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Summary: Abrams!Universe. It's a year/two years into the mission and Spock Prime has managed to convince his young counterpart that Jim is their t'hy'la and that he should attempt to start a relationship with him. Spock and Uhura either went through an amicable break-up or end it in the story, author's choice. Spock starts spending time with Jim and gets to know him since he has kept things purely business between them up to this point. During a chess game/after a video call from Prime, Jim asks Spock to translate the word t'hy'la for him and asks whether he is this Spock's t'hy'la aswell. Spock admits it but refuses to translate the word. He tells Jim that he doesn't think he is ready to know yet and will tell him each definition when he believes he is capable of understanding and returning the feeling behind them. I'd like to see the three separate occasions where Jim proves he can be Spock's friend, brother and lover and maybe a bonding ceremony at the end? *Puss in Boots eyes* I'd also like to see Spock Prime interacting with Jim and being flirty, loving and paternal all in one. Possibly with a few conversations about what they could have had together if Spock had refused and an ending where Spock suggests he might share during Prime's Time and the occasional shore leave. If Sarek could make an appearance, I'd be very happy.
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So for this challenge I would like to request an unexpected family for Jim and Spock:

So Jim’s brother Sam and his wife died in an unfortunate accident of some kind and they had 3 children. I think the first 2 should be boys and the youngest one a girl. They are all pretty young with the oldest boy being around 10 or so and the baby girl being maybe 4 or 5. They are of course all traumatized by the death of their parents. Each of the kids has his or her own way of dealing with it. I’ll leave it up to the author I thinking along the lines of the baby girl going mute or maybe the middle child since their parents died and maybe the oldest is angry and acts like a delinquent? I’ll leave it you and to top it all off they are being told that they will be living on a Fleet Flagship with their uncle who they have not met. Jim Kirk is the only living relative they have so Star Fleet is of course sending the kids to Jim.

Jim is one his 2nd year of command after the Narada incident. He and Spock have slowly become friends. It’s during this time the kids arrive on the Enterprise to be with Jim. Jim of course gets like a paternal instinct and takes cares of his nieces and nephews as if they were his own. But, Jim gets over whelmed with taking care of the kids and running the ship. Spock of course steps in to help him. They grow closer during this time and the children not only bond greatly with Jim but with Spock as well. Spock also gets protective with the children the kids give their trust freely to Spock and go to him when they can’t reach Jim.

I have this one scene in my head where Jim passes out in exhaustion and Spock comes in to check on him and puts a blanket over him and then checks on the kids. The little girl awake when Spock checks in on her and asks him to read her a bed time story. So of course Spock does it and then all 3 children lie on the bed listening to Spock and falling asleep. After the story is over Spock can’t move cause if he does then the kids will wake up so he stays like that all night and falls asleep. That’s how Jim finds all of them in the morning and Jim pretty much falls in love with Spock/realizes he’s in love with Spock.

The kids, once they warm up to Jim and Spock; lets not forget Uncle Bone and the rest of the crew of course Plot of get Jim and Spock together to make a new family.

Feel free to play around how ever you want^^ Have fun and happy writings^^

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In all the mpreg stories in this archive the baby is wanted and loved at least by one parent almost from the very beginning. What about a very angsty mpreg story? Jim and Spock are captured by Romulans and interrogated. To break them they are tortured but when it doesn't bring any results, one of the Romulan commanders who knows that Spock and Jim are an item, rapes Spock in front of Kirk. It doesn't work as well and eventually both are rescued by Starfleet. After few weeks Spock discovers that he is pregnant. They both hope with Jim that the child is theirs but the DNA test confirms that the baby is half Romulan. They are both devastated but for the sake of the Vulcan principles and because child will be majorly of Vulcan genetic makeup, Spock decides to carry to full term and then give child for adoption. Full time angst - Jim is really struggling to understand why Spock just won't abort, because every time he sees his growing belly he thinks about what was done to Spock. Spock at the same time is confused about his feelings; on one side he hates what his child represents, on the other, with the pregnancy progressing, he bonds with the infant and starts to love him/her. Kirk sees that and is furious - they fight, say hurtful words. Spock leaves to the Vulcan colony, unsure what he will do after the birth and Jim stays on the Enterprise to cool off. They both have to decide how to go on from that point.

Extra bonuses:

The Romulan commander who raped Spock finds out that the Vulcan is pregnant and kidnaps him. The reason - he was considered sterile and Spock's child is the only chance for him to have offspring - Jim to the rescue.

By some reason Kirk is the one who needs to deliver Spock's child

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People use Spock to break Jim by turning Spock into a sex-driven dom (how sadistic and/or possessive you want Spock to become is up to the writer).  They can use mind altering drugs, hyponosis, electric stimulation, and aphrodiasics on Spoke (Electric stimulation must be used).  Spock is then turned on Jim where Spock uses his own powers/skills to change Jim's mentality along with a sex machine. 


I want the two men to learn how to deal with the trauma after they have been deprogram (if you have them de-programmed).  The ending does not have to be happy. 

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I wanted to to see what would happen if the Abrams universe were to wind up getting blasted 104 years in the past and meeting the first Enterprise. Their ship is almost destroyed, most of their people dead. There are few survivors. The bridge crew, Sarek, Amanda (Yeah, I went there), Scotty, T'Pau, Spock Prime, Pike, Winona Kirk, McCoy, Chapel, and Keenser. Trapped in 2154, they have to figure out a way home. Enter some Starfleet magic and the team is further blasted to 2063, 3 days before First Contact and then blast them somewhere else. The major characters on NX-01 will come along too. Home is the last place from there. Good luck!!!!

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I've heard a lot of stories in abrams verse in which spock is with uhura and then breaks up with her and gets with kirk. Usually its because he's gay or him and uhura really don't click. I just thought of a different idea and would like to see what people do with it

-Spock and Uhura are together and in a serious relationship but have never had sex
-They are going to get it on and Spock sees !surprise! that Uhura has male genitalia. Que explanation (prefer if Uhura is MTF transgender but is holding off on final procedures for career reasons)
-Spock breaks up with Uhura (Bonus points if hes nice about it; extra bonus points if its not a lack of attraction but a responsibility to reproduce [Spock Prime is on New Vulcan (call him whatever you want if you include him) in Spock's place but can't reproduce due to age i.e. Spock, not necessarily all Vulcans, can only produce in pon farr. Spock Prime is too old for pon farr)
-This is the good part, spock really gets to like Kirk and wants to start a relationship (can be as far later as you want) but would feel like a total hypocrite after dumping Uhura for a reason that could be applicable to kirk
-Spock finds out that Kirk is FTM transgender or hermaphroditic and therefore capable of having kids/ attractive to him but is also holding off on final change if transgender due to career reasons. (bonus points if he finds out through McCoy)
-Spock and Kirk get together after this development 
-First time recommended but optional
-Uhura finds out and is heartbroken (bonus points if mature about it)

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