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I think the clearest moment we realize that Kirk loves Spock is in the Squire of Gothos,  At the duel,  Kirk wants himself and Trelane to shoot at the same time.  Trelane wants to shoot first.  In order to get the first shot Trelane immediately aims at Spock (notice there are several other crew members there  to point at).  Kirk doesn’t even hesitate in his decision to let Trelane indeed fire first when Spock is threatened.  What are Spock and Kirk thinking?  Does Spock realize in that moment Kirk loves him?  Does Kirk suddenly realize he loves Spock?  What was the conversation about when they returned to the ship?  As always Spock is probably bothered by the fact that Kirk puts himself in harm’s way to save him.  It is not logical for a ship’s captain to die before first officer.  What do you think?

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I'd love to see a fic wherein Pike cares so damned much about Jim Kirk because George Kirk was cheating on Winona with Pike.

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I was listening to the Wicked Soundtrack and got caught on the song titled "What is this feeling?" Elphaba (aka the future Wicked Witch of the West) doesn't like Galinda (The Good Witch) because she's blonde, and Galinda doesn't like Elphaba because she's "Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and all together impossible to describe" (aka. green). I don't want to say more just in case there is someone who still hasn't seen it and wants to.

Anyway, the challenge is to have a pre-slash (maybe leading up to full slash) story following the lines of Wicked with Spock playing the part of Elphaba and Jim playing the part of Galinda. It only really works if they both come to Starfleet academy at the same time, but otherwise free-style it. Include whomever you like, but I do like happy endings.

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Somehow Kirk is turned into a wild breed of feline (ex. Tiger, leopard, lynx, smilodon, lematya or alien species). The crew is cautiously fearful of their captains new form, so Spock takes over as feline!Kirk's caretaker because he has experience with large dangerous animals, ie his childhood pet I'Chaya. So feline!Kirk shares meals with Spock, follows him everywhere, sleeps in his quarters and maybe on the bed as well and falls "in love" with his Vulcan caregiver.

Bonus: if Kirk retains the ability to take on the feline form at will after he is returned to being human.

Bonus major: Spock and feline!Kirk engage in acts of bestiality before Kirk turns back to human. Kirk can be barbed or un-barbed as per Anon's choice.


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Kirk/Spock story laced with events from either King Kong, Tarzan, or both

1. Either Spock or Kirk must be the adventurer that gets into the situation by either crash landing on a strange planet (Vulcan, Earth, Other) or by getting lost while exploring a new planet while aboard the Enterprise. 

2. Can be AU, TOS, or XI

3. Can have an Evil Bady in it (recomended)

4. (optional) Can take place before Earth was civalized or Vulcan became reformed through Surak

BONUS: McCoy tags along for the ride

BONUS: You make Jim the 'Golden Sacrifice' like in King Kong

BONUS: The cliff scene in King Kong, or the fight scenes in Tarzan

BONUS: Happy Ending


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Fairy Tales! We all love them even a certain Vulcan. Okay the challenge Kirk Spock McCoy and whoever you want are exploring a new planet once they get there they are subjected to fairy tales! Either they be Disney Grimm or whatever version. You can use whatever fairy tale you wish bonus if you mix them up, but a couple of things are need but not all are required.

1: Costumes! They don't need to be in costumes the whole story but cut/humors scene with Kirk in a princess dress it doesn't have to be Kirk but bonus if he is and double if Spock says Jim looks nice.

2: The landing party must meet fairy tale characters.

4 no wait 3. Phasers are not allowed they have to use swords or whatever weapon magical or not.

And 4 very important 4 true loves kiss must in the fic, it doesn't have to be one couple kisses, if Chekov and Sulu are there they can kiss Scotty and Uhura can to but Spock and Kirk must kiss!

5 Establish relationships are expectable but pre slash makes it fun.

6 it can be The Original series or the reboot and of cores have fun be silly and fluffy.

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We all love that green, v-neck wrap tunic (with rank on the sleeves, not shoulders) that only Jim Kirk can make look butch. Admit it. You love that tunic. You watch episodes of original Trek just for that tunic, and secretly hope that they recreate it in the next film, if only for a moment. But who else loves Jim wearing that tunic?

This is shameless worship of the wrap tunic. You can make it a 5-and-1, poem, drabble, whatever. I just wanna know the myriad ways that Jim makes that tunic look GOOD, and who amongst the crew agrees.

Extra points if someone notes that Kirk is the only captain who wears this variation on the standard uniform tunic and wonders why. More points if another person can answer why.

A million points if you can make Jim hesitant to wear it at first but completely sold on it when the sheer SEXY of it drives a certain Vulcan science officer to distraction.

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I want to see a modren day Abrams universe AU where Jim is in collage and accidently texts Spock's cell phone when trying to text Bones. Jim of course apologizes. I want it to be that Jim put Bones' number in wrong so everytime he tries to text Bone' he texts Spock.  Later I want Spock and Jim to bump in to eachother and grab the others phone by mistake. I want this to start off where they dont know eachother and end with them in a commited relationship.

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