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So TOS had a lot of random old Earth Deities pop up in the episodes. I would love to see a Reboot version where they land on a planet where the old Egyptian Gods are living and Jim of course unknowingly hits on one. Perferably Bastet.

I would love it if Anon could fit in Jim telling the Cat Goddess that his name is "James T for Tomcat Kirk." Would especially love it if said Goddess actually decided he was spunky and she liked him. And since she like him she would "gift" him with the ability to take on the form of various felines.

Bonus pts for any K/S, K/Mc or K/S/Mc
Dbl pts for Jim using the ability to turn into a cat to save the day

Even more amusing is the fact that Bastet, besides being a Cat diety, is also a fertility diety. So do with that little tidbit wht you will.

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After a confusing chase and many misunderstandings, Jim and Spock have finally realized their love for one another and so have agreed to finally have sex. But there's a problem. After much foreplay, they both come to realize that they BOTH want to be the topper, and neither want to be the bottom. Spock presents his case logically why he should be the top, and Jim does the same, utlimately leading to a fight for the top position.

This can be TOS!Trek or nu!Trek. You decide how this problem will be concluded. Will Spock get to be top? Will Jim get to be top? Will they agree to alternate? Or will it drive them apart? And go.

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I challenge you to write omega!spock and make it work. I want to know all about how that changes the social dynamics, how that affects him emotionally/socially/physically. 

Any verse, any trope, any rating, total carte blanche. The only requirement is omega!spock. 

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Ok, so let’s mix ST with some good old harlequins!

Kirk is a Captain of the Enterprise, but he and Spock never met. Not at the Academy, not later – never. Of course Kirk heard about the super intelligent Vulcan First Officer, but didn’t pay attention to that. Then Pike is contacting him, asking him for help in rescuing his crew (Spock included) who were kidnapped by the Orion Slavers during an away mission.

Kirk of course agrees and leads a rescue team (like there would be any doubt about it). They storm the place and Jim is totally mesmerized by the sight of a beautiful, sexy Vulcan in a very skimpy harem outfit. The crew is rescued and the Enterprise is on the way to return them to Pike’s ship and during that time Kirk totally falls in love with Spock (who is totally NOT what Jim expected) and starts to plot how to keep him on the Enterprise and for himself.

Bonus points if Jim was so co confused by Spock appearance and behaviour because he only saw Spock’s very old photo from the Academy files (like Spock was 17, gawky teenager with glasses and looked like a classic nerd) and heard that the Vulcan has no sense of humour, personality, is boring, focused only on science etc.

Super bonus points if Kirk has to fight for Spock with someone from Pike’s ship who had hots for the Vulcan for a very long time

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Okay this has been in my head for too long, and I have come to conclusions I’m not going to write it, so I rather see someone else’s work of wonder.

Any way here’s the summary:

Jim and his mom (and possibly Frank) move out to Vulcan (for political reasons concerning his mother, or whatever other reason you can come up with.) Would prefer Frank to not be in this but, up to you. Jim has to attend a Vulcan school and because he is a human genius he catches the eye of a certain Vulcan (Spock) who is ridiculed at his school, and Spock automatically creates a weak bond with Jim (They’re T’hy’la), pretty much telling others he staked a claim. He then tries to produce a friendship with him, other Vulcans that see this try to also receive Jim’s attention (to either anger Spock or because they actually have an interest in him, or both.)

Spock then becomes VERY possessive and protective of Jim (he can began this possessiveness/protectiveness when him and Jim are still friends or when they form, a sort of boyfriend relationship)

Some Vulcans don’t get the point that Jim is Spock’s and Spock ultimately has to threaten a couple of them, or get a bit aggressive.

Sarek and Amanda have to be part of the story, and you can choose if they accept Jim and Spock being T’hy’la, or not.

*Kirk is the bottom

*Age between Spock and Jim, is around seventeen and eighteen.

Bonus: Jim doesn’t see Spock’s over protectiveness as a sign he likes or cares for him, since he really didn’t have friends on Earth.( this is before the form a committed relationship)

Bonus: If you include Frank, he is still abusing Jim, Jim’s mother is oblivious and Spock soon finds out about the abuse and becomes very angry, this anger can escalade to whatever you choose.

SUPER BONUS POINTS: Before and when Jim arrives on Planet Vulcan he’s in a relationship( preferably Gary Mitchell), but soon breaks up with him for whatever reason (your choice) AND early in Jim and Spock’s friendship, Spock finds out Jim’s in a relationship and becomes jealous thinking Gary is not worthy of Jim.

SUPER BONUS POINTS: In the end both Jim and Spock go to Starfleet academy, and Jim becomes captain and of course Spock Commander. And of course the crew can be added in later chapters.


BONUS POINT JUST FOR FUN: since Vulcan anatomy is different from humans, Spock is a little *Ahem* in the lower regions, and that leaves Jim a little discouraged.


Rule: Have fun ^_^   



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This challenge is based on the same premise as the novel "One Day" by David Nicholls. Pick one day out of the year, and show the events going on in Kirk's and Spock's lives on that day each year. Please cover at leat the five years of the first mission. If you can add in the day after Spock's disastrous pon farr for the second year of the mission, that would be amazing. :)

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Spock is surprised when he discovers Jim does not exactly have a normal house... he has a treehouse! (Maybe like Pete Nelson's at Treehouse Point?  Don't know it?  Please Google!)



1. Abramsverse please! 


Other then that, run with it!

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Let’s get some wilderness! Spock goes missing on one of the away missions, being kidnapped by Orions. The green guys sell him to a race that has a tradition of “mate hunting”. They buy or kidnap valuable and attractive people, temporarily wipe out their memories and majority of their skills and let them loose in a jungle. The hunting party then chase the victims. When caught the victim belongs to the winner who must stake his claim by having sex with his new mate. Kirk is able to locate Spock but the only way to free him is to participate in the hunt. So we have Jim in a hunting gear chasing after Spock through wilderness! And Vulcans are not easy to catch even if they don’t remember their Starfleet training!

And I will love you forever for:

Spock being a little bit feral after the mind wipe

Kirk seducing Spock into having sex with him in order to officially “claim” Spock

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Sort-of crack-fic request (hopefully for Pamdizzle): 

Spock is looking everywhere for the Captain so that they can review some important scientific reports about their next mission. No one has seen Kirk for several hours and he is not on duty, so Spock logically proceeds to go to the Captain’s locked quarters. When he overrides the password and enters, he is greeted by Kirk admiring himself in the mirror, wearing women’s fetish gear including a leather and lace bustier set, six-inch high heels, makeup, and a Marilyn Monroe wig. Hilarity ensues, along with some hot, kinky sex! 


Kirk is tipsy.

Spock goes absolutely wild and gets violent (not unlike pon farr)!

Kirk is embarrassed and goes to the closet to find a uniform to change into, but Spock attacks him and shuts himself inside with Kirk, where they begin their encounter.

Bondage is included when Kirk takes a submissive role.

Either Kirk or Spock asks the other to sing a weird song during sex.

McCoy becomes involved in the scenario in a hysterical way.

McCoy’s medical expertise is embarrassingly needed due to the craziness of the sexual encounter. 


Sulu and Chekov discuss a dirty fantasy while on the bridge (exactly like what is happening in Kirk’s room).  Later, those involved with the incident at Kirk's quarters and a still-costumed Kirk rush onto the bridge due to an inopportune emergency, causing Sulu and/or Chekov to have stronger reactions to the bizarre situation than anyone else because of their previous discussion.

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