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It begins when Spock wakes up to a naked and bleeding Jim Kirk in the same bed. He had been in Pon Farr and had planned to let it take him rather than humiliate himself further. In Amok Time, it was shown that he would say or do things he had no recollection of later while in the throes of Pon Farr, and he has no recollection of Kirk coming to him to save his life, or what happened after that, nothing up until the morning when he wakes up. He reacts badly, compounded by the fact that Kirk now feels subconsciously frightened of him due to shock at the violence of the act. They slowly work through misunderstandings of each others' actions and words (e.g. each thinking the other now hates them although they actually love each other, Kirk thinking Spock never wanted to be more than friends and that what he did with Spock was rape, Spock thinking Kirk is lying to make him not leave the ship and that he raped Kirk, that sort of thing) to get together again. TOS please!

Bonus points if you get McCoy to feature prominently too. Whether he knows exactly what's going on or not is up to you. Also bonus points if Spock starts having disturbing erotic dreams of Kirk that may or may not be what transpired during his memory blackout.

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“Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses, you build up a whole suit of armor, so that nothing can hurt you, then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life...You give them a piece of you.”

They didn't ask for it. They did something dumb one day, like kiss you or smile at you, and then your life isn't your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness, so simple a phrase like 'maybe we should be just friends' turns into a glass splinter working its way into your heart. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It's a soul-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain. I hate love.”

-Neil Gaiman, Sandman



Be primarily angst, and have an unhappy, unrequited ending.

Include the K/S pairing in some way

Bonus if:

Bones POV- He loves Kirk, who in turn harbors a crush on Spock.

Uhura POV- Spock has broken up with her, and she watches bitterly as he and Kirk grow closer.

Superdooper Bonus Points if:

You use the entirety of the quote in the story. You can break it up and insert it line by line, or have it out all in one go. Must be spoken by a character or used in narration.

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Base a story on the book (and movie starring Jim Carrey and Ewen McGregor) I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS, with Spock as Phillip and Kirk as Steven Russell.


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I got hit by an idea for a crazy MPreg angle. It features Bad. Bones who pissed off by his so called friends secrecy about his relationship with Spock. (And maybe a little jealousy) decides to exact his revenge by scaring Jim into believing that he is pregnant. Jim reacts with shock and horror and later anger when he discoveres the joke.  

However it's not such a joke the Atavokron has left Spock with a problem and a partner who doesn't want children. 

Bonus points if this all comes out over a campfire discussion in Yosemite. You can place whether start or end of the relevant movie. Bonus points if you fit in McCoy's line at the end of the Sarpeidon episode and the implication Spock was unfaithful. Bonus points on how this revelation doesn't fragment them or perhaps it does they were not too friendly in the final movie.

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Spock has slowly been altering Jim's mind to be accepting of a sexual relationship between the two of them.


Preferred Universes: Abrams or Abrams Mirror

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Spock and Uhura's relationship is coming apart fast and Spock goes to his friend/captain for help.  What Spock doesn't know is Jim is already in love with him and uses the opportunity to sabotage his relationship with Uhura.  Instead of helping, Jim gives him the worst ideas ever.
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Reboot AU: They get to Vulcan in time to prevent its destruction, but fail to protect Earth. Earth is destroyed in this Universe. What are the repurcussions on both Kirk and Spock?

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Summary: Had a really cool but weird dream....thought it would make for a good story.

basically, picture The nu!star trek characters as actual superheroes. Yeah, sounds crackastic but in a strange way I think it could work.

I had this dream where they were like in this universe where:

Amanda had this healing and flying superpower,which is how she met Sarek who was being treated for his heart disease and stuff. He discovered that being with Amanda helped him last longer, and helped him be far more healthy. plus, like in all other universes he fell in love with her anyway. So they get married and then have Spock.

It turns out that Spock has telekinetic, flying and healing superpowers... similar to what his mom has but with extra mind-powers due to being a Vulcan. This makes him even more of an outcast amongst the Vulcan, as seeing they already distrusted/feared a race that had those abilities to start with... they imagined the worst of what a Half-breed like Spock would do with those powers.

and then back to spock's parents here. even a combination of the medicine and Amanda's amazing healing power could not delay's Sarek's eventual death. Spock's bullying got worse now that the kids and adults knew that his dad wasn't around to reliate should he catch wind of it. So Amanda decided to move back to earth with Spock while he was a teenage.

He enrolls into this school designed for aspiring superheroes and stuff, where he runs into people like Uhura, Sulu, Chevok, scotty and even Kirk.

Have fun with this if you can! I just would like to see if it would be possible to have a serious story where everyone's training to be superheroes or something instead of being a starship captain. :P

if you haven't the slightest idea what the crew's superpowers would be, here's some suggestions:

Uhura has the power of being able to instantly know the language of another person just by touching them, has some minor empathy skills too as well. She gets one of the suckiest yet somewhat useful superpower, haha. Her parents wanted her to hone on her empathy skills more, which is greatly hindered by the fact that she tends to be WAAAY judgmental of people, due to bad experiences with people. She has to realize this later on in the story though, and actually tries her best to try to mellow out a little more.

Chekhov's still a super genius here, has the ability to talk to animals, and has a great aptitude for building all kinds of machinery.

Sulu has the ability of matter manipulation, like turning paper into an actual steel sword for example. he also has the power to instantly learn how to operate machinery like a old pro just by feeling his around the said machine for the first time.

Scotty is like a techno-tekic...he can control machines, communicate with them, etc with his mind. He's friends with chekov and sulu because of their shared affinity with machines. He's considered a little bit of a oddball out of the entire group, because he relates to machines better than he does humans.

Jim Kirk has full-blown empathy, which he uses to his fullest advantage to try to get people to like him. he also has regeneration powers, which makes him a person that's really difficult to kill. (just think Clarie from heroes). This came in handy when it came to saving James Kirk on many occasions when Frank beat him bloody to the point of death. This also causes Jim to have very little fear of death, and as an result he takes dangerous, unnecessary risks which is a source of worry for his friends.

MyCoy has healing powers, but that's it. he's basically the most regular person out of the group, and feels weird attending a university designed for superheroes when all he wants to do is be a regular doctor. the only reason why he agreed to go is because he hasn't fully mastered his healing abilities.

If you also want to do a collaboration, I'm also game for it!! I would write this fanfiction myself, but... I have a VERY BAD habit of almost not fhinshing any of my fan-fictions, mainly because I have way too many projects going on. However with Collaborations I would be more likely to finish it?
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Slight AU. Humor. In this reality, James T. Kirk is still the friendly, easy-going Captain that everyone knows and is intrigued by. However, while he is intellectually smart and perceptive at helping/comforting others, he does not truly understand how attractive he is, or the appeal he has to many. Whether it is because of how he was often neglected to his own devices when he was young, growing up being independent and depending only on himself, or just that he doesn't see himself as desireable, Jim has trouble accepting the fact that people can be attracted to him. Sure; he has many friends, and many of the people who were once romantically attracted to him eventually settled for just friendship because he never shows any signs of reciprocating their feelings. And it's not like he is a prude or standoffish- he's genuinely nice, a great friend and confident, and a much respected Captain. However, to one Vulcan First Officer, as he comes to know Jim more and more, he realizes he wants more than just friendship. And, okay, maybe Jim may be inept at confiding in and relying on others due to his upbringing of doing everything himself, but Spock refuses to let that deter him. As he slips his way further into his Captain's trust, he is further motivated. James Kirk will be his, even if he has to show Jim what it means to be loved and desired. Where all others have failed before, Spock will succeed. Eventual K/S.

BONUS POINTS: Cute, oblivious!Jim- one who can acknowledge that someone may be attracted to him, but cannot really figure out... why.

BONUS POINTS: Jim initially sees Spock's devotion and care of him as his duty as First Officer and being his friend.

BONUS POINTS: Jim finds he is becoming unusually fond and affectionate of Spock, which he has never experienced with anyone else before. It eventually takes Bones, Uhura and maybe a few others to to clue him in that he's attracted to the Vulcan.

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99.99% of the stories I read seem to completely disregard the possibility of non-fraternization regulations. I know that many authors justify this by pointing to the wedding in “Balance of Terror,” but I find it very unlikely that Starfleet--a military organization--would allow its officers to start up relationships with whomever they chose regardless of rank or the chain of command.

I’d like to see a story featuring the mutual but “forbidden” attraction between Kirk and Spock. I say attraction, because I don’t care which stage of their relationship they happen to be in as long as there are romantic undertones.

I will bow before any author skilled enough to write a story in which Kirk has (realistically) coerced Spock into a secret affair, but it's not a requirement.


Bonus Points if:

  •          Spock and Kirk are court-martialed for their affair, and the story of thier relationship is told through flash-backs.
  •          The story is told by a peripheral character
  •          There is a scene in which one of them has to hide under a bed/ in the ‘fresher/in some other hilarious location to avoid discovery
  •          Kirk and Spock are given an ultimatum from the Admiralty: break up or get transferred

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Spock informs Jim that the concept of ghosts is illogical.  Jim takes him to a famous haunted house.


Recommended (but not required)


I'd love to see Jim take Spock to the "Ax Murder House" which is located in Jim's home state of Iowa.  The house is located in the town/city of Villisca.  I'll let you did up the details, but we'll just say there is good reason for it to be haunted... if you believe in that type of thing.

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Spock and Jim have an intimate encounter - for whatever reason. They may or may not remember it. Afterward, Spock and Nyota decide to take the next step in their relationship and attempt to formalize a bond. Unbeknownst to everyone the encounter left Jim in the family way. When Jim realizes that he's got another life on board, he turns to Spock Prime for help. Spock Prime never got to have children with his T'hy'la and is more than happy to care for Jim and the baby and help him through the difficult transition.

Meanwhile, Spock and Nyota are having difficulties of their own. Try as they might, the bond won't formalize. Frustrated and in need of guidance, Spock goes to visit his older self and finds Jim (either pregnant or with a child). He's startled, and makes the assumption that they are together and beginning a family. He wants to be happy for them, but cannot be. He's not sure why it irritates him so much. But decides it is due to the fact that he and Nyota are struggling and he is envious of the ease of Jim and Spock Prime's bond. Which leads him to look at his own relationship with his Captain where he happens upon some interesting revelations.

It'd be nice to see them eventually work it out. With Nyota understanding and giving her blessing. I'd rather she be an equal participant, and not a harpy to be bashed. The majority of the pregnancy/baby disapperance of Jim could be attributed to Enterprise refits, so they could boldly go all together when everything's said and done.

Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction Characters: Uhura

We all have those days where we need a good laugh or a really good cry. I propose this challenge:

Write a story (length can be however long you wish it to be) about Kirk and Spock that rips out the heart or makes us fall on the floor while blushing/laughing. Bones MUST play some role in this. Take that as you will.

My best friend (my t'hy'la[though not in a lover way]) and I thank you.

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OK It’s Omega-XI-verse in Star Trek.

Jim was born as alpha and all his problems were nearly concerned in his nature. He doesn’t get on with Frank and his brother. Finally Winona got him away to Tarsus to cease conflicts. On Tarsus Jim was happy for the first time in his life, but then Kodos starts genocide. He wants not only to decrease the quantity of people, but to kill all other alphas and create the harem of omegas. Jim survives: he and some other kids hide in the forest. When the Federation got the SOS signal, the nearest ship was directed to Tarsus. It occurred to be The Vulcan ship with Sarek, Amanda and teen-ager Spock among the crew.  

Spock was born as omega. All Vulcans considered themselves as alphas, and Spock was despised by his classmates and even – secretly – by his father. Spock’s nature was the reason of his failure of communications and loneliness on Vulcan.

That was Spock on Tarsus, who found Jim and others and saved them. After that Jim and Spock made friends. But then Federation decided to classify all the information about Tarsus and its survivors. Jim and Spock were separated.

Some years later they met again in the Academy. Spock was instructor and had a relationship with Uhura. She was beta and didn’t demand the sexual relations with him. Jim tried to speak with Spock, but he was sure (may be with Uhura’s help) that alpha-Jim just wanted the omega-sexual toy. He didn’t believe that Jim hate his nature and abandon him. However when he saw Jim with McCoy, he was jealous and initiated the trial.

I’d like to see Narada excident, aggressive Spock who forget to take the medicine suppressed his pheromones. And very thoughtful and protective Jim as alpha.

  •                 Bonus 1:  Aggressive bossy bottom Spock
  •                 Bonus 2: McCoy is omega too, and he vies with Spock for Jim’s attention. Please no Jim/McCoy
  •                 Bonus 3: No knot on the penis.
  • Extra bonus: Jim and Spock find mutual understanding because of their nature.

You can change the roles: make Jim – omega and Spock – alpha slightly changing the plot. But please turn your mind to psychological aspects rather than biological.

Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy, Uhura

Spock goes behind Jim's back during their bonding cermony and agrees to allow the Vulcan High Counsel to surgerically alter his captain so he can bear children.  The write can decide the reason why Spock does not allow himself to be surgerically altered.  However when Jim discovers what has happened, Spock states he allowed for it so their marriage would be logical.

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"Commander," Kirk said, "did you just slap my ass?"

Why, yes, he did, and happened in a public place in front of at least one other person (Spock is allowed to deny it, though, if you want to go that route)

Bonus Points if:

-Bones makes an extended appearance

-It happens while on duty

-It happens before Kirk and Spock are in a romantic relationship

Super-duper bonus points to anyone who can pull this off without Spock being under the influence of a mind altering substance or consciousness. 


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I am going to hell for this but here you go.

Summary : 

Spock knows he shoudn't feel insecure about his relationship with Jim. And he definitely shouldn't be jealous of the close bond he shares with Spock Prime. Jim loves him, he knows, and he needs to hold on to that. And that is what he's been doing until he came home one day to find the man he loves and his counterpart in bed together. 


I like the grey areas, I LOVE angst and JerkJim is not what I want to see here.

Basically I would like to see Spock and Jim being in a happy relationship and so in love it makes Bones sick. Jim also cares a lot about Spock Prime and while he knows his own Spock struggles to accept their friendship, he can't abandon the Ambassador. While on New Vulcan or Earth for whatever reason, Jim is visited by Spock Prime while he's alone at the house. They talk and Jim is so curious about his own counterpart that Spock Prime finally offers to meld with him. But the meld goes wrong because he can't control or hide his feelings about Kirk Prime and Jim is overwhelmed by feelings like loss and heartbreak. This whole emotional transference screws with his head and they end up having sex. He immediately realize his mistake and the rest of the story is basically him trying to win Spock back.

Bonus Points if:

- Kirk doesn't realize the extend of Spock's insecurities

- There's some rough, desperate sex between Jim and Spock Prime (BECAUSE THEY'RE MY GUILTY PLEASURE DON'T JUDGE ME)

- Spock doesn't explode into a rage instead he's frozen and there's this heartbreaking acceptation from him because he spent his entire life thinking he wasn't enough why did he thought it would be different with Jim? (  The way I see it, Spock has never been Vulcan enough for his father's people, has never been Human enough for his mother's people and controling his emotions is a never ending battle for him. So seeing another version of himself who is so at ease with his human part, who's able to accept and show his emotions without shame, who's not only accepted but respected by the other Vulcans... There's got to be a lot of pressure there and it's not helping Spock's insecurities. )

- Spock hides at McCoy's because he can't face Jim. 

I would forever be grateful if one of you beautiful and talented souls could write this for me. 



Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy
Summary: Ok, I can admit it. Even when I think Shatner has reached the ultimate Awesome of Awesomeness he does something else that I have to squee about. He has a long time charity for handicapped kids involving horses and he's personally thanking everyone who donates by using his twitter account. MBB. He is performing a really funny sounding sort of autobiography called Shatner World. I really want to see it. Everyone should check out the quotes! William Shatner also made geeks cross the world squee when he contacted Cmdr Chris Hadfield, Canadian Space Engineer WHILE IN SPACE over twitter. If there is only one twitter conversation you ever read it should be Shatner x Hadfield. Shatner Loves Lucy! And tweets her! Tardigrades are an amazing animal that can survive OUTER SPACE, solar radiation, almost absolute zero - 150 degree celcius temperature, dehydration to 1 percent, the lowest depths of the sea. Also, was reading a fic with Kirk being a horse whisper and ended up googling weight of horse heart. Current average is 8.5 lbs and the great Secretariat was 22lbs! Also known as superhearts on the heart score. So take this random info and be inspired. I really want Kirk to have a herd of tardigrades that he raises and maybe is like Shatner, he trains them and plays games with them. Also known as water bears or moss piglets. They're very small so it would be funny if they thought Kirk was crazy and talking to himself.
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I've only ever seen one or two serious survival situations written and I think it would be a great way for Jim and Spock to really focu their skills, become closer than ever and develop unrivaled trust and love for each other. 

It could be a terrible shuttle crash caused by anything the author chooses or being transported down and some interference causes all communications and means of tracking them impossible. The interference could be anything from an ion storm or some kind of planetary issue. I will leave that to the author. 

This may take place in reboot or ToS universes. 

The location could be a searing desert or a frozen tundra, perhaps even some predato infested fores. 

The length they are trapped there could range from 2 weeks to 2 months. 

It would be great if their relationship builds from simple friends all the way to an intimate relationship towards the middle or so after they start spending this time together. 

At the end the Enterprise and its crew are able to finally save them. 

Good luck, have fun and let imaginations rule! 

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Summary: [AU]. Jim Kirk never joined StarFleet. He moved to California to escape his home in which his mother ignored him and his stepfather used him as a scapegoat for his frustration. Instead of becoming a notorious womanizer, Jim has chosen to lead a quiet life of solitude, living in a apartment complex, fixing people's computers and appliances for money. He keeps to himself, unless required to be around others in which he is unfailingly polite and respectful... but he uses his charm as a wall to keep people from getting to close to him. All of that changes when Jim goes to a StarFleet academic event to accompany a friend who goes to school there (not McCoy- who Jim can be introduced to later at author's discretion). Jim happens upon Spock, and cannot help himself from striking up a conversation after having read some of Spock's research in journals. Spock becomes intrigued of the intelligent young man, and wants to know more about him... but getting through Jim's barriers may prove to be quite difficult... K/S romance. No sex needed, but preferred. Would like emphasis on the evolution of their emotional/romantic relationship. BONUS POINTS: Please, PLEASE would like for Jim to be inexperienced in being intimate sexually with anyone (has issues with getting close to anyone enough for sex due to childhood neglect), but nonetheless is becoming intensely attracted to Spock. MEGA BONUS POINTS: Spock becomes patient, but determined, to win Jim's affections... and eventually leads to a lot of affectionate touching, comforting "snuggling", and maybe even some fondling. RULES? Have FUN.
Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction Characters: Chapel, Chekov, Chris Pike, Gary Mitchell, McCoy, Scott, Stonn, Uhura