S/U & a K/S Forced Marriage by dreamwind

Someone at Starfleet HQ hears about Spock and Uhura and decides to have Uhura transfered off the Enterprise for having an affair with a supirior officer and still being listed under his command. They send the transfer notice to Jim, who knows Spock and Uhura are totally in love, sends a notice back that their information is incorrect. That Spock is in a relationship with him and he does not appriciate HQ using a 'rumor' as a reason to steal away his communications officer. HQ then responds by demanding that Kirk either have Spock transfered off the Enterprise, transfer himself off or that he marries Spock so that there won't be any legal issues that can crop up and prove detremental to his Command or Starfleet.

Spock & Uhura of course are PISSED when they find out what Jim did. Uhura refuses to allow that Spock is transfered off the Enterprise or that he marries their Slutty Captain and demands the Captain have himself transfered off the Enterprise instead.

Anon would prefer that Spock and Jim choose the forced marriage option and that Jim later transfers off the ship once he realizes he is in love with Spock and can't take feeling Spock having sex with Uhura through the marriage bond anymore. Would of course love you even more if somewhere down the road Spock and Uhura break up and Spock realizes what an idiot he is and chases Jim down to where ever he went to lick his wounds.

Forced Marriage
Unrequented/One-sided K/S

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress
Characters: Uhura
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