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(This is perhaps somewhat freaky and kind of AU, but...oh well. Might as well throw it out there.)

After his death, Jim (or rather, his soul) waits for Spock's katra to join him 'on the other side'. But when several decades have passed, longer than what most Vulcans could be expected to live, Jim finally start to worry. He returns to the mortal plane as a ghost, and somehow finds out that Spock's katra is being held in a katric arc in the Hall of Ancient Thought. Jim frees him, somehow- either by himself, or with the help of someone (a psychic human or Vulcan, for example) and he and Spock rejoin each other in the afterlife.

Doesn't have to be a long fic, I'd just be very honoured if someone who has more time and writing chops than me gave this a try :)

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Summary: Spock loses his memory. Remembers practically nothing of his life. He is immediately attracted to Kirk, who has been doing his best to keep his attraction to Spock a secret, so when Spock is coming on to him its a bit of a shock and does his best not to take advantage of the situation. Keep in mind: Spock will slowly regain control of himself as time passes and as his memory returns. But as he doesn't have his Vulcan control when he 'first' meets Kirk, he just falls in love (again) with Kirk since they are T'hy'la (but Spock of course at the time, doesn't know this, he just falls in love at first sight) This must be a happy story, you can add angst/drama/whatever to keep the story line going, but over all it must have a happy ending. This is can be what ever rating the author chooses and how long. Would prefer to be in Abrams Universe, madame and/or sir. Thank you, and have fun! :D
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I would like to see a fic either TOS or Abrams verse or both based on the song by Michael Buble. A couple of near misses and ultimately how our boys met

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This came about because frankly I found it adorable that Spock managed to intergrate so easily and be accepted with the group of traveling space hippies while Kirk is relegated to the role of "The Man". And since the original Star Trek was already a platform addressing the issues of their time, why not make it even more explicit?

Challenge: It is the 1960s. America is fighting a war overseas and seeing the emergence of counter culture revolution movements. Jim Kirk is a pro-war all American boy from Iowa who is dead set on enlisting to fight. Human Spock is the offspring of an interracial marriage who spends his days part of a musical, anti-war group of pacifist hippies. . . until he is drafted. When he and Jim first meet, they could never imagine themselves being in the same room together let alone friends. Nor would they imagine that their lives fighting in hell would lead them to become much closer than brothers.

Must include Adam (from the TOS space hippy episode) as Spock's best friend/maybe possible boyfriend  prior to meeting Jim (rewatch that episode and see just how eager Adam looks at getting Spock to his side). Any other characters can be put in as author choice for whatever role you want.

Bonus points for including Pike and Gary Mitchell.

Even more points if Spock isn't his birth name, but one he adopted for himself after joining his flower power group

Super mega points if Spock assumes McCoy's dislike of him is because of (unfortunately, all too common) racism towards his mixed heritage, but turns out Bone simply hates hippies since hippies managed to convince Bones's teenage daughter to run away from home (made worse when Spock mentions a girl named Joanna who joined Adam's posse a while ago).

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Abrams Universe. Elder!Spock/nu!Kirk, TOS!Ghost!Kirk/nu!Spock, nu!Spock/nu!Kirk

On a mission to check up on the New Vulcan colony, Spock discovers that a ghost is lingering around his elder self's home. But only Spock (nu!ver) appears to be able to see and hear him. He soon discovers that the ghost is of his captain and is dead, forever following Elder Spock around though the old vulcan doesn't know he's there. Elder Kirk is just happy to have a conversation with someone after so long and doesn't prove very helpful to Spock for some time as elder Kirk just annoys him while they're stationed on New Vulcan even though Spock keeps proclaiming logically that he doesn't believe in ghosts.

But, after a while, Spock gives in and discovers why elder Kirk is haunting elder Spock and discovers the deep love the two had shared and also as a surprise, that Jim has been visiting the elder and getting far too friendly for elder Kirk's liking. So he makes it Spock's mission to separate them. But Spock doesn't know what to do because he doesn't want to interfere with the developing love, but nor does he want his captain having a relationship with his elder self while elder Kirk and he has to know about it. Since Spock's the only one that can touch, see, and hear elder Kirk, the ghostly captain gives him a taste of what he will be missing out on leaving Spock very troubled and uncertain about what he should logically do.

Rules: Doesn't matter who tops or bottoms between the relationships. Fluff expected (sex a bonus). Can be long or short. Would like for Spock to tell Elder Spock somehow that elder Kirk is with him and Elder Spock not being surprised about it at all (and might have known about it all along or something).

Have fun!

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Hello so for this story this is my challenge:

Jim and Bones became best friends in college and made a vow to be there for one another when the other needed him. When they graduated, Bones had gone to Vulcan to do a medical internship and Jim went to Star Fleet. They've of course kept in contact and now some years later Bones has written to Jim asking him to come to Vulcan.

Why do you ask?

During his stay in Vulcan, Bones met and fell in love and now is getting married. He has called Jim to be his best man. So of course when Jim arrives we find out who Bones is engaged to; none other than Sybok!!!( This is Abrams AU in my opinion) So naturally the person assigned to take Jim around and show him ropes so to speak is Spock!

Spock is distant, abrasive, and down right rude to Jim. Jim in turn wants to wipe the floor with Spock. So what happens when Jim starts to notice the gentler and honorable side of Spock and what if someone else who wanted to get Sybok is now courting Spock for their own selfish reasons? (could be T'Pring or Stonn)

How will Jim court the enigma that is Spock!!! I want Amanda in this fic, as a loving mother to both Spock and Sybok.

I would like really hilarious moments between Spock's family and Jim and Bones. Spock is a very gentle and honorable person who hides behind a tough exterior, I want Jim to see that and they both complete each other. Happy ending is a must!!! Have Fun and Happy Writings!!!

Bonus: Lots and lots of sexy times between Jim and Spock and Bones and Sybok ^_~

Categories: Fiction Characters: Amanda

Abrahms-Verse. Spock and Kirk bonded shortly after the Nero incident. However, Spock feels that bond threatened and retreats into his emotionless shell when he feels that Jim doesn't take the bond as seriously as he does. Can Jim prove to him that he really cares about him? Bonus Points if Spock cries and Sarek gets involved somehow.

Categories: Fiction Characters: Sarek

I would love a Hercules (Disney) AU! With Jim as Hercules and Spock as Meg. Also "Hades" could be anyone you want. Spock could be in debt of our "Hades" due to the fact that his parents were killed by a lover of his or something and he made a deal with Hades to punish that person (I don't know...) Just have fun!

Bonus: If Bones is Phil 

Double Bonus: If smut Bottom! Spock please!

Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy

This is a simple 2014 Valentine's Day K/S challenge, with only a handful of rules:

  • You must have Jim call Spock "sweetheart" at least once
  • Fics must be at least 1k in length
  • Fics must be new for the challenge OR unpublished WIPs
  • All universes welcome (AOS, TOS, mirrorverse)
  • Posting begins February 1, 2014

Full information and formal sign-up is on Livejournal

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After The Way to Eden, Kirk finds out Spock knows about One and could communicate with them not because of curiosity like he claimed, but because he used to be a hippie in his more rebellious stage of life as a teenager.

Bonus Points for Spock having used psychedelic drugs, going to 23rd century Woodstock, free love, long hair with a head band and he was in some hippie band... that's how he actually learned how to play the Vulcan lyre.

Categories: Fiction Characters: None

Kirk and Spock are now bonded and wish to return to new Vulcan to inform Spock's father and Spock Prime and to ask for their blessings. Spock Prime makes a comment about how he can smell Spock on Jim and it gets Prime horny. Prime kisses Jim and Spock walks in on it. Jim is confused and Spock is extremly jealous and over protective. Spock then picks up Jim and takes him to thier room, Prime follows. Then Spock stakes his claim on Jim and rims, fingers and sucks  Jim till he's moaning like a bitch in heat for Spock to fuck him. Spock takes Jim right infront of Prime. Prime masterbates to the sexy display.

Categories: Fiction Characters: Sarek

Jim never really had a role model. His father dead. His mother ran away at every chance and Sam at the first chance he got. And don't even get him started on Frank. Even Aunt Kaitlin and Uncle Josh 'didn't want to replace his parents' But then She came.

Lady Hoshi and she was everything Little Jim (Hoshi called him Ty just like Grampa Kirk) thought a mama should be. And so he became known as Hoshi's boy.

And even after everything went to Hell and Ty became JT. Deep down he was still Hoshi's boy.

Now the Enterprise has a new mission and Hoshi is involved in some way wich has Jim acting a little odd.Spock wants to know what's going on..Hoshi can survive or die on Tarsus your choice.

McCoyand Uhaura play a somewhat major role in this story 

Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy, Uhura
Summary: An enemy (your choice who) finds out about Kirk and Spock's relationship and uses it against them. The enemy kidnaps one of them to manipulate the other into doing whatever it is they want him to do. Angst and worry ensue - as well as plots to rescue the captive. Happy ending, please.
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Write the hottest alien sex scene possible in less than 1,000 words..... the one with the most (positive) reviews wins.

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Young officer and newly teacher Spock finds himself in an uncanny situation, when a Starfleet Vessel and its crew discover another Spock and James T. Kirk's daughter.

While he has plans and does not know any 'Kirk', he cannot imagine abandoning the infant after meeting her.

Some time later (a few months or a year), into his single fatherhood, he cross paths with a newly enrolled Cadet Kirk.

Universes : J.J. (AOS) + Academy Area

Bonus :

- 1/4 vulcan baby girl with blue eyes and pointies ears? A few weeks/months old? With weak telepathy but, eiditic memory? So, she could share her few images of her parents with Spock? (I called her T'Lara but, it's up to you.)

- Implied Mpreg, helped by alien voodoo? Pregnant!Jim?

- Baby Girl being obsessed with Cadet Kirk and Cadet Kirk being obsessed with Professor Spock?

- McKirk Friendship? Grandmother!Amanda? Father!/Grandfather!Pike? Sarek-thinks-his-granddaughter-is-perfect? Uhura-and-Gaila-are-Awesome-friends?

[I read english better than I write it, sorry for any mistake!]

Categories: Fiction Characters: None

Jim is hopelessly in love with Spock, but he's in a seemingly committed relationship with Uhura. So Jim begins a relationship with Spock Prime, who is trying to re-capture his relationship with the Kirk of his universe.

Can end happy or sad, Kirk can end up with whoever/no one, author's choice.

Bonus points if: 1) Everyone's motives for being in their relationship (Kirk/Spock, Kirk/Spock Prime, Spock/Uhura, etc.) is revealed in a really over-the-top dramatic way (in public/with lots of eye-witnesses).

                       2) Kirk cries at somepoint (can be about anything).

                       3) Sexy-times are had (Jim-Bottom).

Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy, Uhura

Have you ever heard the song how to save a life from the fray? Well, it gave me this idea, Jim and Spock get divorced, you can choose the reason why this happens (It can be Jim cheating on Spock or maybe Spock leaving him for a very logical reason), then Jim goes back to Iowa to drive a car off the cliff where he survived when he was young, he doesnt die this time, but his condition is critical and only Spock can find him and help him heal, you decide if they end up together and how, but there must be Spock sitting for hours next to Jims bed and taking care of him. 

Categories: Works in Progress Characters: None
Summary: Spock wants Jim. He knows Kirk is a big flirt with women, but that those flirtations rarely go further. He plans to slowly seduce Jim so that his advances are taken seriously. Thus begins the 10 day seduction of one Captain James T. Kirk...
Categories: None Characters: None
Summary: Kirk sets his cap for Spock and proceeds to seduce the Vulcan over the next 10 days. The problem? Kirk knows that Spock knows what a flirt he is - so how can he make the Vulcan believe his actions are deliberate and serious?
Categories: None Characters: None

Jim tries to use a pick-up line on Spock and gets shot down for being illogical. Jim has to come up with a new line that will at least get Spock interested. The rest is up to you.

Bonus if the first line is super cheesy and if Spock doesn't even understand what Jim is trying to do.

Super bonus if the pick-up line is the first of the story.

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