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Okay here it goes...

I want to see and McCoy/Sarek bonding with leads to Kirk and Spock falling in love and eventually bonding. This can be as long as the lovely author who takes up this challenge wants it to be (I beg for long, but as we say in the States, beggars can't be choosers.)

I would like this to be set in Abramsverse and I would like to see:

Kirk, Spock, or both catching McCoy and Sarek in the act...repeatedly.

In the beginning Kirk and Spock are not yet friends.

Also alot of McCoy and Sarek bonding over personal losses.

A fight between Spock and McCoy which leads to a fight between Kirk and Spock.

And last but not least....

Lots of Sexy Fun Times between Sarek/McCoy and Kirk/Spock.

The Challenge has been made. Pre thanks to any of you lovely authors who respond.



(Insert Favorite Star Trek Theme here)

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You know all those fics where it is a Ds universe but Jim lied and said he was a dom, but really he was a sub and subs can't be in command without a dom? When I am reading them I can't help wondering why he didn't just say he was a switch, so I want a fic where he does say he say he that he is a switch, but someone finds out that he is a sub and blackmails him into sleeping with them.

Later Jim is just starting to feel safe again when he finds out he is pregnant. Male switches can't get pregnant though, so he leaves Starfleet to hide his pregnancy. Cue Spock (or Spock and Bones) who has a major crush on him trying to find out whats wrong and get his captain back.

Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy

For some reason no one ever discovered what was happening on Tarsus (a war, Kudos declared there indepedence, whatever) . The famine eventually ends, but the only survivors are Kudos, Kudos's men, the people who submit to Kudos, and Kirk and his kids (who are hiding somewhere).

Years later (about the time Kirk is 17 or 18) Starfleet finally comes (maybe Jim built something and sent out a distress signal?) Jim meets Spock during the rescue somehow (Maybe he eventually convinces him to join Starfleet and they  get together). He may or may not meet Bones, and or Pike there, but please no magically making the whole crew appear or anything.

Bonus: Kirk being overly protective of "his kids."

Categories: Fiction Characters: Chris Pike, McCoy

Seeking an Alternate Universe fic where Spock and Jim meet at a comic or sci-fi convention.

Both are working at different booths or maybe competing booths (You decide)

Both are human (This is a must.)

They can cosplay if you like (bonus points if you have Spock wear fake pointed ears at least one time.)

Maybe a scene where they compete/meet at a trivia competition of their favorite series? (You decide.)

Bonus points if you can bring in Uhura bashing or Chekov/Sulu.

Other than that feel free to do what you like. All that is absolutly required is that their be tons of Spirk and at least a T rating. The hotter the better.



Categories: Fiction Characters: None

Use 1 or more of the then 10 sentences from the Youtube clip in a story. It can be as crack-tastic as you want. Bonus points and metaphorical cookies if it isn't a crack fic or if you use all ten lines. The video clip can be found here:

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[Sign-ups for the 2012 Fest is now closed. We'll be doing this again in 2013!]

Every year for the past decade or so, K/S fans have come together to create stories and art based on the Holidays season.  For the last 4 years, this challenge has run on LiveJournal.  Last year we had 82 entries which you can find listed here.  This year, the mods (Ashley and me) have opened up the challenge to members of the K/S Archive, Archive of our Own, and DeviantArt.

Signups were on Google docs and closed November 25 2012. Posting goes from December 1 to 25.  You don't need to have a LJ account to take part. When it's your scheduled date to take part, as a member of the K/S Archive, you will post it here and the mods will put a link to it on both the LiveJournal K/S Advent community and the LJ Kirk/Spock community, to get maximum exposure.

Although many use prompts, we don't insist on it.  If you have your own idea, as long as it's K/S, and it involves the Holidays (e.g. Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice, etc.) or a winter/cold theme, it's all good!

If you're interested, here are some links to check out:

Click: Sign-ups

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Click: The K/S Advent Guidelines

Click: The K/S Advent FAQ

If you have any further queries, please email us at

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Summary: Spock and Kirk meet at starfleet and fall in love. Spock's family adores Jim. I don't want Amanda to die in this. Also want lots of Uhura bashing with Spock disliking her. Bones likes Jim but gets over it later and becomes happy for the couple. Multi-chapter story and set in Addams universe. Bonus: m-preg for Jim Bonus: Pike is like a father to Jim
Categories: Works in Progress Characters: Amanda, Chris Pike, McCoy, Sarek, Uhura

Okay, so I'm going to issue a challenge and let's see who bites! Must be set in ST:XI verse is all I ask. You have full creative rights to take this prompt where-ever it carries you as a writer.

So, here goes: The Enterprise is six months into its 5 year mission and its Crew are building the foundations to those important relationships Selek had hinted to in the 2009 film. However, Spock has been struggling to deal with the loss of his Homeworld and his Mother; his efforts are meeting with little success. 

Soon, after a Rescue Mission, Spock discovers that the Enterprise has two new passengers he never thought it would be possible to see again. Stonn and T'Pring have survived the Destruction of Vulcan. Now, not only has Spock discovered that his Betrothed is alive but also that the Crew of the Enterprise were under the mistaken impression, along with its Communications Officer, that he had a relationship with Uhura he was unaware of.

Stonn, on the other hand, informs Spock of his "lack of feelings" towards T'Pring and of his attraction towards the Enterprise's Captain instead.

Basically, Spock is left to deal with two overly competative females while at the same time as saving Jim's virtue. That is, after all, his duty as Jim's First Officer is it not?

Will Spock ever figure out his feelings towards in Captain in time or will he loose his chance with Jim to Stonn?

A/N: If my English Grammar is a bit hard to read, I apologize. It's not by best language when I am writing quickly.

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Chris Pike, McCoy, Sarek, Stonn, T'Pring, Uhura
Summary: TOS-verse. I'd like to see Spock getting promoted to Captain. Military tradition has the spouse or significant other pinning on the promotee's new rank, often followed with a reserved kiss. I'm thinking a Vulcan kiss here. :) Thanks to whoever takes up this challenge - I just realized that I'd never seen a fic tackle this.
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Summary: ST:ID challenge. What was Spock projecting at Khan in the brief mindmeld during their fight?
Categories: None Characters: None
Summary: Kirk/Spock. Mr.&Mr. Smith based off the movie with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Let's do this Star Trek style in the Addams universe. Have fun with it but also keep it sexy. I'm more of a bottom Jim fan but it doesnt matter who tops.
Categories: Fiction Characters: Original Character(s)

Vulcan males are able to get pregnant. But since ages past it is firmly forbidden. Those males who get pregnant are either forced to abortion and those who refuse are meant to leave Vulcan and never come back. The same goes to their child(ren). Pregnant Vulcan male give off characteristic odor: something close to roses, that’s how others know.

Now Spock is pregnant and Jim is the father. What will they do? Will Spock keep the child? Will he even tell his father after the child will be born?

Decisions are tougher when you’re Sarek’s son and have a human mother.

Everything complicates when T’Pau herself requests USS Enterprise to take her to the biggest negotiations in history of federation and Vulcan: with Romulans. Sarek and Amanda and many other Ambassadors are to come with her.

Spock can’t hide forever in his quarters.

Mpreg K/S slash, Sarek/Amanda


Bonus: I love angst and romance and hurt/comfort and family and lots of other feels.

Bonus 2: doesn’t matter which universe TOS or Abrams…I’ll love it either way.

Oh and if you love long stories to write like I love to read them then please do write a long story.

I don’t want short one shot.

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Amanda

So, this has been going around in my head for the longest time, and I'm slowly (and sadly) beginning to realize I'm never going to write it. But I really want to read it, so here goes...

Anyone ever seen the magnificent film "Truly, Madly, Deeply", starring Juliet Stevenson and Alan Rickman? I'd love to see an AU K/S fic based on that. Basically, Kirk's lover, Gary Mitchell, has recently - and unexpectedly - died and he's having a hard time getting past his grief. While Kirk hovers on the verge of despair, Gary comes back to haunt him benignly and, surreptitiously, to help him move on. Because Kirk has just met a mysterious man named Spock, who could be so much more to him if he can just let go of Gary's memory and face up to a future without him...

Can be set in Starfleet, or modern day, or wherever you like. I'm biased towards TOS, but, you know, if you can make it work with reboot then go for it! Also, bonus points for including Bones as the Bill Patterson/Sandy character, and as many of the other guys as you can fit in. But I'd like lots of angst, please - the movie makes me cry like a hungry, angry baby and I gotta have some tears here too! Pretty please?

Categories: Fiction Characters: Gary Mitchell
Summary: Totally AU. I'd love to read a K/S version of the musical "West Side Story". We all know it's based on "Romeo & Juliet", of course, but the challenge is more focused on the modern approach: two different cultures clashing, different mentalities, disoriented youth, rivalling street gangs, expectations from families and friends vs. individual happiness and utopian idealism, prejudiced society against mixed relationships (maybe one of the two ethnic groups is considered more lower class in general public opinion). Kirk and Spock would fill the roles of Tony and Maria, but I don't mind which of our boys fills which role. Human emigrants on Vulcan could be as interesting as Vulcan emigrants on Earth. Try to stay close to "West Side Story", while still preserving the traits of the TOS characters (yup, that could prove difficult, but I count on your talents). One exception to the original plot: I leave it open to you if you want a tragic ending (like in West Side Story) or if there will be a happy end. Oh, and I hope to see McCoy in a major supporting role. Oh, and although the model in this challenge is a musical, there is no need for dancing & singing characters ... ;-)
Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy, Original Character(s)
Summary: Ok guys, for serious now - we NEED an *epic* winged!Kirk. I would suggest outlining your own fc before reading Western Skies (100k plus, found at and ao3 - K/M at the end) and remixing it. This fic is amazing! They gave Kirk wings based on the idea that Xmen 3 had ended differently and humanity's x-gene was forever surpressed (although they later realised it was the next step in evolution). Jim's was activated due to his birth in space with all the weird ion radiation from an alien ship from the future. This fic includes references to Tarsus (but please expand on the implications and fallout and events of tarsus iv - everyone knows what a tarsus whore i am!). In this fic it occured before Jim was 11. At age 11, Jim sprouts wings and Winona... Wow... I won't even spoil what Winona did... It was too powerful and horrifying (please inclde your own version in the remix!). In the original, Pike raises Jim (I think it's cool that Jim lives and learns on a spaceship for years!). The is Pike/Archer friendship and ust (Archer et al we reaged to about 10 years older than Pike). Up to remixer whether Pike raises Jim.... Maybe Sarek meets him at Tarsus and dcides to bring him home (what do the vulcan kids think of the wings? Maybe prereform vulcan has a legend about a winged figure?) Or maybe Old!Spock gets there earlier, or something else (another mutant??? Erik/Magneto? Rogue? A character from another fandom? Snape? Superman/Clark? Merlin? The sky's the limit!). Also up to remixer whether they re-age or include Archer. Pike hides Jim's wings to give him a normal childhood as he would be the first human in centuries to have an active x-gene and he would be experimented on. Also, due to the eugenics wars, he would be discriminated against. Jim wears a painful harness (so sad!) and everyone hates him becuase he looks like he's physically deformed - something that was almost unheard of (poor Jim!). Jim's supersmart, an amazing singer, and must fly every once in a while or get irritable and aggressive... His mind literally has some different than human instincts.... What other ones will the remixer give him? He joins Starfleet and Gaila and Bones are awesome. The movie happens, Jim saves Earth (will the remixer also save Vulcan and/or Amanda?). The wings are revealed..... And it's just so much like the ugly duckling.... Incredible! Where once he was reviled and mocked, now he's seen as an angel (and his feathers are plucked for good luck tokens! Ow, yet, lol!) There is incredible imagery throughout. Recommended that the remixer gets an idea of what their own Jim's wings look like before reading.... The colours are so cool once you read it :). There are so many great scenes in this story to be remixed, guys! Jim's relationship with touch and trust, the image of a sleeping angel perched at the bedside of an injured man (Jim can sleep perched on his feet!), Jim flying around with a blowtorch fixing the ceiling, being mistaken for an animal and shot and trying to heal himself, Jim almost accused of being a sociopath because he didn't experience fear while space jumping, Jim stepping off the Enterprise a hero into a bunch of reporters and Starfleet Command who see his winged visage for the first time... So many places this can go! Was wings the extent of his mutation? Maybe he has a cat or lizard tail and can breathe underwater??? Commonality with Spock... They are both literally unique for their species. What if Jim had had wings during Tarsus? What about wing!sex? With Gaila, Spock etc. What will the enemy (Klingons?) think if surprised by his abilities during conflict? What if it remains a secret? What if only the loyal Tarsus kids knew about the wings... And Kodos... What did Kodos want/do???? How does the BIG REVEAL go? What does Spock Prime say? What if Jim had met Spock earlier, before Kobyashi? Virgin!Spock please! Bonus - I love smart!kirk... Maybe he writes papers about what happened to him... His thoughts, maybe he is artistic/musical... He does see things in a different way afterall. If you don't want to remix this, maybe you can be inspired by it. Bonus - Kirk and Chehov have some kind of experience. Super Bonus - kirk's kids have abilities (top!kirk)... Can be with a woman... Gaila? (i've never read any gaila x kirk kids! They would be so pretty/awesome/smart! Please???) Carol Marcus? Both? Or mpreg... Spock! (for some reason i'm picturing Spock having a litter). Tl,dr - kirk wing fic - GO!
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We have seen how the Big 3 are close. I would like to see a story with the following requirements:

  1. Kirk/Spock/McCoy either in a friendship, relationsip (K/S, K/M, or S/M) or a threesome. 
  2. Doesn't matter if it's TOS or Abrams universe.
  3. Jim and Spock have an argument to end all arguments and say hurtful things to each other.
  4. Both of them are deeply hurt and run to their friend/lover Bones for comfort.
  5. Jim and Spock must reslove this. How Bones does it is up to you.
  6. BONUS if Jim cries himself to sleep in Bones' arms and the good doctor carries him to bed.
  7. BONUS if Spock cries in Bones' arms as well.
  8. BONUS if at some point they cry to a point where Bones has to sedate them.
  9. BONUS if they reward Bones for helping them.

Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy
Summary: Inspired by the horrific true story of Duston Paxton's victim - Calgary, Alberta. It is said victim was about 200 lbs and healthy b4 mtg Paxton. After 2 yrs of alleged daily physical, mental, and sexual assault, the victim fell into a coma and docs says he looks like an end stage cancer victim (less than 90lbs, bruises, etc). Paxton is said to have controlled every aspect of life - eating, sleeping, and kept him imprisoned and inflicted brain damage. Trial is currently ongoing - google for more info. CHALLENGE- Kirk had a crappy, abusive and neglectful childhood with Winona and Frank. He raised himself by reading books - that's partly how he learned to be a hero and a gentleman. He gets sent to Tarsus IV after he wrecks the corvette. He is overlooked on Tarsus, but meets everyone, learns the city and skills from different people - learns their stories. Meets Sato and learns about Vulcan language etc from her. The famine comes. Please write about Tarsus IV in detail, not just one paragraph. Your choice - does Kirk save Sato? She could take care of the kids while he's out. Kirk saves a bunch of kids, gets food, but ends up having to sell his body, fight and kill. Survival isn't as easy as some stories make out - even starting a fire is really difficult if you don't have seasoned wood. The cold and hunger wears away at humanity. Kirk is in Kodos's inner sanctum and used that to gather information and help ppl. Kirk ends up being Kodos' no. 1 enemy bc he betrayed him. When Starfleet comes he refuses to left down his guard and confide in them, even though he wanted comfort and love like he had given 'his kids'. Starfleet separates everyone and won't let Kirk see his kids b/c it's not healthy, but it adds to Kirk's trauma b/c they're his. He leaves Starfleet Med (he's maybe 15 by now?) and goes to a big city to make it on his own and to leave his past. He has big dreams but not much cash and gets involved with his partner who abuses him and keeps him in captivity for 2 yrs. He gets dumped beside a hospital and Bones is one of his caregivers. Bones is the only person he trusts for years. He touched him with kindness and that is what destroyed Jim's walls and got him crying. Please elucidate the difference between abuse and bdsm. Subs have lots of inner strength and courage to trust and endure fear and pain. Doms must be worthy of trust and their job is to care for their subs, understand their needs and meet them. It's a very demanding job, done with affection. Kirk gets better physically and drinks, fights, and has sex until Pike recruits him as in the movie. One of his one night stands was Carol Marcus and it hurt him badly to be denied access to his kid but he agreed it was for the best. Kirk doesn't sign up for SF because of his blatant manipulation, bt because it was his only chance for a future. Kirk hacks his file and makes sure his past is 'clean' so he'll pass the psych. The movie happens. Spock doesn't put Uhura on the Enterprise but Gaila sneaks on with Kirk so she backs up his story. After the battle, and in the first missions, the trauma comes back to Kirk and he's terrified of Spock b/c he strangled him. Kodos resurfaces and it all comes to a head. What happens with Kodos!!?? Spock must be loving, caring and possessive/protective of Kirk but not domineering or controlling. Virgin!Spock. Bottom!Spock. Bonus - Kirk is really cuddly with Bones b/c he needs it. Jealous Spock. Kirk thinks of his crew as his kids, too. Bonus 2 - Kirk and Chekhov friendship or sweathearts. Bonus 3 - smart!Kirk. Supermillion bonus - after Kodos is gone and Kirk is involved with Spock, Kirk comes across Botany Bay (Khan). What does he do to save Spock? Shoot it out of the sky? Bring it in and sabatage the air? Bonus - Kirk has an eating disorder - it takes an incredible amount of will power not to eat alot. He's often mentally craving food. He is obsessed with working out and being smarter than others so he won't be vulnerable again - that's how he got through the Academy. EXTRA - after everything Kirk's been through, he doesn't trust authority and after reuniting with 'his kids' from Tarsus after Kodos resurfaces he decides to put together a 'Black Guard' sqaud that develops into an organization. He starts with the 'kids' who are ultra loyal to him and the more people he meets/saves, the more he recruits. They do things Starfleet won or can't. Spock doesn't know at first and is jealous of his friendship with his other second in command . Kirk or his code name becomes no. 1 enemy of the Klingon Empire (I like his chemistry with Kor). Would be fun if he has to meet someone as both Kirk and Black Guard at the same time! Would be awesome if he like made peace with the Romulans w/o SF (the Romanulan Commander and his friend/lover!) or did some other huge thing. Maybe Gaila is his 2iC? Maybe Chekhov knows and helps like Nikita and Burkoff?
Categories: None Characters: None

Hi! I am new. I have read a variety of stories and was inspired to do this challenge. Please forgive me if I offend anyone, that is not my intention. I just want to contribute someting to this wonderful fandom.

In my readings I have seen Kirk spanking Spock, Spock spanking Kirk, Bones spanking Kirk and Kirk spanking Bones. That was the first time I had ever read any stories of that nature; however, they inspired me to issue my challenge. I would love to see this challenge answered.

Here is my challenge:

I would like to see a story where Spock spanks Kirk and McCoy, McCoy spanks Kirk and Spock, OR Jim spanks Spock and McCoy.


1. Must have K/S/M friendship, relationship (K/S, K/M, or S/M) or a threesome.

2. For the scenerio you get three choices (choose however many you want):

  1.) Unknown to Jim or Spock Bones got into an argument with hsi ex-wife and is in a foul mood. It also leads him to question whether or not Jim and Spock cares for him. While on their mission he takes his anger out on Jim. This leads to Jim and Bones getting into a heated argument and behaving badly. Their behavior and words deeply offend the aliens. They demand them to be punished by ther laws. Spock has no choice but to comply or the mission is over.

  2.) We all know how Jim/Spock/McCoy bicker and banter with each other. Well on a mission, aliens mistake Jim and Spock's banter as disrespect for Bones. They consider Bones an elder because he is older than the other two. Also, a doctor is highly respected in their culture. They refuse to deal with them unless Bones punishes Jim and Spock.

 3.) Spock and Bones are in the middle of their normal bickering/bantering or arguing. Jim tries to get them to stop for fear of interfearing with the mission. Unfortunately some words they say are taboo amongst the aliens. Plus they tell Jim to shut up when he tries to make them stop. Their actions warrant that they be punished for their crime of disrespecting a superior. Needing an alience with the aliens, Jim is forced to comply.

3. The aliens somehow know if they are really sorry or not.

4. What is used and the length of the punishment is up to you.

5. How much and how long they cry is up to you as well.

6. How they are comforted is up to you.

7. The ones who are punished are tucked into bed with a kiss by their punisher.

8. They must be allowed to rest in between the punishment and the remainder of the mission.

BONUS if they demand a private place to do it.

BONUS if Bones confides in Jim about his doubts. (Choice #1)

BONUS if Spock finds out about Bones' doubts through touch. (Choice #1)

BONUS if one of the other senior officers act as a witness.

BONUS if after trying to hold their tears back, they're told by their punisher that it's ok to cry.

BONUS if there is a shower or hot tub scene


Categories: Fiction Characters: Chekov, McCoy, Scott, Sulu, Uhura

Okay, that scene in the movie where Jim offers Nero et al Mercy and Nero refuses. What if Nero had accepted the offer?
That's what I want to see: Nero and Ayel on the Enterprize as, I don't know, Head of the Security (Redshirt/Connon Fodder) Division, or something else that means they have to help keep Kirk from getting harmed.
Bonus: Now that they're on the Enterprise's side, with most people being suspictius of them, Nero and Ayel are mostly/completely loyal to Kirk. As in: No matter if it's a misson, diplomatic banquet on Earth, or shore leave in a bar: do not mess with our Human! You will be seriously messed up! (After the Enterprize returns from the battle, I can see some poor reporter's camera getting squished because he was paparazzing Jim.)
Double Bonus: If they end up as part of the 'family' aka the Bridge Crew. Just something that would make others go: You let them do what! and no one on the Enterprise thinks twice about it. Like: Ayel teaching self-defense classes to the tranfers so they don't end up dead the first time they beam down or Nero being the welcoming committee for visitors, ambassadors, high-risk jail transports (What? They gotta use the brig for something don't they?), helping Spock accept his planet's destruction because they actually know what it's like, ectera.
Triple Bonus: If Spock's the one who protests that 'this is a horrible idea, they blew up my planet/mom/we're all going to be murdered in our sleep' ; and Jim being fine with it because he is friends with NU-version Nero and NU-version Ayel.
If you can work in bastard stepfather!Frank, Tarsus IV, jealous!Spock and maybe mean!Winona, I will worship you forever!
Importantly: HAVE FUN!

Categories: Fiction Characters: None

Jim is traumatized by the humanoid penis after being abused somewhere in his past (could be Tarso IV, Frank or whatever your imagination leads you).

When he starts to develop feelings for Spock his trauma becomes a major concern, how is he going to tell Spock that? Luckily for the both of them, the vulcan anatomy doesn't resemble the human in this particular aspect, he has 100 tentacles that sort of came together to do the job.


This challenge is based on a paragraph of the fanlore wiki about vulcan penises. Please, visit the page for a more broader view of the challenge.


Bonus points:

  • More than 1 chapter, I would love to read the development 
  • T'hy'la plot
  • Hurt/Confort
  • Protective!Spock
  • Spock's private parts are "hidden" until he is "erect"

(English is not my first language, please ignore any miss spelling)


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