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Hello, I love both of these series and Love to see a Star Trek AU of X-Men. So for this challange here are a few of my requests:

I would like a AU star trek world where mutants are not only from Earth but from other worlds as well. Thus, there is a school for "gifted" individuals to learn and harness their abilities. Captain Pike or Ambassador Sarek should be the "Professor Xavior" of this story.

Spock should have telepahy/telekinesis for his powers for obvious reasons. Although, I some how see Jim having like Gambit's abilities I'll leave Jim's and the rest of the gang up to the Author. Bones, Scotty, and Sybok perhaps could be instructors.

I like in this story for Jim to have a troubled past because of his family and his powers and he is a run-away found by the "Professor Xavior" of this story. He is invited to the school for a chance to belong and to learn. Jim is cocky, and has a devil may care attitude but this is just a image he projects in fear of getting close to close to someone and getting hurt. I would like Spock to reach out and break Jim's walls. How you want the Thy'la bond to work in this AU s up to you.

I see that this story can go in many directions, for example:Uhara chould be persueing Spock and When Jim enters the school the tension could build between the characters. Spock could be an instructor and Jim a student, etc. What ever direction this story takes I'll leave up to the author, however my only request is that Spock and Jim have a happy ending.

I would also like to request a side pairing for this story Bones/Sybok (I read a story by CMM where this pairing just stole my heart).

So have fun and looking forward to reading anyone who answers this challange! P.S. feel free to include sexy times between our favorite boys^-~

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Hi to all,

I am sure there are stories which have covered this topic. I have read a few of them myself. But I didn't find what I was looking for, so hear goes.

 I want to read a story where Spock is facing xenophobia from a superior officer and Kirk doesn't know initially and is puzzled by his strange behaviour. This behaviour could be anything really, but perhaps the xenophobe is an admiral or superior who is giving Spock orders which dont sit well with him or otherwise making comments or implying that he is inferior. He eventually progresses into actual abuse of authority so severe (Maybe physical) that Jim notices and then proceeds to kick ass.

Spock may have some special reason for concealing it or its just I'm Vulcan and unaffected excuse or If Jim found out he would be in trouble excuse or any other really. As long as Spock doesn't confide in Jim and/or McCoy until after being prodded and cornered or faced with intcontrovertible evidence. I would love it if Spock is trying oh so hard to pretend that there is no need to feel hurt because its illogical but still conveys his inner feelings only to Jim.

If you can manage to work it into the story maybe its somehow linked to Vulcan's destruction or his mother's death but I don't really care if its TOS or Abrams uni. I would just love some angst, hurt/comfort and then eventually K and S falling in love.

Bonus: If Kirk has to use creative powers to get this person out of Spock's life.

Double Bonus: If the crew also shows overt or covert support of Spock by making this person's life miserable.

Thank you for reading this one. I hope its intrigued someone enough to try this out. I would love to read a story like this. I would be glued to the computer for even longer than I am now.

Thanks again!!





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