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I was watching the Wrath of Khan the other day and remembered something that’s bothered me for a long time. David mentions that Kirk has never faced death and Kirk agrees. Saavik mentions it earlier (even in front of McCoy) and no one disputes it. This is complete bullshit to me. Kirk has seen the deaths of lovers, friends, family, gazillions of crewmembers and thousands of people on Tarsus IV. I think he himself was declared dead something like four times in TOS. He has never taken death easily, has grieved for nameless red-shirted crewmen and avoided killing even those who wish to kill him. The idea that he’s never faced death is ridiculous. The ONLY thing that’s different about death in TWOK is that the particular death in question is Spock’s death.

I’d like to see an angsty fic discussing how “I’ve never faced death,” only means “I’ve never faced Spock’s death”. Bonus points awarded for some history of Kirk & Spock’s relationship between the first and second movies. Super shiny bonus points for discussing what Spock was REALLY trying to tell Kirk on his birthday and why Spock wasn’t at Kirk’s apartment on his birthday.  Extra sparkle bonus love for discussion of what, if anything, happens to the t'hy'la bond on Spock's death in TWOK.  Lemony flashbacks would be awesome.

If there’s a fic out there that deals with something like this and/or this has been written in some fashion, please let me know.

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Sorry, just saw the movie Juno, and of course the thoughts will where they wander. 

Anway, I would like to see an mpreg fic with our fav pairing. 

Jim Kirk never went to Starfleet, instead he finds himself in San Franscisco trying to earn enough to live, but *gasp* he's pregnant with a child he has no means of supporting. 

Whether the conception of the child was consensual or not can be up to you, but the point is that though Jim WANTS to keep it, he is unable. 

Cue the wealthy diplotmat's son Spock of Vulcan and his gorgeous lover Nyota Uhura who are looking to adopt. 

I would like to see a slowly developing relationship between James and Spock as the Vulcan slowly realises that Jim is desperate to keep the child but unable. Would like to see lots of hurt/comfort as they slowly gain trust and later love. 

As for Uhura... well, I wouldn't mind bitch!Nyota, but that can of course be up to anon.

Would really enjoy seeing Sarek logically preferring Jim... well... just because:D


Cheers and I will be on bended knees checking ever single second for a fill!

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Warning: Long prompt is LONG

My college roommate was a total musical theatre dork, and she introduced me to the fabulous show Next to Normal. The show is about a family that is torn apart by the (bi polar) mother's delusion that her son (who died in childhood) is alive and well. One of the numbers (which is absolutely heartbreaking) is "He's Not Here."

He's not here
He's not here
Love, I know you know
Do you feel he's still real?
Love, it's just not so
Why is it you still believe?
Do you dream or do you grieve?
You've got to let him go
He's been dead 16 years
No, my love, he's not here.

The challenge is this: Spock or Kirk died, and afterwards the partner who survived began hallucinating that his lover was still alive.


McCoy or Uhura needs to be the one “singing” to Kirk or Spock respectively. The story can take place in one or all of the following settings:

A) in a mental institution (with McCoy or Uhura visiting)

B) onboard the Enterprise as they head to New Vulcan/Earth (either for the funeral or to relieve the insane party from command)

C) at Uhura/Bones’ home, where (s)he has resigned his/her commission to take care of Spock/Kirk (If you pick this setting, I want it to take place at least a decade after Kirk/Spock’s death)

I’d like a bit of mystery/suspense thrown in as to how Kirk/Spock died, and why the surviving party reacted the way they did. I’m really not a “their love was so pure it just tore him to pieces to lose his lover” kind of gal. Give me a plausible reason for Kirk/Spock’s psychosis. (Maybe they already had mental/emotional problems before the death/murder and this drove them over the edge? They witnessed the death/murder? Spock transferred his katra into Kirk and it drove him batty, even after it was removed?)

I’d also like some form of unrequited love on Bones or Uhura’s part. (i.e if you’d like to have them in a quasi-relationship with Kirk/Spock, I’d like some good: “he’ll never love me as much as he did ___” angst)

Finally, Kirk/Spock CANNOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES come back to life. I don’t care how the story ends. You can have Kirk/Spock snap out of the hallucinations and get counseling, kill themselves, go into a catatonic state- anything, as long as the death of their SO is permanent!


I’m a sucker for flashbacks, and I’d kiss the feet of anyone skilled enough to break up the story and tell it out of order ala Pulp Fiction. (and, you know, have it still make sense and have more of an emotional impact for using that style of narrative)

I have an irrational fondness for Chapel. If she could be a major character, I'd die happy.

I wouldn't be at all upset if lines/lyrics/plot points from Next to Normal happened to pop up during the course of the story.

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Hunger Games Crossover!

 In one world Jim Kirk lived though Taurus at age 13. In another he has to live though the Hunger Games instead.


Jim Kirk beats the odds by becoming a Victor at age 13 now he’s helping other tributes beats the odds. Starting with that stubborn pacifistic Vulcan.

Jim knows that Vulcans are stronger, more durable, and usually smarter then most humans of course they are also hated with a passion and find any violence to be illogical.


As weird as this is I would like this to be somewhat humorish or at least not angsty.  

I want Jim to be young. He won the games at 13 so he’ll be mentoring anytime after that. Spock should be a few years older then him, but still in the 12-18 age limit.


You can go though Jim’s time in the games if you want, but I would like the focus to be on Jim slowly falling in love with Spock while he mentors him and Spock coming to trust and rely on Jim.


I don’t care how you fit the Hunger Games into the Star Trek world or the other way around, but there are a few ground rules.

1) Spock must be an alien and the majority of people (at least the Capitalist) must not like his race very much. The reason for this is that getting sponsors needs to be hard.

2) Spock needs to try very hard to hold onto his Vulcan values. This does not mean he can not lose them, but I want him as much in character as you can get. By Vulcan values I don’t mean just not being emotional, but not taking a life or eating animal meat.

( I would like it if Jim is smart enough to work with Spock and not against him on his values. Maybe try for Spock outlasting or tricking his opponents instead of killing. Of course if you think the character interaction flows better not taking this root you can do so)

I would like it if the bridge crew made appearances, but unless more then one person can win the games I would really appreciate it if they weren’t tributes and if they are tributes I hope Spock doesn’t kill one of them.

I think it would be very funny if one of the bridge crew was his stylist. I include Bones and Scotty in bridge crew.

I don't care much what happens after Spock's game, but he could help Jim mentor another tribute if he wins. Bones would be very funny

I just had this thought so I thought I'm adding it to the end of this.

When Jim was fighting the games I think it would be awesome if he got a group of younger kids together and tried to help them survive. He defended them from other tributes and dangers and when it was just him and his group he inspired them to stick together and not kill each other. Instead they all slowly died from things the game makers made happen. In the end Jim was the only one left, but he never killed the ones in his group. I would like to see Spock’s thought on how Jim did in his games.

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Spock and Jim fight over Jim's eating habits, particularly his insistance on eating meat and dairy.

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I have gotten really sick of Mpreg where Kirk turns into the worst stario-type of a pregnent women (I say Kirk because most Spock Mpreg doesn't seem to have this problem, and I have only read a few Spock Mpregs anyway). I would like to see some Kirk Mpreg where he doesn't turn into "a delicate flower" crying allover, and acts more like himself. I hate FemBot Kirk or Spock in any case.


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I would like someone to let me see what Spock is talking about here. What is it that happens when Klingons are not there? Thanks to the kind author who wants to write about that.

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Summary: Basically what the title says. The two are put on trial because they are suspected of having a highly unprofessional relationship while they were student and teacher. I can see at least a dozen outcomes for this, starting with how the trial and the Media circling around the couple like vultures, could affect their relationship and everyone else around them. It can eventually turn into a Kirk/Spock pairing, or it can remain hetro. The relationship could be all in Nyota's head while she was in school with Spock simply only having seen her as a good friend. or the relationship could had been real.
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