Bad Choices and Happy Endings by dreamwind

Timeline: Post ST: XI

Pairing: Spock/Uhura(existing), Spock/Jim(pre-slash to slash)

Warnings: UST, Masturbation, Angst, Voyeruism

Summery: Spock and Uhura are still together but Spock is starting to realize that he can't logic away the fact that he is homosexual. But so far Uhura is really his only close friend and it is only natural to make her happy, right? Even if that means participating in a romantic/sexual relationship that didn't bring him any happiness?

So one night Uhura finally convinces Spock to have sex with her, but Spock is finding it hard to really get into it. It takes all his control just to get it up enough to start but halfway through he starts to realize he's going soft. But wait! Jim saves the day again. On the other side of the bulkhead Spock can hear the Captain pleasuring himself and the sound, which only Spock is able to hear thanks to his super Vulcan hearing, spurs him to greater heights of passion. Time should pass and Spock finds he can only perform for Uhura if Kirk is pleasuring himself next door. Uhura should figure out something is wrong and eventually breaks it off. No "evil, bitch" Uhura please.

Should start off with S/U but end with a happy K/S.

Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction
Characters: Uhura
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The Answer by Vulcan Lover Rated: ADULT (NC-17) starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 2]

An answer to a challenge I think I've pondered several times: Spock and Uhura (Abramsverse) are still together - despite the fact that they haven't ever been as sexual with each other as Uhura would like them to be, and as she lets others assume (Spock doesn't think about anyone assuming anything!)... She encourages him to make love to her at last - and, eventually, realises it's never going to happen; he just can't do it, because he's not sexually turned on by her. He is, in fact, HOT for someone though; that someone being their good Captain and good friend, James T. Kirk! After she and Spock are totally honest with each other, and after she realises that Jim reciprocates Spock's feelings, she helps them get together! Het sex is depicted in this story, but, during it, Spock thinks of Kirk - and while Kirk masturbates, he thinks of Spock!!!

As of Aug 22nd 2016: Added a scene between Spock & Uhura that shows her ever more that she and Spock are not meant for one another. It is also meant to imply that when Spock gets with Jim, the right person for the 'job' (!), all of these 'performance' difficulties will end. Jim is not only the right gender; he is the right man, the right person. He will be Spock's true love, and truest lover! Jim will help Spock, will awaken him, in ways that Uhura simply cannot. During every moment with Uhura, Spock knows these facts deep down, and, though he doesn't mean to lie to her, he hides this private part of his mind.

Categories: Fiction
Characters: Uhura
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Story Type: Angst, Erotica, First Time, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
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Universe: Abrams Universe
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Challenges: Bad Choices and Happy Endings
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Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
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