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Write a story about J.T.'s Kids. Not just in Tarsus but some circumstance (Kodos?) has brought the survivors (or whats left of them) onto the Enterprise and brought them together. No one knew about Jim and Tarsus until they got all together adn saw a very hearty reunion with J.T. who they thought were dead. Make the rest your own! I of course only demand three things:

1. Interactions with Jim and his Kids

2. Some very hearty and satisfiying Spirk

3. Protective Kirk


Bonus: Make it in the 2009 and ID movie!verse for brownie points!

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Kirk being Kirk managed to get transformed into an ultra fluffy and adorable Pomeranian. Up to author whether Kirk still have a conscious human mind or now have an extremely intelligent dog mind.

Kirk, despite being a dog, still acts like he's the captain of the ship even though Spock is now the captain due to Kirk's current condition. Kirk still sits in the captain's chair and yaps out orders. Even if Spock is in the seat, he'll jump up and sits in his lap and yaps away. (No, he can't speak.) 

For a dog, Kirk is very expressive. He can have a whole conversation or argument with Bones with only his abnormally expressive puppy eyes and Pomeranian yaps. Kirk is even more of a lady's man now and quite popular, as well. The ladies coo at his leers and the bonus is that Kirk can burrow into their chests and look up their skirts without being punched. The funny thing is that Spock follows him around and seems to have serious conversations or logical arguments with Kirk as if Kirk is still the captain and he's the first officer. Spock even passed on orders to the crew that was supposedly from Kirk. Business carries on as usual in the ship, although of course with a lot more cooing going around. 

++On an away mission, Kirk refused to stay behind and somehow managed to beam himself (without authorization) onto the planet and save his crew from being killed by hostile aliens or something. 

++Somebody, most likely Chekov, replicated a gold collar or a gold command shirt for Kirk to wear.

++They get into an altercation with an enemy ship, say the Klingons or something, and was hailed. Imagine the enemy's surprise when they realize that a small, admittedly adorable, dog is the captain of the Enterprise and is very effective in commanding the crew in battling the enemy. A legend was born, perhaps?

++Kirk seems to be extremely attractive to furry alien creatures. Scott's tribble tries to hump Kirk and impregnate him with its babies. Spock, of course, saves the day. A selhat at a reserve or something tries to kidnap Kirk and was displaying courting behaviors. Spock, of course, saves the day. You get the idea.

The dog thing isn't permanent, maybe there's a time limit? Anyway, up to author as to how and when Kirk transformed back.

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Abrams Universe/AU

Want a story where Wynona is transferred to a star base near Vulcan and has to take a 13 year old Jim with her, she is offered a promotion on a ship a few months later and takes it leaving Jim with a foster family on Vulcan, of course it is Spock and his family. I am looking for a shy Jim that needs some TLC, he was not abused but not really "loved" before. Jim develops a crush on Spock but Spock denies his feelings for Jim to try be more "Vulcan". At some point Spock is really mean to Jim and Jim ends up making friends with one of Spock's "enemies" at their school. The older Vulcan boy, can be a totally original character if the author wants, decides he enjoys Jim's mind, for any reason the author chooses, and decides he wants Jim to be his and uses Jim's idea that Spock hate him(Jim) to help out

Must have please:

Longish story

H/C for Kirk

 A protective, possessive, jealous Spock (at some point)

!bottom Kirk

Mothering Amanda

Other than the author can do whatever they want.

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Summary: SPOILERS BELOW! I haven't seen the movie but have read spoilers. Prompt: Jim was born on a ship into the radiation from space, an anomaly, a ship from the future. His eyes (and what else?) were changed forever. Jim died on his ship by the raditions of his ship. Injected with the altered cells from a genetically advanced human from the past. He is reborn as something changed. Khan came from an era of mutants, Magneto, and genetic manipulation. How has Jim changed? A longer lived superhuman akin to a Vulcan? - Jim realizes that the blood/dna of Khan and his people cannot be trusted with Starfleet for obvious reasons. He rescues them and makes them swear allegiance to him. - will there ever be a mission he has to call upon his army? - Bones was the only doctor willing to work on an extremely radiation filled body with techniques that could get them removed from the medical community. Bones kept Jim's changes secret. - as always, no spock/uhura romance - kirk/spock, kirk/khan - maybe krik doesn't tell spock about releasing khan or the changes in his body? - let the muse take you!
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Jim has been in love with Spock ever since their first encounter at the Academy. However, Spock is always closed off to him, especially after the comments that Jim makes about his late mother. But after Jim proves himself to be a deserving Captain, Spock starts to open up to him. After they have sex for the first time, Jim makes a mistake (what he does is up to the writer) that could cost him Spock forever. Will Spock forgive him?

Bonus Points if Spock cries somewhere in the story.

Bonus (Bonus) Points if Sarek and/or Spock Prime have to get involved.

Extreme Bonus Points if Winona gets involved somehow.

Mandatory Make-Up Sex!!

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Here It is:

Abrams Universe

Kirk has been madly in love with Spock for a while now. Enterprise picks up a handsome passenger. Passenger happens to know Spock quite well...(childhood best friends, former lovers, roommates etc). Spock confesses his feeling about Jim to the passenger and is comforted by him. Kirk walks in and misinterprets the scene. Kirk, hurt and confused by their closeness, is eventually driven to confess and finds out that his feelings are reciprocated. They eventually consummate their new relationship Happy ending ensues. 

I would like to see this as a multi-fic piece with lots of smexy-ness and  please! Be as creative as you want, but practical and the Passenger must be male!

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Summary: Prompt:

Looking for talented Author's to write stories with the following plotline:  Kirk dumps his long time first male lover Gary Mitchell not long after Kirk first meets Spock. But after being dumped, Gary loses it and goes after what he feels belongs to him - Kirk.

After Kirk dumps Gary for Spock - it causes Gary to become a jealous, possessive, jilted stalker and his anger is exacerbated each time he sees 'his' Kirk w/ Spock to the point that he eventually captures Jim and tortures (not too harshly) and rapes him while he explains that Kirk is and always will be HIS and his alone - and that he will have him one way or another.

Also threatening to kill Kirk so that no one else can have him. Spock, Bones and team race to find and rescue Jim and when they do, Spock and Bones help nurse him back to health and recovery.

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So humans and Vulcans have had very little contact until recently.   However one little thing is known from the encounters, Humans to Vulcans are prized and desired mates. 

 I'll leave why up to your imagination but I would love for Spock to meet Kirk and decide that Kirk is his future mate.  There should also be Vulcan rivals and confused and possibly a bit naive Jim wondering what is going on.

Whether Vulcans are still pre-reform I'll leave to you but please no rape scenes. 

Nu!Trek verse would be prefered but really go crazy.

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Jim is mothering the crew....they don't mind...mostly

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This idea has been floating around in my brain for a while so I figured I'd issue a challenge to see what people came up with. This does have the potential to be rather long.

It goes like this:

While Spock is still with Uhura, he ends up having a drunken fling with Kirk, who is completely in love with him. Kirk somehow ends up pregnant with his child(it doesn't matter how you make this come about, either meddling aliens or an auxiliary uterus idea that keeps floating around or that Jim just can). When Spock is finally informed of the conception he decides that, since he and Uhura cannot have children together for whatever reason (completely your idea why), Jim's child be the perfect candidate instead and decides to take the child and whisk it away New Vulcan after it is born to raise it with Uhura. He believes Jim to illogical and reckless to raise a child. Enlisting McCoy's help, who thinks that its better for the child to be raised by Vulcan's, the trio keep a close eye on Jim in case he gets wind of the plan. When Jim realizes what Spock is planning, he puts in his resignation in Starfleet and leaves for parts unknown. Some years pass (more than 2 less than 7) and Jim returns as a personal favor to Chris Pike to command the Enterprise again with a little surprise in tow. Now Spock has to deal with a child that does not like him for the pain he caused its Mother(the kid has to call Jim mom)and the complete distrust of Jim with his child.


You may use any name you wish for the child, boy or girl. How Jim finds out the plot is entirely up to you. Uhura could tell him in a fit of anger at him, or he could overhear them talking or McCoy tells him in a fit of Conscience.

I would like it in the Abrams Universe, because I think a mixture of Jim and Spock would look so cute with Blue eyes. However this does come with a few stipulations.

1. Under no circumstances does Jim have any communication with the trio of evildoers until he returns to the Enterprise(I've always wanted to use that word). In his mind Bones, Spock, and Uhura betrayed him. Anyone else is completely welcome.

2. Sarek is the doting Grandpa... He can know he has a grandchild and is kept updated on the child's growth. I think it would be an awesome way to re-introduce Jim back to the Enterprise by having him and child picked up from Sarek's home...

And 3...



All in all have fun with it... Good Luck to you ALL!

Categories: Fiction Characters: Chris Pike, Original Character(s)
Summary: After recovering from a major head injury, Jim is homosexual. Before that he was straight, not even a little bi. Spock and Jim are great friends of course, but Spock always secretly loved Jim, but had resigned himself to never being with him. Until now! So Spock and Jim start dating Will Jim stay gay? What if Bones comes up with a remedy? Will Spock sacrifice love for the Captain to be "healed". Does Jim even want to go back to being straight after finding great love with Spock? Bonus point if Jim is a little bit of a flamer.
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What if, when Spock went to Starfleet Academy, Jim went to the VCA?


Somehow Sarek and Amanda have gotten very close to Jim, he's almost a son to them (Sarek has to be very fatherly here).

VCA Vulcans adore Jim, they even compete for his attention.

Spock goes to visit his parents and discovers Jim's existence (bonus if at some point he thinks Sarek is cheating on Amanda with Jim).

At first Spock doesn't like Jim, he's jealous of the attention and acceptance Jim receives from his parents and fellow Vulcans, but he falls in love with Jim anyway.

Happy ending.

BONUS -Jim is using Spock's room / One or more vulcans are in love with Jim (SUPER BONUS if it's Stonn or T'Pring, maybe both, your call)

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Spock's time comes and the Enterprise sets off for New Vulcan. T'Pring survived the destruction of Vulcan (whether or not Stonn did is up to the author) but Spock wishes to try to bond with Nyota and brings her along. Jim and Bones accompany their shipmates but once the fever sets in and the choice lies before him, Spock goes for neither female. Instead, heading directly to Jim. Knowing the consequences (via the mind meld with Spock Prime perhaps?) Jim doesn't put up a fight, quietly consenting.

When Spock wakes up, he finds himself with a husband instead of a wife. He's forced to confront himself over his own actions.


-Whether or not Jim and/or Spock have feelings for one another is up to the author. But the bonding must come as a surprise to both.

-Their status as T'hy'la should eventually be touched upon.

-Any and all other intricacies are entirely the author's discretion.

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