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You must be familar with the TOS episode "The Paradise Syndrome" for this challenge. Kirk and Spock finally admit their feelings to each other (and have shared their first kiss) but haven't been able to get much further than that (interruption, waiting for a right decide). Then Kirk loses his memory on the planet (and is now known as Kirok). Spock and McCoy finally find Kirk and restore his memory...and we all know that his pregnant wife dies. The idea for the challenge is...what if Miramanee hadn't died? Kirk realizes that once his memory is back, he loves Spock, but can't turn his back on Miramanee either.

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Summary: I was re-watching this episode and noticed something about the scene at the end. When Spock breaks the meld with Kirk, he seems a little out of it. McCoy asks him is he is alright and he says, 'His mind... he is... an extremely dynamic individual' but it sounds more like an excuse. I think everyone already knows where I'm going with this lol. I'd like a story where that meld is what showed Spock that Kirk was his t'hy'la and would like to see him try to deal with that (denial, acceptance, then seduction of James T Kirk) while the captain himself is guilty/mourning over Miramanee.
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Summary: Kirk mc coy and all other humans on enterprise are paranormal either were creatures vampires gargoyles. Plaese hive cross over with next gen and q and plaease include Thor
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It's Parents' Day at Starfleet Daycare&School and the brats from the Enterprise are going to show everyone why their parents are better. At everything. With charts, logic and Power Point presentations too.

(Don't know why, character selection doesn't have Spock and Kirk, but they obviously are in the prompt/ff.)

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Ok so I don't know if anyone ever did this if they did please point me to that fic so this is the 2009 universe in some places T'hy'la has standard meaning of soul mate so past lifes might be involved somewhere 

so it begins Spock and Kirk arn't in a relationship there is attraction but they won't act on it and somehow Spock and one of his past life's change bodies ( where Spock's past life is a king or a ruler) they both understand what is going on and tell the Jim that is with him what happened 

Jim ( both of them) being the smart boy that he is and the soul mate/T'hy'la for Spock belives him just by looking at his eyes 

Also Spock meats past Jim in his bed and Jim just acts like the sexy piece of ass that he is before knowing that this isn't his Spock and kodus if past Jim was wearing gold earrings  ( you can change the names of past selves) 

ohh and past Spock kisses Jim after explaining what happned to him

make this Nc 17 and it would be perfict I don't care what happens after those scenes you have lipirty with the story after and before what I asked for i'd wright it my self but I don't have time 

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I would like to see a kid/teen leading to adult fic, set in the Abrams universe, where Jim is a toddler when his mom is transfered to a starbase near Vulcan. She is not the best mother and decides to leave her small son with a childless Vulcan couple. Later she is offered a promotion but cannot take her small son, because of danger or whatever, but the Vulcan women, who has been taken care of Jim and has really come to care for him, says that her and her husband will adopt Jim. After Jim is adopted the family moves next to a family who has a son a few years older then Jim, Spock of course. From the first time Spock meets Jim he knows that the other boy is his T'hy'la but does not know how to express this because he "feels" like it would be very unVulcan of him, or whatever reason you could think should fit. But Jim seems to have talent for worming his way into Vulcan hearts.

Trope: Bottom Kirk


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Summary: Turbolift scene with Uhura in nu!Trek. What if it were Jim instead? Can be same scene, or could be original Trek (perhaps "Journey to Babel" or, even better, "And The Children Shall Lead"!). Whenever or wherever it happens, Jim makes Spock forget himself. Desperation a bonus. : )
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So I recently saw the BBC masterpiece theater version of Jane Austin’s “Persuasion” and completely fell in love with movie. Now that I got into this fandom I can’t help but think there should be Trek version of this. So I would like to ask for this challenge to make Jim and Spock into Star Crossed lovers finding their way back to one another.

I would like Jim to be the Captain Fitzwilliam Wentworth of this story with Spock having the character role of Anne Elliot. So Jim and Spock meet in when they’re young maybe 16 and 19 respectively. Spock was “Persuaded” to leave Jim by his family. Jim goes off to join Star Fleet to make a name for himself. They have not seen each other for 10 years, but Spock has not forgotten about Jim and has been thinking about him constantly. Jim is on a Star Fleet mission to Vulcan and he’ll be staying in Vulcan for a short time. You can make up a reason as to why Jim is there in the first place. Spock is friends with a Vulcan family who has invited the infamous Captain Kirk to dinner, Spock of course is also invited to said dinner and thus our favorite couple run into each other again.

I would like to see the plot of the movie with what ever twists you would like to throw in. So have fun and good luck!


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For this challenge I would either like Spock giving out pheromones to attract a mate to submit to him.

Or alternatively for Kirk to start producing pheromones that makes Spock (or everyone) want to jump him. 

Why said pheromones are being emitted is your choice, could be Pon Farr, experiment gone wrong, a planet they visit, etc.

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So, I was just laying in bed, relaxing since I'm on bedrest, and was listening to Pandora. Well, Ed Sheeran (woot!) comes on witht the song Photograph. I was listening to it, and kept thinking of Spock and Jim. Anyway, challenge is, to take that song and create a fic for it. I want it to be Spock giving Jim the photo, maybe even a girl!Jim. Have fun playing with that part. I'm thinking it's AU and Jim and Spock aren't in Starfleet. I figure, Spock has to go on some mission, diplomatic or something, and Jim can't go with him. Feel free to add elements like mpreg, or Jim being disabled or alien or whatever. Have fun, and best of luck!


(This is my first time issuing a challenge! Never thought I would think of one.)

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Cross-posted here.

Spock chooses to become a pianist and is almost disinherited by Sarek. He strives to prove himself as a virtuoso pianist, and a Vulcan, by playing rigidly to a score. His technique is brilliant, but critics all say that there seems to be something missing. 

Spock meets Kirk in a bar playing the classics and is blown away. Kirk's playing touches Spock while at the same time it repels him with its emotions. Spock walks out (or has a one night stand with Kirk?) and the next time he meets Kirk is at a piano competition.

Would LOVE to see:
+ Sarek secretly going to all of Spock's concerts
++ Hand fetish (They're pianists, I have to include this)

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Basically, AOS does Ocean's Eleven


Danny Ocean - smooth con man - Chris Pike
Rusty Ryan - 2nd in command, always eating - Jim Kirk
Linus Caldwell - naive yet talented pickpocket - Carol
Basher Tarr - munitions - Scotty
Frank Catton - inside man - Uhura
Turk Malloy - Sulu
Virgil Malloy - Chekov
Saul Bloom - experienced con / impersonator - Gaila
Reuben Tishkoff - bankroll & advisor - McCoy
Livingston Dell - technology/hacker - Spock
Yen - grease monkey - Keenser

Benedict - Admiral Marcus
Ocean's ex-wife - Number One


I just thought it would be a brilliant AU

Follow the movie for the most part, improvise where desired, keep the characters, well, in character

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"It's a hidden, personal thing to the Vulcan people, part of our private lives. . . "

McCoy thought that if there was even a remote chance to save Jim, then it was worth doing. Ever since then, Spock's mental abilities have been a useful tool in bailing the Enterprise crew out of trouble. No one knew just what was being asked whenever Spock performed a meld to save the ship, the mission, or the captain. The meld is such an intimate part of Vulcan culture (even more so than sex), that to perform a meld so casually with strangers or aquaintances that are neither close family nor bondmate is considered no better than whoring oneself. Jim discovers just how much Spock sacrifices of himself with every meld just to keep Kirk safe and/or happy.

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I have seen several stories with alternate universe slave Jim/Spock situations? 

What would happen is “present” Jim and Spock from Abrams universe found themselves on planet Vulcan, waaaaaay in the past.  Say before the whole logic thing?  Jim, blonde haired blue eyed would be a rather exotic creature to the locals.  And his First Officer?  Well, they’re not exactly friendly with one another.  And it’s going to take time, read at least a year and a half, before rescue is made in the manner of your choice, I’m thinking space storm combined with whatever planet phenomena but your choice really. 

Keep in mind!!! Vulcans are desert dwellers, make these past version of a civilized race tribal and nomadic, Spock might not like the new living standards but he’s going to be better equipped than his Captain.  Said Captain is not going to be thrilled with the fact that but smart enough to know he needs to rely on Spock. 

At some point Jim will be captured and carted off and Spock will not have a timely rescue, how long is up the author.  At some point Spock will have to fight for Jim, poor little human tied to a post as a ready prize for the winner, may be provocative, hell he doesn’t even have to be facing the fight but must be able to at least hear it.  Clothing optional. 

Don’t make Jim completely helpless against the Vulcans.  Give him some credit he’s a sneaky bastard and knows better than to go toe to toe with them in a fair fight. 

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i've been reading cmm's challenge fics, based on disney movies. 

i want a tos pre-surak version of the pocahontas movie.

only requirements i want are: tos spock as pocahontas(can he keep meeko) , mccoy as kekata and kirk as john smith.

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Summary: Spock loses control during his explanation of pon farr to Jim in "Amok Time". He pushes Jim onto the desk and pon farr does what it does. I'd like for them not to be in a relationship prior to this, and also for Jim not to have made a resolution to "lend Spock a hand", so to speak. Consensual only. Can be TOS or Abramsverse, but maybe Abramsverse is better - gets them around the "how can Spock mate with Jim when the bond demands he have T'Pring" issue of TOS.
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Summary: I am requesting/issuing a challenge for porn. I have no shame. Yeah, sorry. But hey, if ya wanna throw some plot in there too I am all for it. So to sum it up, I am just looking for a very, very, very possessive and territorial, yet obsessively loving Spock. I am talking ‘Touch at/look at/smile at/think at Jim again and I will kill you myself’ kind of possessive. Granted, most of this will have to be internalized because of the whole ‘Vulcan’s have no emotions’ thing and well, he is a Star Fleet officer and often on diplomatic missions so he has to be on his best behavior, but that does not have to stop him from thinking about hurting others. And I am sure Spock has a breaking point somewhere... Simple ya? They could be bonded, or dating, or a first time. It could even be a tasteful slave fic, or mirror-verse or AU. Don’t really care. The only caveat is that I do not want it to cause a bunch of angst. No ‘jealous lover cut me off from my fiends’, no ‘infringing on personal freedom’, no ‘this is interfering with our duty as members/officers of Star Fleet’. None of that messy over the top cliché angst. A little angst is good for drama, but not over kill. I think it would be great if Jim finds Spock’s possessiveness and territoriality amusing and plays along with it/ deals with it/ indulges Spock with it or even enjoys it and being loved/wanted. Or maybe Jim can’t really fault Spock because he is just as possessive. Not really picky about what type of possessiveness it is (Touchy feely, Grabby, Mine mine MINE, Mental, or even time consumption) I am just not feeling the ‘possessive clingy jealous Vulcan is killing my friendships and personal freedom’ feeling that is often associated with possessive!Spock. This is kinda way open ended, so have fun.
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After an event, Spock finds himself becoming more protective, more possessive towards Jim.  Spock discovers he has fallen in love with Jim and appears to becoming more warrior like towards those who would threaten his love.


How does Jim react?  What events lead to this change?  How does it change relationships on the Enterprise?

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First times, second times, even third times aren't always so great. Kirk and Spock deal with awkward, uncomfortable, and/or simply unspectacular sexytimes. They resolve to improve through practice. Lots and LOTS of practice. (And we all know that when Kirk and Spock set out to do something well, they really do it well.)

PWP, humor, either universe.

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This Is my first challenge!


  1. Kirk and Spock not in a relationship
  2. They have a fling and Kirk somehow gets preggers (you can find your own way to make it happen, or ignore biology if you have to[That is illogical, however]but have the thing that makes Kirk able to be preggers happen BEFORE they have their fling)
  3. Kirk and Spock both have feelings for each other but dont do anything until the pregnancy is a pretty big bump, but dont wait too long.
  4. Spock gets EXTREMELY protective of Kirk and Kirk's belly.
  5. Kirk gets clingy to Spock due to hormones and fear
  6. 4 and 5 happen even before an actual relationship
  7. Find them a reason to not be together, like an internal fear or something for both, or just shyness
  8. Mention leeks at least once
  9. have kirk wear the green wrap while preggers!


Bonus points:

  *Spock can't keep his hands off Kirks belly when they get together and a bit before

  *Mention leeks or leek soup as many times as possible without integrating leeks into the plotline or making it suspicious.

  *Pregger sex



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