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Kirk and Spock are in a relationship when Spock meets some of his childhood nemesis and they proceed to make life difficult for him. Jim says something in defense of Spock, can be serious, inapporpriate, or silly but he makes it clear that Spcok has made a difference.

It can also feature other crew members to back up this view

One of the Vulcans can say that being a suborinate to a human is a disgrace

Spock clearly speaks up for himself


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"Jim, Spock and McCoy have always been able to overcome any obstacle in their way, but what if a different horror plaugued their lives, one that Spock had to fight, and Jim and McCoy could only watch."

Spock got cancer, an illness which normally easily should have been cured in the 23rd century but his hybrid status, which should have made him more immune to both Terran and Vulcan illnesses, made him instead more prone to it. Spock is dying. Jim has to decide if he will remain by his side or if he chooces to remain on the Enterprise.

Established Relationship please, only bottom!Spock please. And I would love if the story would heavily feature Spock/McCoy and Spock/Pike + Jim/Pike friendship.

And I want conflict in this story. Lots of conflict!

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Medical student Leonard Mcoy, who suddenly finds himself the 'head' of his family, after the death of his father, takes a leave from school to support his mother, getting a job as a Vulcan Embacy doorman. Soon one of the buildings residents, James T Kirk, takes notice of him and soon they become romantically attracted to each other, much to the annoyance of his mother Winona Ok so winona married Sarek ..... so les say that Amanda died in child birth... "Sorry" :(... Kirk is raised from a baby with Spock they are brothers. Uhura is alsop working atr the Embasy she is dateing Spock Leonard gits fired because the Lady Winona makes it so... Leonards mother gets a job at a sex toy shop. that she excells in.. make this Romanced comedy based on the movie falling up please...

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Jim Lenord and Spock have a 3 way bond. And a child. On board the Enterprise they have made a happy life for themselves.

Until command assigns them the mission of trasporting a vulcan deligation to Earth. Spock has only ever written his mother for the past XX years but never got around the mentioning Marriage and a Family.

 Sarek? Amanda? Meet your grandchild and his other 2 fathers!


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I recently got my hands on a yaoi called Crimson Spell written/illustrated by Ayano Yamane, which is just freaking perfect and what I have been waiting for my whole adulthood! I couldn't help but hunger for spirk fan fics that are similar to the manga series....anyone familiar with it and have fics to recommend or dare I say want to create one using elements of the yaoi (not as a crossover fic, however I couldn't help but keep casting Kirk as Prince Valdrigr and Spock as the sorcerer Halvir in my head as I read the manga lol)?? If anyone wishes to create this here are some things that are an absolute must in the fiction: AU! TOS ONLY, ACTION/ADVENTURE WITH PLOT, FIRST TIME, PRE K/S, K/S, LOTS OF ANGST WITH A HAPPY ENDING, ROMANCE, NC/17rating(LOTS OF NAUGHTY BITS), BOTTOM!KIRK, DUBIOUS CONSENT, PROTECTIVE!SPOCK,HURT!KIRK, HURT!SPOCK, MCCOY MUST BE IN THE FIC AS KIRKS BEST BUDDY(similar to the role that Rulca has in Crimson Spell). Also if unfamiliar with the yaoi in question and have difficulties finding reference to it here's a quick synopsis too: "The curse of the magical crimson sword has turned Prince Vald into a monster! To break the spell, he sets out on a journey with a sexy and gorgeous magician, Havi. Vald has no idea that when he turns into a beast at knight, Havi uses his unique talents to pacify his beastly appetite. The luscious journey of Vald and Havi begins." Source: myanimelist . net / manga And fan art too perhaps??? pretty pleaaaase! Thank you in advance!! Sincerely, an avid spirk fan

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Summary: Five times Sarek did not let someone date his son, and the one time he did. Bonus points for: Protective/scary Sarek (Getting rid of potential partners in amusing and complicated ways etc.) Amanda not approving, but finding it amusing at the same time, and eventually making Sarek see the error of his ways.
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Summary: OK I guess I am going to beg someone to write a multi-chapter fiction that has Kirk/Spock mpreg AND Bones/Sarek MPEG with Kirk and Bones being the pregnant ones. Not real picky about how they are able to get pregnant maybe an away mission gone wrong where both Jim and Bones are affected. BONUS points for steamy sex and pregnant sex. Also Pon Farr for someone would be awesome. Would also love angst with both couples. Maybe Sarek or Bones fight their feeling for one another. MUST have a happy ending for both couples.
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Summary: St. Paddy's Day..... My 2 dogs had pups and my cat had kittens.... And the Canada geese out back had goslings. Whoa! Give me a spock!mpreg story... Is he laying an egg? One baby? Multiple? Fecund.... I was at an expo and one booth had prizes for who could tell the origins of the word 'fuck'. I knew what they wanted to hear - that it was the initials of a plate put on the door of newlyweds - 'fornification under consent of the king', but some people say that the word 'forinicate' wasn't around then or wouldn't have been used. I kinda think the words fecund amd fuck are related somehow. Please include some form of the work 'fecund' in the fic.
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Summary: An AU, in which a major crisis will occour unless deals are made with a planet which has not yet joined the federation. Unfortunatly, the aleins on that planet are obbsessed with Vulcans, so much that they would give up their life savings to get one. This means that, during the negotiations, all Vulcans are followed around by guards. Kirk and Spock are secretly in a relationship, and they run off somewhere privite for some privite time during the negotiations. Chaos ensues. Bonus points for: Sarek having a very Vulcan panic attack when he discovers that his son is missing. A Vulcan, upon discoverign the two, proceeds to spray Kirk with mase, mistaking him for a kidnapper. Bottom!Spock, but I don't mind Bottom!Kirk, either.
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Summary: I want your take on Jim and Spock's first kiss. Can be any universe, any time, anywhere, Human-style or Vulcan-style or a combo of both. (I just love reading about their first kiss!)
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Summary: A series of firsts in Jim and Spock's lives. I'd like this to be a two-part fic, and also include Jim's first night in his quarters on the Enterprise. Firsts can be funny, serious, sexytimes, happy, sad, whatever you like.
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Summary: How the five senses (sight, hearing, sound, touch, taste) play a role in Spock/Kirk's attraction to Kirk/Spock. Can be a slow build culminating in sexytimes, or a bit more PWP (with every sense taking center stage during a round of sexytimes).
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This challenge is for any pairing, any genre, any length. This could mean gay, straight, bi, lesbian, no sex, pansexual, etc. This could mean adventure, romance, erotica, horror, angst, hurt/comfort, deathfic, etc. There's just one mandatory element...there must be a scene in which Lieutenant Commander Giotto and Cupcake meet.

There may be many scenes involving their interactions, if you want. Hell - make them a pairing if you want to! I will cheer you on like crazy! Really!

And, yes, this may sound like I'm asking for twins or something similar. But in fact they ARE different people! Cupcake's name is actually Lieutenant Hendorff and his character exists in both TOS and Abram's 'verse. The differences are that in TOS he was not called Cupcake...and he was the first of four redshirts to die in [episode] "The Apple." A pod plant killed him. Yup.

Giotto, on the other hand, was the chief security officer and lived through Kirk's ridiculously insane adventures in TOS! ^^


This isn't a challenge to satisfy my crazy made-up scenario. This is Trek fact - Cupcake is not Giotto, and the poor guys just want to be recognized. This year's April issue of the IDW Star Trek confirms Cupcake's identity as does the Star Trek Wiki. Funny what being a comic geek will teach you, right?


Now...let the typing begin~!

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I'm sure this probably has been suggested before, something along these line or another...

So for this challenge I want to make it that Vulcan's really are emotionless, they only gain their emotions when they find their Thy'la. It's sudden and foreign and most of them you know tend to have to learn how to adapt to live with emotions. I want to make Vulcans a little more to their ancestrial chaacteristic than their current logical self. So they are teritorial when they find their bond-mates and possesssive.

So with that in mind, I want this in Abrams verse with that the first time Spock meets Jim the bond automatically forms. There's absolutely no way to dissolve it, it basically forces the two parties involved to get along. The bond has a few side effects, one being that both of them have unlimited access to the other's head.So if let's say Jim is checking someone out the, Spock can hear his said thoughts. It also makes each other extremely possessive, as they'll see it as someone trying to steal their mate.

So how do two people that really couldn't stand each other come together to be one? Happy Ending is a must!!! I would like the story to start of the first time Jim and Spock see each other at the hearing across from the podiums. That's the first time Spock hears Jim speak his emotions develop and the first time they touch (when Spock was choking the hell out of Jim) the bond forms.

I want the story to continue through the Narada incident and into the five year mission to see them come together. Have fun and enjoy^^

Bonus: There's an epilouge of how they are doing at the end of the story set like 20 years into the future.

Mega Bonus: When ever they have their territorial/ possessive moment they always claim their mate aggressively to show who they belong to; thus leading to many many hot angry/possessive sexy times!!! 

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Go out and have yourself a nice relaxing dinner at a Chinese restaurant. At the end of the meal when you open your fortune, tack on the words “in bed” to whatever it says. Then write a K/S smut-shot/fic based on that fortune.

Any genre, any length, and anything goes.

If you don’t want to wait for dinner to get started, here are a few fortunes I pulled off the inter-web:

1.       Teamwork: the fuel that allows common people attain uncommon results.

2.       At times it is better to know when to exit than enter.

3.       Your co-workers take pleasure in your great sense of creativity.

4.       Before you wonder "Am I doing things right," ask "Am I doing the right things?"

5.       Action speaks nothing, without the Motive.

6.       What breaks in a moment may take years to mend

7.       Your dream will come true when you least expect it.

8.       The race is not always to the swift, but to those who keep on running.


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We've seen K/S as a retelling of many stories and fandoms. I've seen Cinderella, and Pretty Woman, for example. I'd like to see if someone could in any way mash up K/S with Fraggle Rock. It could be as simple as common themes and tones, or as cracky as you prefer.

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Inspired by Love For Sale by Vulcan Pearl

Spock is in the academy when he is taken and sold. To be part of an erotic show

Jim (not in the academy) is also taken from whatever earth dive they find him drunk in and sold to the same show.

The "bosses" Pair up Kirk and Spock and the two must "proform" for the customers. What is done out of necessity eventually becomes something they both want..if only without the witnesses..

They do have to either be rescued or escape and end up commanding the Enterprise together.

Top Spock Requiered 

Mpreg Optional

AU/TOS/2009 is authors choice.

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I  found a 21st Century re-write of a 1910 grammar primer. In it, as an example, it had these memorable words:

"All I've got in this world are my sentences and my balls, and I don't break 'em for nobody."

...which had me spitting coffee at the screen as I heard them in my head in the voice of nu-Bones (Abrams Universe).

So the challenge is simple, just incorporate that phrase into a reluctant 3-way with nu-Bones, nu-Spock & nu-Jim. OR add anyone else to the sexual scenario that you care to pick. 'Serious with Angst' or as "Crack" as you like. Whatever springs to mind for you. The only rule is you gotta use that phrase somewhere in it and it has to be "in character" for whomever you have saying it (ie; you can re-word it to TOS' Bones vocabulary if you pick TOS instead of AOS) and you gotta "keep it gay". So, go ahead; get your sexy on and show me what you got! 

NB: AOS or TOS. Nu or Classic. You choose. I throw it open to both! xoxo

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