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Someone at Starfleet HQ hears about Spock and Uhura and decides to have Uhura transfered off the Enterprise for having an affair with a supirior officer and still being listed under his command. They send the transfer notice to Jim, who knows Spock and Uhura are totally in love, sends a notice back that their information is incorrect. That Spock is in a relationship with him and he does not appriciate HQ using a 'rumor' as a reason to steal away his communications officer. HQ then responds by demanding that Kirk either have Spock transfered off the Enterprise, transfer himself off or that he marries Spock so that there won't be any legal issues that can crop up and prove detremental to his Command or Starfleet.

Spock & Uhura of course are PISSED when they find out what Jim did. Uhura refuses to allow that Spock is transfered off the Enterprise or that he marries their Slutty Captain and demands the Captain have himself transfered off the Enterprise instead.

Anon would prefer that Spock and Jim choose the forced marriage option and that Jim later transfers off the ship once he realizes he is in love with Spock and can't take feeling Spock having sex with Uhura through the marriage bond anymore. Would of course love you even more if somewhere down the road Spock and Uhura break up and Spock realizes what an idiot he is and chases Jim down to where ever he went to lick his wounds.

Forced Marriage
Unrequented/One-sided K/S

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I have been trying for the past several months to write a spirk fem trek version of the reboot movie, sadly I have not been able to find the time or inspiration  in my busy shcedual.

i would forever be in debt to someone who could write me a version of the movie where fem!jim and fem!spock meet before the kobayashi maru and hit it off and then go through from that point till the end. I'm really not picky about who is and isn't bent just as long as Spock and Kirk are and Spock prime isn't, I would also love if Amanda didn't die but that's just something I would like. I would love if this was a multy chapter story so that I could read it for a while and if you can put in a few naughty bits I would love you forever ;).

p.s. possessive Spock is extreamly sexy, if you catch my drift


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Summary: ST:ID challenge. What happens in the time between Spock punching out Khan and Jim waking up in the hospital? Please include Spock alone in Kirk's quarters holding the tunic Jim changed out of before the space jump (which, of course, smells like him), Spock seeing him after he's frozen in the cryo tube, Spock being present during the transfusion, and - finally - a kiss between dear Jim and Spock - that moment when Spock called him "Jim" and they stared into each other's eyes just begs for a kiss, Bones in the room or no Bones.
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Summary: I haven't seen many ghost/halloween/scary stories in this fandom. Gore and horror not necessary. Happy ending a MUST. Scare me! Ghosts, supernatural, whatever. K/S, of course - your choice what stage of a relationship they're in. Bonus if Kirk thinks he's going crazy, that he's the only on the haunting or whatever is happening to.... He could be waking up sometimes in a mental ward or another reality and not know what is a dream. But Kirk has a strong mind and can over come!
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So I really want to see Jim having a double field in Science.  I also would love to see Spock be very confused (in a very Vulcan way) when Jim actually wears Science Blues instead of command gold.   

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Salyr Artimis Kirk son of Former Captain James T. Kirk aka Dr JT. Renie.

Son of Captain Spock of the USS Enterprise. A man he has never met. A man who dose not even remember his relationship with his "Papa"

Sulyr Artimis Kirk is 6 years old and he is going to find his Father. But he might need a little help.

Would like to see

Sulyr accompaned by a pet. Preferably a large animal

Chris Pike playing a big role.

 Mean Kirk family

Happy Ending

DON"T Do This

NO Jim going back to Iowa to lick his wounds

No Push over, "Oh poor me" Jim. Sure he's upset but don't make him some helpless little flower all of a sudden.


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kirk/spock to be rated for adult audiences

Ok, so I would like a fic where, while kirk is out on an emergency diplomatic mission, spock dies (on a mission down on a planet or whatever).  So mccoy and old spock are standing over spock’s body when old spock suggests that he take his place, by transferring his katra to the younger body and somehow convinces mccoy (if even momentarily) that this is the best course of action so now only he and mccoy know of nu! Spock’s death. So kirk comes back and learns of only old spock’s death, and is none the wiser. Now old spock in new body seizes the chance that he never took in his universe and begins the pursuit of his t’hy’la. I want uhura confused because spock is suddenly enamored with the captian, kirk is reluctant because he isn’t a home wrecker, mccoy feels guilty for using nu!spock’s body for old spock, and I definitely want a possessive, toppy , spock who know what he want and what he wants is his t’hy’la.

Ps likes a bit of angst, p0rn, and happy-mildly happy endings

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Summary: I’m thinking about a story where it takes a lot of time for Spock and Jim to finally realize that they are meant to be together. AU where Federation wants Vulcan to join them. To cement the treaty, James Kirk, prodigy of the Starfleet Academy and Spock, son of the Vulcan Ambassador are to get married. They are both unhappy about it but duty is duty. So there is the awkward weeding, even more awkward weeding night (they have to consummate the marriage but it feels totally wrong) and the weird life of living with a total stranger. They try to make it work but they just can’t do it. Few years later they separate and go their own respective ways. And then 10 years or so later they meet again and sparks fly. They see each other and they just know that they should be together. Whatever was blocking them is now gone and they should have their happily ever after? Nope. Both moved on and are is serious relationships – serious enough for Spock to seek out Jim to fully annul their marriage so that he can bond with his chosen. And they both love their significant others but they just cannot stop thinking about one another. They start an affair which risks not only their personal happiness but also reputation of both Vulcan and Starfleet. Angst, angst and more angst. Bonus points: T’Pau was the one who insisted on Spock’s and Jim’s marriage as she sensed that they are meant to be together and opposed their separation Spock’s and Jim’s partners being OC’s or someone less known in the ST cannon
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Summary: TOS universe, ST:TMP timeframe. Spock returns to the Enterprise to pursue V'ger. Unfortunately (and in a typically most inconvenient manner), it's been 7 years since his first pon farr. Spock is able to maintain some control, thanks to his time at Gol, but the clock is ticking and they still have to contend with V'ger. I like to think that pon farr causes Spock to access some of the gentler emotions he'd spent 3 years denying, and that was the reason for the infamous sickbay scene. :) What can I say? I heart a good pon farr fic.
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Jim and Spock are in a relationship but Jim refuses to allow him to Meld.

Spock takes this as a lack of Commitment. Jim does not want Spock to see the evil he is capable of.

There is a huge fight and it couldn't come at a worse time because the Enterprise has been assigned to assist in rebuilding Tarsus.

Can Jim deal with the demons alone? Especially when he is not the only survivor present and all his old instincts are screaming DANGER?! Can Jim protect his Kids his Crew, and his Love or is he going to lose them as well as his life to the Hell of his past.

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So I've been reading the stories posted here and in some of them there's a joke about Jim reading the harlequin romance novels. lol...So I thought you know he should be staring in one.

So for this story, obviously AU universe where Jim could be rouge-ish devil may care star-ship captain (maybe like a pirate ship), but you know he's a good guy. Has a tarnished reputation for whatever reason and Spock is the sophisticated aristocrat that for whatever reason has to get a ferry service from said star-ship captain. Feel free to play around what their reasons are. So our favorite boys should have their own cheesy romance to remember by.

Please have a happy ending and good character development as they are the oppsoite of each other and they complement each other. Sex of course is a must as this is a romance story with plenty of good humor. Good Luck and Have Fun!!!!

Bonus: Make a cheesy romance title like "Seduced by a Highlander or something.

Extra Bonus: Bones and Sybok are in this and have their own little side story. I'm pictureing like Bones being Jim's funny side-kick and Sybok the bad-ass older brother of Spock. 

Mega Bonus: Sexy times  GALORE!!! Both between Jim and Spock and Bones and Sybok!!!

Have fun and Happy writtings!!!

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Jim gives Spock a cupcake, which leads (of course) to sexytimes.


If the cupcake Jim gives Spock looks like Jim. (Inspiration: )

If Spock gets icing on his nose.


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Summary: Spock had no sexual urges until pon farr, and he was never attracted to anyone. After pon farr, he begins to see Jim in a way he never has before. Jim has always been attracted to Spock, but never considered acting on it because Spock showed no signs of reciprocating. He finds out (and how is up to you, dear author) that Spock is now capable of desire and wants Jim. What do they do now?
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Summary: After particularly harrowing missions, Jim and Spock seek solace in each other's arms. By mutual unspoken consent, they never speak of those stolen moments.
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Spock thinks that Kirk is incapable of loving him because they are both men. He mysteriously leaves on shoreleave, but dows not return. Instead, a gorgeous, beautiful, seductive, and incredibly sexy Vulcan woman comes back, saying that she is their new science officer. Kirk is reluctant to trust her, especially because she is so much like Spock. When the station Spock docked at reports him missing, Kirk has to go back and search for him. Little does he knew that the Vulcan woman trying to seduce him, T'Laya, is Spock, who bought a pendant that would change his sex for one week. Can Spock win over his captain in a female body and find out that Kirk is falling in love with his male one, too? Time is running out until the call comes for a demand to return the pendant and revealing everything to Jim...

Categories: Fiction Characters: girl!Spock

Kirk and Spock decide to take their relationship a step forward and share quarters, but the transition isn't as seamless as they might have hoped.

TOS or Abramsverse, doesn't matter. You decide what issues they have with sharing space (I think room temperature would be one of their problems). I'm 29 and single, so I have no idea what sort of problems come from two people sharing living space full-time. Educate me, please, with this fic. :)

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What I would like is a Shakespeare play with the crew of the Enterprise. 

I would particulary love Twelth Night or Midsummer Nights Dream with Kirk and Spock in the leading roles. 

I would also prefer Top!Spock.

Bonus for having the Characters talk like Shakespeare randomly and the others looking at them weird. 

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Summary: Five times Jim and Spock shared a bed, and one time it led to something more. If you can manage to include a substantial scene from "City On The Edge Of Forever", I'd love you forever. There were only two beds in that room, and one contained Spock's (delicate and immobile) computer project. ; )
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Of course I know there are many k/s shore leave stories, but lately, watching and laughing about a DS9 episode, I was thinking about this: what if the dialogue therein would be not between O'Brien and Major Kira, but...?

As an explanation: in the DS9 episode, Kira is planning to go on leave and O'Brien shall accompany her, prompted by his wife, because Kira is pregnant with their child and might go into labour during her absence. Learning what kind of place they are travelling to, O'Brien backs out, because he was already feeling too close to Kira recently.

So, this was my idea: Kirk and Spock are planning to go on leave together, Kirk, wanting to seduce his friend, books and plans everything, and only when they are already in the hovercar that shall bring them to their destination, the following dialogue - freely interpreted from the DS9 episode - ensues:

Spock: Tell me about the place we are going to.
Kirk: Well, it's... a gorgeous, about two hundred year old cottage. Filled with antiques, sitting in the middle of a deep, dark forest.
Spock: I see.
Kirk: It has three fireplaces and two balconies.
Spock: Ah.
Kirk: It's about twenty miles to the nearest neighbor, thirty miles to the nearest town.
Spock: Ah.
Kirk: And there's this beautiful view...
Spock: Of what?
Kirk: Of the river. You can see it from every room in the house. At night, when the stars are out and you can only hear the rushing water, it is... one of the most romantic spots on the whole planet.
Spock: That is enough! I am not going.

I leave it to you whether he can convince Spock to come with him anyway, or not, and if Spock does, what might happen or not happen in "their" cottage, and whether this is going to be a short affair or a long, complicated and shamelessly romantic love story... :-)

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I want this to be full of angst. 

Can be an established relationship, or something relatively new. I would prefer the reboot characters for this plot.

I want Spock to get a human illness, like cancer, which in the future is normally cured easily. However, because of his Vulcan blood/physiology the treatment is somehow rendered ineffective. I do want a cure to be found (be it through old, archaic methods like chemo, or something created by a relentless genius Bones), but I want It to be a long illness. I really want to see the suffering that Spock goes through, and see Jim taking care of him and also dealing with his grief. I want Spock's situation to look almost hopeless before a cure is found. I would like for this to be a long story, but I'll take what I can get! 

-bonus for a grieving Sarek

-bonus for a comforting Spock Prime

- bonus for a "farewell" meld between Spock and Jim. Make me cry!

Please, please cure Spock. No death fic please.

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