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Browsing for the ST:TNG book "Imzadi" for Kindle last night, I wondered: What would happen if the basic plot of "Imzadi" was brought to original Trek verse and made a K/S story? (For those who don't know, an alternate universe Riker is old and bitter and commanding a backwater space station decades after Deanna Troi was killed on the Enterprise. Losing Troi was what made him that way.)

So, here's the challenge, a la "Imzadi": Spock is killed/dies sometime during the first 5-year mission(can happen any way you choose -- KIA, disease, pon farr, transporter mishap, telepathic attack, taken hostage and killed, etc). Of course, he dies after his relationship with Jim is in full bloom. What happens to Jim as a result?

My friend Amber is convinced that original Kirk would become a sort of Ahab, in her words, "loss of confidence at first, then a rebound where he throws himself into insane missions. He'd wind up dead in short order." Kirk has, of course, lost crewmen (and women) before, but he'd always had Spock there to confide in and reassure him that he'd done the right thing. I think it would be more traumatic if Spock died in a situation that Jim was forced to order him into.

Additional requirements:

Spock can NOT, under any circumstances, return from the dead. Not as an alternate universe counterpart, not via fal tor pan, nothing. He's dead and not coming back.

Must be original universe. For all his past troubles, original Kirk is (for lack of a better term) softer than nu Kirk, largely due to being secure in who he is and where he belongs (thanks to Spock) and to helping Spock become more accepting of his human emotions. He has Spock in his very DNA to an extent that nu Kirk hasn't had the time to develop yet.

This is angst galore, but I would be forever grateful if one of you talent authors were willing to take it on.

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Kahn and carol marcus Multi-chaptered As long as you can make it. Mpreg with kirk bottom Spirk not in action until preg Spock prime on board for a visit. On bridge for some reason. Hears kahn voice and has flashback. Tells kirk to shoot him out of the sky. Because of seeing kahn thinks of David. Carol Marcus died on the day of Vulcan did. Somehow find out David is with grandparents Go to see him and he has signs of abuse custody battle.

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I want a story were a Vulcan’s  katra (soul)  at the time of the Vulcans 5th  birth day  ether finds its perfect match and forms a bond , it creates a new soul just for the Vulcan and forms a bound or confirms the bond its partner made. The Vulcan then has a set number of years to find its mate (their  katra will not tell your mate is at x location go fuck them but will give hints what kind up to the author).   Kirk of course is spock’s ( spock could know just from the site of him or need a mind meld) and random villain a is tiring to get  kirk because he hates spock (could be spock’s  brother, could be anyone ). Must have protective and possive spock

Bouns points if you make Vulcans a little more aggressive


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What is it, exactly, that constitutes a person? Is it their memories and experiences, or something more, something independent and unchangeable?

What is the soul, and what makes one different from any other?

A mission-gone-wrong results in Spock!Prime transferring his katra to his younger counterpart. How will the Vulcan healers be able to differentiate between two very similar (if not identical) katras? And how will this transference change the way Spock perceives his own reality?



Spock must start questioning his own perceptions, reactions, thoughts and/or feelings while his older counterpart’s katra is inside him.  Does NOT have to be a romance fic.

Bonus points if:

1.       Spock and Uhura are still in a (real, full-blown, happy(ish)) relationship when the transference occurs

2.       Spock genuinely feels torn between his feelings for Uhura and Kirk 

3.       Spock questions whether the love/lust he feels for Kirk is (solely) the result of holding Spock!Prime’s katra

4.       It is uncertain whether the healers are able to fully remove Spock!Prime’s katra (OR)

5.       The katra they removed was the wrong one (OR)

6.       The two katras intergrate into one


In The Search for Spock, the concept of “Katra” is very vague. They call it a “living spirit,” “eternal soul,” and “…everything that [Spock] was…Everything he knew.” Have fun with the ambiguity.

I would strongly suggest watching or re-watching The Search for Spock before attempting to write this story.


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Basically, I want someone to rewrite either wrath of khan or space seed, but it HAS to be set in Mirror!Verse. Definitely keep the death of Spock if you choose Wrath of Khan, but maybe make Jim's reaction more one of anger than grief. If you choose Space Seed, then McGivers has to be a total jerk, even to Khan, and that's why he likes her. She cannot be giving in to his submissions unless he threatens her with death or frightens her in some horrible way that forces her to obey him.

Bonus: for Spock secretly loving Jim but not knowing how to express it

Bonus: for the resurrection, should you choose TWOK, to be the epilogue

Bonus: Jim making out with Spock after the event ad making Spock realize how to express his affection

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Summary: Reboot-verse Kirk and crew meet Khan. (Despite the goofy title of this challenge, I don't want it to be crack fic.) Inspired by Lah_Mrh's excellent fic "Hearts and Minds", where a Generations-verse Kirk (rescued from the Nexus and reunited with the elderly Spock in the reboot-verse) tells reboot-verse Kirk to lock Khan up and throw away the key if he meets him. If you haven't read that fic, I highly recommend it.
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If there is already a challenge like this one, I apologize. I also posted this on the stid kink meme, but thought I'd cover both bases. ^_^

While Jim is dying, Spock realizes his true feelings for Jim. With this insight, he starts to plan on how to show Jim he belongs to Spock. The half-Vulcan's confident no one is as important to Jim as he is. What could go wrong? Too bad he's not the only super-being to have an interest in Jim....

No Spock/Uhura, either past or present, please. I'd like to have either Clueless!Jim and/or Jim end up with both Khan and Spock. Sleeping with one suitor at a time in order to decide (and choosing both anyway), is perfectly acceptable.


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 ok here goes Kirk is half vulcan he was geneticly created to look human because his father who was half vulcan and Romulan wanted his child to lok like his mother  bonus points new trek extra bonus points if spock knows kirks heritage and resents him being raised to imbrace his human side ... other than that any thing goes

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1 kirk is not the Captain spock is.

2 kirk is first officer (if he is also head of security , cmo, chief engineer  is up to you)

3 spock is over protective of kirk (bonus points if he is in love)

Good luck and I hope someone writes this.


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Summary: As the title says, Kirk saved Gaila from slavery and then Gaila left to build a life of her own with her own strength and courage. Author's choice why Kirk was in space or whatever to save Gaila. Explore the relationship and connection that caused..... As Kirk must save some other slaves with Gaila's help. Could be a mission, but would prefer it if Kirk is going against orders and going to get in trouble. What are Spock feelings upon learning of what Kirk did and his emotional connection to Gaila? Can be first time or established. Note: part of the Kirk and Gaila connection should be that they were both abused, disempowered, had their choices taken away... (tarsus, stepfather, etc). And now that are fiercely independant, hate slavery/dictatorship, and don't like being told what to do... Which is why Kirk is the only commander who can handle her. Bonus - Uhura gets told off for always looking down on Gaila and thinking her a whore. Should explore Orion culture, how it was perverted and how Gaila years to express her affection physically - and Jim eats that up. Basically BAMF!Gaila. Jealous!Spock
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...but not only!

I just have a very weird thought the other day that it would be hilarious if the crew members of the Enterprise, including Kirk, are affected by some kind of space weirdness that leads them to speak only in sonnets (pick any poet you like) ...and maybe without brain-to-mouth filter. I can see Spock being very amused by the whole situation, but probably mainly by Kirk.

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So I have a thing for stories which include both Kirk and Spock Primes as well as Nu Spock and Nu Kirk, yet I rarely see any stories which clash them together. So here's what I'm dying to see:

I would really like to see a fic where for some reason, Kirk Prime ends up in the Abrams universe (can be for whatever reason the author sees fit) and then, for reasons up to the author, has to team up and work together with Nu Kirk and Nu Spock. (Spock Prime ofcourse has to be included as well!) I mainly want to see this because depsite Kirk and NuKirk being the same person, they are extremely different just like the two Spocks are, and it would be fascinating to see how their command techniques clash in a crisis scenario. It would also be interesting to see how the two Spock's deal with their own differences as well. I'd even be okay with TOS Kirk and Spock somehow--in the midst of their own 5-year mission--ending up the Abrams Universe. Now THAT would be interesting!

You can either have an established relationship between Nukirk and Nuspock, or can build up to it.

Defintely want some angst and H/C thrown in there cuz I'm a sucker for that stuff!

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I love a good old romantic fairy tale. So for this story I would like Jim Kirk to be a Prince and Spock his Knight.

This story has a lot of room to play around in my opinion because I would not mind if the story is set in the good old times when technology wasn't around and real knights were present or set in the future where there's is advanced civilizations. I only ask that Spock remain himself with the pointed ears we love so much.

So for the story I think Jim might not keen on having a knight to protect him but, his life has been threatened so of course the King has placed the greatest Knight in all the kingdoms to guard Jim. Jim of course tries to ditch Spock and it never works cause lets face it, Spock is just that awsome. So they grudgingly begin to get along and the more Jim hangs out with Spock and sees what a devoted Knight Spock is he can't help falling in love with him.

But can the royal Prince end up with his lowly Knight? Happy Ending requested please^^

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