Reunions and apologies by StarlightScribe

Stonn was Spock's biggest childhood bully

"Wisp" was one of 3 vulcan children to survive Tarsus under the care of the boy known only as JT.

They are the same person.

And now He is abord the Enterprise as an aid to Sarek.

Jim and Spock are together and Spock is not pleased with how friendly his lover is being with his childhood tormentor.

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Characters: Stonn, T'Pring
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Will and Wisp by Hypatia Kosh Rated: All Audiences starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 10]

Original Series: Answer to Starlightscribes Reunions and Apologies challenge. (Btw, apologies if this was supposed to be based on STXII, because it is so not.) Sarek comes on board the Enterprise with a new aide in his party whom everyone will recognize--even if it comes as a surprise to him. Tension ensues, secrets are revealed, etc.

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