Defrosted and confused by TLara

Ever seen "Austin Powers" (the first film)? Maybe even loved it for its self-ironic, clichee and meme parodying undertones?
OK, then read on:
James T. Kirk is a Starfleet hero who has made it to his agenda to fight the insane machinations of "Dr. Evil" (insert galactic super-villain here) and his imperium of maniacs. When the latter disappears after having put himself into stasis (or a cryogenic frozen state or undergone a similar procedure), Kirk decides selflessly to let himself be put into stasis too - to save the universe in case "Dr. Evil" returns. Which he does of course. So, Kirk gets "defrosted" and is confronted with a world that has considerably changed since his last contact with it. Dr. Evil has to face the same problem of course. To complicate matters, Kirk is a real tomcat, always horny and willing and on the prey - which has been part of his fame and well-accepted, even admired, in his own time, but - times a changin' - is frowned upon in the future. But despite his erotic conquests he has only really loved one person ever - insert Spock here. ;-) They were working together in his own time and were best friends but had never acted on their mutual romantic interest because Spock was already in a committed partnership then. BUT: The defrosted Kirk is introduced to his new partner who will work with him on this case: Spock's son or grandson (which is well into the future, as Vulcans have a long lifespan)! Who is at least optically a perfect copy of Kirk's failed love interest. Though he seems to be emotionally rather uptight ... Complications ensue ... Kirk has to fight Dr. Evil, save the universe, struggle with the present and his own sexual drive, and - win over this version of Spock or descendant of Spock.

I'd love to read a fic which manages to capture the humour and self-irony of "Austin Powers" while still keeping it in character with Star Trek. Can be set with the original or nu! characters in mind. (Or maybe both? If you find a way ...) Please no gender-bending and no crack!fic. While the challenge may sound cracktastic, I am sure there must be a way to keep it in style with the special humourful dignity which the classic Star Trek was famous for.

Bonus love for including McCoy!

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This is in response to Tlara's Defrosted and Confused challenge, Austin Powers in Space.

I don't know about this, but the challenger contacted me and asked me to do it, so we'll see.

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