bonus- The one person she/they don't suspect is Kirk.

Another Bonus- Kirk tries to drop some hints.

Another Bonus- They eventually find out that Kirk is Spock's bondmate.

Super Awesome Bonus of Awesome - It's McCoy or Chapel that tells Amanda and Sarek. ("He totally smiled at Jim. He's denies, but I saw it damnit."

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So, I was thinking.

fem!kirk/spock fics are hard to find, so I want a good one.


Here's a basic plot line. After the whole into darkness plot plays out, the crew has begun on their five year mission. Through some planetary accident or transporter malfunction, Kirk gets changed into a girl, permanantly. But right before this happens, Spock and Uhura break up for a reason that is up to the writer.

At first, the crew goes great lengths to fix the captain's problem until one of the experiments hurts her. So, as all of this is happening, Spock starts to fall in love. He becomes more cold towards Kirk, trying to hide his feelings but that only makes her upset and she runs to bones for comfort. Shortly there after, Gary Mitchell becomes dangerous like in TOS but he becomes fixated on the captain. The captain gets abducted, and Gary and her go to a strange planet. Instead of keeping his cool, Spock seems to become restless, searching for weeks on end until McCoy declares him unfit for duty. Then, the captain can be found. Bones mentions the whole Spock was worried to her and she is very happy, since she likes him too. they have a whole reunion until a mysterious force takes her, Uhura, and Chekov off the ship (from that episode in TOS... I can't remember the title) Everyone can act all panicky and they have the whole episode plot play out. Then Kirk is saved and so is Spock and they get bonded and fluff. More episodes where they get endangered can be added, but those two are the best.


bonus points for any of the following--

When Spock gets all stressed, he frowns a lot and his hair gets all messy in a cute just got out of bed style.

Possessive Spock even before he declares his love.

Kirk gets hurt and Spock stays by her bedside.

kirk whines about girl problems such as makeup, dresses and That time of the month

Bones gets Spock mad.

when he declares spock unfit for duty, bones gets all sad and talks about how he misses Kirk too, yadayadayada

Kissy scene between Spock and Kirk  

other pairings  between other crew members

and last but not least.

any Tribble reference of even a Tribble scene.


sorry that this is a lot. If nobody wants to write it, i think I will if enough people want me to.

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