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The Enterpirse has come across a space anomaly called the Nexus and along with the rescued crew they pull out Admiral James T. Kirk (Prime).

Spock and Jim are shocked, Jim rants about a Spock Prime (Selek) lying to him about the universe imploding and Bones complaining because now there are two Jim Kirks loose on the ship, a guarantee that something will go wrong.

Kirk Prime is faced not only his younger counterpart, but a younger him that is not only married & bonded to this Spock but in the early stages of pregnancy with their child. A love that he had only admitted to himself after years of denial, but was too late to confess before he got caught within the Nexus. Things happen and Kirk Prime and Spock Prime are reunited. 

Post Into Darkness. Mpreg. Kirk Prime/Spock Prime Pre-slash & Slash. Kirk/Spock Established relationship.

Absolutly no Kirk/Carol Marcus. None. Zip. I don't like her in either T.O.S or N.U.

Oh, and I hate it but Jim Kirk was on Tarsus IV after running away from an abusive step-father and an absent mother who loved the stars more than her own son who looked like George.

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What if Spock, Kirk, Mirror!Spock and Mirror!Kirk somehow fell in love with each other?  It could be AU, mainly but Mirror!Kirk and Mirror!Spock would have to be, well, cruel, calculating, ruthless, merciless, terrifying, etc.  Somehow Jim and Spock fell into a mirror!verse and met with their counterparts.  Now, the ironic thing is that Mirror!Spock and Mirror!Kirk are bonded, but Jim and Spock are not.  They could be unaware of their feelings, fighting them, or pushing them away, but I want an epic story where Mirror!Spock and Mirror!Kirk become the emperor's of the Empire and Jim and Spock are the compassionate, kind, generous, and gentle people they are in their own universe.  Oh, and I want them all four to stay together.  I don't know how, but whoever picks this up, please just make it so.  Something could've happened in their universes, like both Earth and Vulcan blowing up, that makes Jim and Spock inclined to stay.  Though obviously they want to change things for the better.  An alternate universe that is close to TOS, but maybe mixed with the Nu! versions.  Or something.  Or just a general AU.  Thank you.

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Spock went to Starfleet on one condition; they let him bring his pet Sehlat (Name is up to you) with him. After proving that his Sehlat is harmless and tame to the admirals, the two begin living in San Francisco.However, due to the two's intimidating appearance, nobody ever befriends them.

Years later when Spock is promoted to lietenant commander, something different happens during their evening walk through the park: a mischievous blonde and white alaskan malamute (The name of it is up to you too) tackles Spock's Sehlat and runs away, which gets the Sehlat dragging Spock all over the park in pursuit of the dog.

In a few minutes later, Spock ends up meeting the dog's guardian (who refuses to be called an owner, since the dog is not an object but a living, breathing being), who is James Kirk. Spock and his Sehlat are mesmerized by the pair, especially when the two remain unintimindated, even excited, about the Vulcan and his pet.

Thus a love affair occurs between Jim and Spock, and the dog and Sehlat. Jim isn't a member of Starfleet at all and instead works in a car, motorcycle, and shuttle repair station. Also the dog is a certified therapy canine that often visits veterans, detentionary center for teenagers to change their ways, families of dead soldiers, and/or children who were abused or orphaned.

If there is any sex scene (Humans and vulcans only please), I would like it if Jim was the bottom.

Bonus for Spock trying to get his Sehlat to also be a therapy pet/animal.

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The biological daughter of Spock Prime and Kirk Prime comes back in time to find her Sa-mekh (father) after she finds out that he has fallen through the Black Hole and is now alone in the past. (She acheives this with the help of Q?). 

After losing her dad to the Nexus and Veridan IV, the thought of losing another parent is crippling.

She was raised aboard the Enterprise and is intelligent and logical like her Sa-mehk, but learnt from her dad that sometimes it is only logical to think impulsivly and go with your gut instincts. She is a touch telepath like Spock Prime, but that doesn't stop her from hugging him when she is feeling emotional, say the first time she sees him again. 

She falls through time and finds herself aboard the Enterprise in the presence of the younger counterparts of her parents who help her reunite with Spock Prime.

Spock and Uhura are drifting apart romatinically, what with Spock witnising Jim's death at the hands of Khan and only realising in Jims last moments that they are T'hy'la, and he and Jim spending most of their off-duty time together. Spock Prime did not mention that he and Kirk Prime had bonded, that they are T'hy'la and had a daughter because he wanted them to find that out for themselves, but the apperance of his and Kirks daughter is the final push and they admit they're feeling to each other. 

Put in some angst, action, romance, Mpreg, hurt/comfort and a happy ending for Jim and Spock. Maybe some Uhura & Scotty at the end and some Bones/Carol? Do anything, but please have a happy ending with Spock and Jim together. But no Carol/Jim, I never liked her even in the original. Please. also, Bones finds this all disturbing, but also hilarious.

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Make Winona Kirk and S'chn T'gai Sarek marry, thus making Jim and Spock brothers.

It is a challenge because I think it would be challenging to make it work. Make it so!

Categories: Fiction Characters: Sarek

T'Pau of Vulcan is one of the most famous and intimidating beings in galactic history, right up there with Surak. She is also one hell of grandmother. When her great grandson came looking for help with his bondmate, James, she could only extend her best help. When her grandson and his wife came seeking protection as well, what can be said, family is family. The Clan of Surak has left Vulcan. When Stonn and T'Pring came after them, looking to take the whole clan down into the depths of hell, T'Pau does something she has been doing since birth: kicking ass and making people shit their pants. But when they're brought before the Fedaration for the events which lead to the end of Romulus, will whatever remaining of both sides have their happily evert after? Rules: 1) Not so much as a hair is touched on Amanda's head. I'm getting sick of her being dead. 2) The supernova which destroyed Romulus happens a century early. Our favorite family accidentally makes it to boom, and kills Nero's ancestors. 3) Happy ending. 4) No Nero. 5) No Nero. And 6) ABSUTLEY, UNDER NO CIRCUNSTANCES CAN THERE BE A NERO!!!!!!!!!! Good luck. ~LIG327

Categories: Fiction Characters: Amanda, Sarek, Stonn, T'Pring

Take the scene Take me or Leave me from RENT (Can be found and watched on you tube here: ) and apply the situation to Kirk and Spock. Either can be Maureen and Either can be Jo Ann.

Here are the song Lyrics:

Every single day,
I walk down the street
I hear people say 'baby so sweet'
Ever since puberty,
Everybody stares at me
Boys, girls, I can't help it baby
so be kind, and don't lose your mind
just remember that I'm your baby

take me for what I am
who I was meant to be
and if you give a damn
take me baby,
or leave me

take me or leave me

a tiger in a cage
can never see the sun
this diva needs her stage
baby,lets have fun.
you are the one I choose
folks would kill to fill your shoes
you love the lime light too, now baby,
so be mine and don't waste my time cryin'
'honey bear are you still my, my, my baby?'

take me for what I am
who I was meant to be
and if you give a damn
take me baby or leave me

no way, can I be what I'm not
but hey, don't you want your girl hot?

oh, don't fight, don't lose your head
'cause every night who's in your bed?
who's in your bed?
spoken: kiss pookie

it won't work
I look before I leap
I love margins and discipline
I make list in my sleep baby
whats my sin?
never quit
I follow through
I hate mess but I love you
what do with my improptu baby?
so be wise 'cause this girl satisfies
you got a prize but don't compomise
your one lucky baby

JOANNE: take me for what I am
MAUREEN: a control freak
JOANNE: who I was meant to be
MAUREEN: a snob yet over attentive
JOANNE: and if you give a damn
MAUREEN: a loveable droll geek
JOANNE: take me baby or leave me
MAUREEN: an anal retentave

BOTH: thats it
JOANNE: the straw that breaks my back
BOTH: i quit
JOANNE: unless you take it back
MAUREEN:What is it about them?
BOTH: can't live with them or without them

BOTH: take me for what i am
JOANNE: who i was meant to be
MAUREEN: who i was meant to be
and if you give a damn
JOANNE: and if you give a damn then
take me baby, or leave me
MAUREEN:take me baby, take me or leave me
BOTH: take me baby or leave me
BOTH: spoken: guess i'm leaving, i'm gone!


The scene must end as is but Feel free to add an eppilouge of sorts as to whether the two stay together or not.

any universe is ok and the story can be anylength on the condition it is a one shot.

The story can also include more than the scene as long as the scene in its entirety is within the story.

All ratings are welcome, so use your imagination.

Points if you can make the scene somehow match the song for and/or double points for making the song lyrics fitch the speech patterns and personality of Jim Kirk and/or Spock.

All versions of Kirk/Spock can be used: Older Spock, TOS Kirk/Spock, Mirror Verse Kirk/Spock, Abrams Kirk/Spock. and any and all characters you see fit to add can be added.

I have made a story like this but I think it can be donte better. Good luck!

Categories: Fiction, Ficlets Characters: None

I would like you to listen to the song by Tape Five called 'Tango For A Spy (remastered)' And base what you write on what impressions you get when listening.

Please DO NOT use lyrics.

No rating limit, no word limit, no imagination limit.

Categories: Filks and Songs, Fiction Characters: None
Summary: NO NO NO NO this cant be happening I have to control it he needs me to support him I have to control it it's over he's not going to hurt us anymore, then why do I hear laughing? '' Dad! dad can you hear me? snap out of it, DAD! '' Tom is he ok? oh no dont tell me that laughing is Kodos, I have to find Tommy get him out of here JT looks around sees Tommy and calms down a bit then his head snaps up to see his professor coming towards them Jim thinks he's Kodos

[im going to apologize now b/c i read some of these fics and when i think to much about them i kinda combine them so if you see something thats yours sorry again if you want i'll delete the challenge]

1] jim has panic attack that he cant control and that leads him to having flash backs/ acting
2] jim and spock are together (spock wanders bout jims scars like the one that says GK jim says reminder)
3] teacher says/shows assignment (jim walks out and doesnt do the assignment spock wants to stop him but doesnt)
4] days/weeks later Tom shows up as a guest lecture they speak jim want to walk out but tom stops him by sayin dad please I cant do this alone
5] Tom lectures and shows som pics of him and the rest of the kids jim saved(during and after tarsus the kids he saves calls him dad )
6/1] back to the panic attack
7] you can have kodos in here if you want tortureing,branding w/e if u want
8] tom tries to bring jim back to the hear and now doesnt work so he calls his bro's and sis's via tellepathy then askes spock and bones (spock -ta bones knows little bout jim and tarsus)
9] jim passes out when they successfully bring him back mumbling why must all/every james kirk go to tarsus (doesnt remember saying it when asked)
10] class askes questions they answer with pics/words (jim still asleep)
11] kids deside to show class a video jim took of kodos explaining why he did it (he didnt need to the planet was healthy with no fungus/deaseses)
12] class (more importantly spock and bones) are horrified, angry,and some are crying

[try to maks it a happy ending you can pick and choose what ypu wantin the story and how long you want it [again sorry to the other authors]]
Categories: Fiction Characters: None

For all it's Horror Tarsus was the only place a young Jim ever considered a real home.

Take the Following Lyrics and write a fic.

One Shots Ok but Mutli chapters are more fun for me to read.



I'm staring out into the night,
Trying to hide the pain.
I'm going to the place where love
And feeling good don't ever cost a thing.
And the pain you feel's a different kind of pain.

Well I'm going home,
Back to the place where I belong,
And where your love has always been enough for me.
I'm not running from.
No, I think you got me all wrong.
I don't regret this life I chose for me.
But these places and these faces are getting old,
So I'm going home.
Well I'm going home.

The miles are getting longer, it seems,
The closer I get to you.
I've not always been the best man or friend for you.
But your love remains true.
And I don't know why.
You always seem to give me another try.

So I'm going home,
Back to the place where I belong,
And where your love has always been enough for me.
I'm not running from.
No, I think you got me all wrong.
I don't regret this life I chose for me.
But these places and these faces are getting old,

Be careful what you wish for,
'Cause you just might get it all.
You just might get it all,
And then some you don't want.
Be careful what you wish for,
'Cause you just might get it all.
You just might get it all, yeah.

Oh, well I'm going home,
Back to the place where I belong,
And where your love has always been enough for me.
I'm not running from.
No, I think you got me all wrong.
I don't regret this life I chose for me.
But these places and these faces are getting old.
I said these places and these faces are getting old,
So I'm going home.
I'm going home.

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Well, loads of K/s fics make a mention of Tarsus IV, and there are many out there which attempt to show how something like that would affect a person, and where Spock comforts Kirk. I love all these fics to death.

However, Kirk's feelings of unworthiness and habits which stem from Tarsus VI are usually glossed over, with the exception of nightmares, and once true love is introduced and Kirk gets a Vulcan teddy, everything seems to get completely better.

My mother was in an abusive relationship when I was younger, and it essentially ended with my sharing an airbed on a tile floor with my younger sister for three months, and often having no food available in the house except instant noodles, which we had to cook in the microwave as my mother's partner controlled all our family's finances, and locked away all our documents. We didn't have an oven, hob, kettle or freezer for about three months. I know that this has given me issues. I can't sleep unless I'm in a proper bed with a thick blanket and two pillows, and I panic if I don't have at least a month's worth of food in the house. (it sounds kind of whingey when I put it like that, actually...)

That's a whole lot less traumatic than Tarsus VI.

So, I would like to see how something like that would affect someone - eating disorder, hoarding behavior, panic attacks, ect. - and having the crew actually notice, because the crew of the USS Enterprise are awesome like that. Usually Bones knows, because he's Kirk's doctor and oldest friend, but the crew never seem to find out.

So, my challenge is this: Have circumstances somehow force Kirk to tell the crew about Tarsus IV.

BONUS:If there is established!K/S with Spock reassuring Kirk that no, it won't change the way the crew sees you, unless it makes them admire you more for surviving, and that Tarsus was horrible, but helped make the Jim Kirk he loves, and everyone else will see it that way too.

SUPER BONUS: If Spock Prime is the first person to put the pieces together, as Kirk Prime had the same issues, and helps nu!Kirk deal, both by talking his issues out, and by suggesting he switch his hoarding spots to better hidden places Kirk Prime eventually found and coping methods.

SUPERDUPERMEGA BONUS: The crew are totally epic about it, and build in a ship pantry near Kirk's quarters, even though the replicators work fine.

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Scott

Jim has been on his own since he was 15. Sam ran when he was 12. He couldn't take Franks S**** anymore and Winnona has not come looking for him.

Jim meets "the Vulcan" as he will later take to calling him at 16

Jim gets help raising the kid(s) from T'pol of Vulcan who was a friend of Jim's Godmother Hoshi Saito.

Find a way to work in the bar scene.

*Bonus points for a multi birth (Twins or Triplets)

  Boy Jim Preferred Girl!Jim accepted

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Summary: I've been wondering how Kirk was able to go though the Narada and find Captain Pike alone. I've come up with an answer: Spock took a page from his counterpart and did a mindmeld to convey the info. What else did he see during the meld?
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First challenge!!!

Spock has a human cousin that looks quite like him, NOT identical but has exactly the same voice, he's an actor and his company is being transported on the Enterprise. He's atracted to Jim and he always get his way when he likes someone (he's a charmer!!), Jim likes him a lot (hey! he looks and SOUNDS like Spock!) but he knows that he would lose his chance with Spock if he sleeps with his cousin.
The sly cousin notes the actraction between Jim and Spock and uses his voice to seduce Jim, starts to speak like Spock (no contractions, calls Jim captain, etc) and one night he's waiting for Kirk wearing one of Spock's uniforms (Vulcan haircut and everything!) Jim is VERY tempted...what does he do??

Categories: Fiction Characters: None
Summary: Overly-mushy pet names annoy me, especially in K/S. It seems out of character for our boys to constantly call each other "my love", "beloved", etc, in everyday circumstances. I'd like to see a fic where the way Jim says Spock's name (or vice versa) makes it a term of endearment. Bonus points if some else clues into this before our boys do. Extra bonus points if our boys aren't romantically involved but become so as a result of realising the reason for that "special something" in the way they say each other's names.
Categories: None Characters: None

You know how some parents don't cut their boys' hair and kept them long like a girl's? And then some of those boys are so androgynous that they look like girls? Winona is one of those parents and Jim is one of those boys. She likes to grow young!Jim's hair long and occasionally style them like a girl's for fun.

Living on Vulcan, Spock doesn't have much opportunities to observe other races so when he meets Jim at a party or something he wasn't able to tell whether Jim is a boy or a girl. It's like you can tell whether an adult poultry bird is a male or a female with a look but can't with young chicks. 

Young!Spock became enamored with young!Jim. "I have determined that due to our high compatibility rate that it is only logical for the two of us to bond in the near future." Of course, he meant being engaged but Jim is just like "Aww, you're so cute with your big words that I don't understand but okay. Sure, why not." Thus, Spock proceeds to drag Jim to their parents to tell them of his intent.

--Spock follows Jim around like a besotted selhat to protect him from the troubles that Jim often finds himself in, as well as keeping potential suitors away.

Categories: None Characters: None

For this challange it's going to be AU of Abrams's Verse. This is inspired now by the motion picture of the same name and a book I once read.

Since Spock is the son of the Vulcan ambassador, his life is threatened by someone who wants revenge against ambassador Sarek. So of course Sarek contacts Star Fleet to provide the best protection they could for Spock. Star Fleet is like an intergalactic police force.

The protection of course is their number one agent James T. Kirk. Since Spock now has to be under constant guard, Star Fleet orders Jim to pretend to be Spock's fiance in order to make it plausble that Jim will now move in with Spock. Also in order to lay the trap for the psycho, Spock and Jim move into a new place in like a subberbia type of location and introduce themselves to the locals.  So of course now they have to act like a couple and get along like one.

I would like Jim and Spock to clash as their personalities are different and that they grow together as the story goes. Also Spock could come off as rigid/bossy bastard in the beginning and Jmm more devil may care; but astute and brilliant (as he is very good at his job).

Please have a happy ending, even if at one point Jim takes a shot for Spock or something. Feel free to play around with the idea, I just thought of off hand. Have fun and enjoy!!!

Bonus: sexy-times between the boys once they admit their feelings of one another. I would like one possessive encounter after someone in town hits on Jim or Spock. But, again feel free to play around how you like^^

Categories: None Characters: None

I promise the person who writes this my first child. Or my next kitty, whatever comes first. (most likely the kitty, you have been warned)
So much love to whoever makes this happen. I am even willing to beg. I choose Uhura for being the "bad one" but as for as I care you could make it whoever you see fitting. ;o)


Jim is not the confident cocky skirt chaser. He is very withdrawn, not to say shy and doesn't go out, at all. All he cares about are is studies. He barley talks to anyone. He is a first year on the engineering track. The command track is not (yet) part of his schooling. He is the top of all his classes but nobody knows because he doesn't tell, nobody asks. The only time he does talk is about topics he loves. But only with ppl he feels safe with.

Because he does not react to advances of either men or women at all it becomes some kind of sport for the other cadets to get the „elusive one“!

Uhura is first in line because she actually tried to hook up with Kirk in some bar and he, of course, did not jump at the idea to have a quick tumble in the sheets. So Uhura wants to proof herself and everybody else that she can have whoever she wants. Just to drop Jim as soon as she had him.

Spock, who Uhura is really interested in, finds out and takes it up himself to „rescue“ Jim from Uhura (and the other cadets) by telling Jim what’s going one...Spock is of course not happy with Uhura and shows it!

Spock discovers that Jim is something special and much love ensures, but first Spock has to fight Jims shyness and lacking self-esteem, for part of why Jim does not react to advances at all is because he does not understand why anyone would have him.

Must haves:

  •     reboot vers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  •     Uhura bashing (I love her, but Spock belongs to Jim, sorry girl)
  •     Jim, shy, shy, shy and yes virgin if possible.
  •     Super smart Jim
  •     badass Spock while dealing with the other cadets, cuddly bear while dealing with Jim
  •     the only ppl Jim has any bond with are Scotty and Bones.


It is up to you why Jim is so shy, bad childhood or only ever called Georges Son, not ever seen for himself, Tarsus IV...whatever you want.


Make it believable that someone with Jims looks is as he is, a character study so to speak, so shy, and does not understand what others might see in him.

It is up to you if anybody else of the bridge crew is in this story. I would whoever love to see a certain Vulcan couple.

Bonus: if you can make it NC-17 it would be awesome.

BonusBonus: if Jim has a bit of a "OMG" moment the first time he gets „close“ with Spock

Bonus³: get Jim as geeky and nerdy as possible. Glasses and ugly but comfy cloth, no sense of style or interest in it. But at some point he actually „cleans up“ and all the bad little cadets get to see it. Muahahaha!




Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy, Scott, Uhura

Ok here goes There is this major house on Vulcan called the House of Kerok it was founded by Suraks Brother.... The heir to the house is a full Vulcan "George Kirk" who changed his name to the Human one he rejected the teachbings of surak and was cast out he joined star fleet and met Winona and married/slash bonded with her. ok she becomes pregnant with his child who he desides to have engeneered to look human and he wants to raise him human however the narada kills both parents J'im Kerok aka James T'Kirk is raised by his vulcan grandparents the high counsil is po'd because he is so human and they cast the whole clan out the House of Kerok goes to earth Riverside and become vulcans answer to Am ish they have a huge farm complex and little Jim is raised in accordance with is fathers wishes by his grandfather and grand mother now bonus points if Spock dispises Kirk because he considers him Vosh Katur and treats him as such what would even be funier iif T'pau is secretly trying to bring the house of Kerok back to good standing because she knows how it feels to have a half breed grand son

Categories: Fiction Characters: Original Character(s)
Summary: I know that Star Trek V was a terrible movie, but what I don’t understand is how come hardly anyone has attempted to exploit the slashy potential within. So my challenge is this: Sybok was sent away from Vulcan for corrupting Spock when Spock was perhaps a little too young for such things (after all, t’hy’la means brother as well as lover, right?). Spock learned the lesson that only women are acceptable – which is why he turned Jim down at the end of the 5-year mission (in spite of his true feelings) and went to Gol. This broke Jim’s heart quite seriously, but Spock never realised this and Bones never knew what happened. When Spock later died and went through fal tor pan, Jim’s offer was one of the things he forgot. So at STV when they go camping, Spock is all BFF with Jim and acting like the offer never happened. Jim is going along with it, but is suffering from long-term unrequited love. When Sybok comes back, Spock has to deal with all the memories that pop up. Then Sybok doesn’t give Jim a choice about facing his pain, and Spock and Bones find out what’s been wrong with Jim for years. When they get to the planet and are attacked by the crazy god creature and Jim gets left behind, Spock is determined to get Jim back and have another chance. He forces the Klingons to help. “Not in front of the Klingons” is an unmistakeable come-on, and Jim and Spock later explore the final frontier together to their complete satisfaction. Bonus points for: Soft-hearted curmudgeonly Bones Dancing Uhura “I know this ship like the back of my hand” *thunk* Any takers?
Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy