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After Vulcan was destroyed, the remaining Vulcans decided it was time to expand their gene pool by adding Vulcan DNA to humans. 

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Kirks and Spock's relationship Progress from strained to bad. It seams the captain has to battle for control whit his first officer at every turn, whit every decision.

And Uhura is not helping whit her constant Bitch’ines.

Searching classified files for something that “would make the captain se reason in difficult situations” Spock stumbles across a medical note. Written during the events of Trasus.

Jim Kirk has been subjected to slave conditioning during captivity. Resulting in a second highly submissive personality (pleasure slave), that can be activated and controlled by uttering special trigger words.


Uhura convinces Spock to use thaws triggers to take command of the enterprise. (Not official but hey…if Kirk dos everything they tell him, its god as official, or even better.)  And after all, are they not doing it in the end, fore sake of the crew and the Federation?

Only is this true leadership?


Points for:

-Making the two personalities as different as they can be.

-Showing an ethics dilemma in Spock(I simply appreciate visible character development)

-Mpreg! (Can’t help it- I’m a fan; p)

 -Uhura crosses a line. 


And plz don’t skimp on the sex scenes if you can; p

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The world needs more dominant Spock.  It doesn't have to be BDSM (in fact would prefer it for this challenge if not) but I would love the disproportionate strengths being used.  Great examples are kyliselle series of Captured and Baseball which really should be read and can be found here

Would also prefer Abrams verse but not necessary.

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Jim seems promiscuous, but this is greatly exaggerated. He's simply flirtatious. In reality he's had few partners or maybe none. Spock seems the typical aloof asexual Vulcan, but in fact he's had many, many partners as he's explored the human side of his sexuality over the years. It is Spock who comes to Jim wanting no strings attached sex, which totally shatters Jim who is in love and needs it to mean more. Also, make a happy ending. Angsty, hurt/comfort, first time, love, porn.

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Ok, after witnessing Kirk's death, Picard goes to tell Spock about his T'hy'la's demise. This results in major depression for Spock even though he finally has closure on his love's whereabouts and fate.

Feeling bad for both men who have done a long list of great things for himself, his crew, Starfleet, and the universe, Picard basically goes to the one man who can make this right--and always leaves him a mess of tangled emotions and thoughts, Q. He offers to do Q a big favor of his desire if he can bring Kirk back alive and let the two most epic guys in the universe live the rest of their lives together, especially in death. (One suggestion: maybe have some life force from Spock transferred to Kirk as to equal out their "natural" lifespans)

The favor that Q requests of Picard, since he too is in a turmoil of personal proportions whenever they meet, is actually very surprisingly sweet and romantic; a double happy ending for the story.

Bonus for the piece having equal parts humor, angst, and happiness.

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  1. Double  Jeopardy Trek challenge - It would really help if you’ve seen the movie.  Bruce Greenwood is in it, and he’s the scariest creeper I’ve ever seen.  The challenge is to write a (reboot) Trek story loosely based on the plot of the movie.  Spock has been in a committed relationship with Captain Pike and they’re serving on the Enterprise together. He really loves Pike, who was the only person who paid attention to him at Starfleet Academy. Unfortunately one morning Spock wakes up with blood on their hands – literally.  Captain Pike is missing, and Spock is ultimately charged for Pike’s murder.  Spock (who is heartbroken) is then sent to prison (or a rehabilitation facility if you wish).  During his time there, he finds out that Captain Pike is alive, and has framed him for murder and has moved on to be with someone else.  Years pass, and Spock is released early on probation.  His parole officer is one James Kirk, who immediately intrigues Spock. After some convincing, he enlists Kirk’s help in tracking down Pike so he can demand an explanation as to why Pike ruined Spock’s life.  Along the way, Kirk and Spock discover a growing attraction between them.  When they finally catch up with Pike (who has assumed a fake identity) the man denies everything.  Kirk calls BS and then creeper!Pike tries to kill them both so the truth doesn’t come out. Of course K&S try to protect each other.  I’d like a happy ending, please!

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Summary: Spock's dual heritage has reacted strangely and he has two t'hy'la, one human (Jim) and one Vulcan. Spock and Kirk are already in a committed relationship and plan to be bonded. Either T'Pau realises at the bonding that there is a third mind needed for them to bond or the Enterprise crew pick up a group of Vulcans they are supposed to be transporting and Spock's Vulcan second mate is a member of it, etc. The other Vulcan goes before Sarek's clan for permission to bond with Spock and he is forced into fulfilling the ritual if he wants to ever be bonded to Kirk. Their new bondmate has trained in Starfleet and becomes a member of their starship so he won't have to live on Vulcan without them. Spock and Kirk are both angry and upset about what he did and having to share the bond with him. They refuse to consummate the link/be intimate with him even though they have done it themselves and won't let him near them but it begins to wear down their own bond because all three of their minds are connected in the same link and he is being neglected by them. I'd like a happy ending please where they learn to live with the fact they have to be with this other person and end up loving him, too, after a good batch of angst. The other mate must be male and I don't want him to turn into the villian where he's doing it as some sort of crazy revenge for Spock being half-human or having some sort of motive behind it. I want him to genuinely be attracted to, admire and respect Jim and Spock and just a bit too overzealous in the way he handled things. Kinky D/s-style Vulcan relationship behaviour or ritual sex between Spock and Kirk at the bonding would be awesome *embarrassed cough*.
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Summary: Based off the movie Dr. horrible's sing-along blog. Spock is sick of seeing the unfairness of the world. In his opinion, it won't be fixed passive-aggressively and he becomes a sort of good-intentioned super villain, aiming to take over the world in order to make it a better place.  All the while, he's in love with Jim, an advocate for a homeless shelter. But Jim starts seeing his arch nemesis, Captain Hammer (you choice of character, male or female, or just the same character from the movie.) Basically I want a retelling of the musical, but not a strict adaptation. Id like to see some of the dialogue from he movie adapted to suit the characters (especially Dr. H's pie metaphor and CH's line about his junk) but not just a transcript of the movie.  I would like:   -more explanation as to DH!Spock's motives and thoughts, lots of introspection on his part. Make it believable that he's a "villain". Emphasize the original DH's idea that killing is bad. Have some internal conflict over the Bad Horse character's demand for murder.  - Spock and Jim to get together, regardless of how you choose to end it.   -I would like Penny!Jim to have a *little* less interest in the captain hammer character (but not to be TOTALLY disinterested) and a little more interest in Spock (but still go out with captain hammer, at least in the beginning)   -Don't have them singing. I've read fics where they sing and It just doesn't work for me. Have the plot of the songs explained in prose.   -Bottom!Jim The end is up to you, it can follow the movie (which I won't spoil here in case you decide to go another direction) or it can go in another direction.
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Hey guys!

It has long been an idea in my head, but I'm not enough brave to write it. So I hope someone will find it interesting and write it for me. I really would like to read it. * - *

So, here it goes!
In a mission, Spock and Kirk come into contact with some alien technology or strange pollen or something. At first it has no effect at all (maybe they not even realize what happened) but at night they have a shared, erotic dream with the other one.
After this, dreams are repeated every night. Jim thinks these are just his fantasies, because he is in love with Spock since they first met. Spock on the other hand slowly realizes, these are not just ordinary dreams, and he can control them as he wish.

I'd like a piquant story in the Abrams universe with bottom Jim (because he is so~ cute. ^.^) and a curious, experimenter Spock, who gradually realize that he loves his Captain.


Bonus points:

1. If McCoy is the only one who know Jim's secret about Spock and try to help when his friend totally freaking out the dreams. (He can't even speak with Spock anymore, because he is too embarrassed after a few dreams.)

2. If Spock extremely brave experimenter and try lots of different things, after he realizes that he can control the dreams. And if he just later realizes that Jim can really experience these things together with him. (Mega bonus: If there is some bondage in one of the dreams.)


~ * ~

Sorry for my mistakes, English is not my native language. ^.^” But I hope it's understandable, and you will love this idea. Let’s have fun! :)

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Either TOS or Spock Prime/AOS Jim, please!

Vulcans are intoxicated by chocolate instead of alcohol. While it's possible that Spock's human half is affected by alcohol, Spock's characteristics are usually dominated by his Vulcan half. Assume that Spock is is affected by chocolate as other Vulcans.

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So Jim has patently been trying to grow his "friendship" with Spock into what Prime!Spock had spoken of but just as he is ready to confess his attraction to Spock he catches Bones and Spock in the act. Heart broken but still happy that his friends are happy Jim carries on like nothing has changed. Until they meet alien species A and are asked to take part in a sacred ritual. In order to complete the mission they agree only to find out that it requires all three of them to have sex with each other in a scared temple/in front of an audience, etc. Afterwards things begin to go downhill fast as Jim can't stop thinking about it and about how Spock doesn't want him and his best friend still doesn't trust him enough to tell him he is in a relationship with the guy Jim has fallen for. If that isn't bad enough Jim finds out that he had latent engineered DNA which allowed him to become pregnant with Spock &/or Bones baby. Do Bones & Spock figure it out? Is there a happy ending?






K/S one-sided


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