Spock's Brother by Sochya

I would love a long or short story that somehow encompasses Spock's brother Sybok. Can be in nu!Trek or in TOS!Trek (if you want to make it an AU to make it work).

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Characters: McCoy
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Clan, Family, and T'hy'la by CMM Rated: ADULT (NC-17) starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 429]


This is in answer to Shamrock220's A Place in Father's Arms challenge. It is a really long challenge, so I am going to summarize it. Feel free to go to the challenges page and look up the whole thing if you wish. Briefly, it goes like this:

it's set post-Nero, but Amanda survived. Jim and Spock are a couple. Sarek won't let them bond and threatens to bounce Spock right out of the Vulcan club. Spock tells him to get bent, and they appear before the High Council to do a little family mediation. T'Pau defends Spock and Jim because they are t'hy'la, the most rare and sacred of bonds. Not only does T'Pau allow them to bond, she arranges for Jim and Spock to spend a year at the new colony, with Spock on the High Council. For his sins, Sarek is shunned for one year; no one on Vulcan will interact with him on a social level. He goes off into the mountains on a pilgrimage, to get his head together. Jim doesn't want Spock's father to die, so he plants a transponder on him, hoping to keep him safe. Trouble ensues, but a happy ending will happen.

That's pretty much it. This will take awhile. Off we go...

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Challenges: A Place in Father's arms, Spock's Brother
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