Bonding Blues by SoldierGirl
Summary: Jim and Spock can't bond. Spock is forced to take a wife out of necessity, whom he will see only during pon farr, when he will be forcibly drawn to her. It can be T'Pring if your heart is set on her, but I'd like it to be someone completely new (original character, perhaps?). How does Jim react when Spock goes to her for the first time, even though he knows Spock is his the rest of the time? How does Spock react afterward? I don't want them to be so much at odds with each other, but with the biological and mental demands that force an otherwise-unwilling Spock into someone else's arms. I'd like this to have a happy ending. (And preferably no babies.)
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Spock's Mistress by MySuperWhoLock Rated: Mature Content (Teen) [Reviews - 1]

Unable to bond with Kirk, Spock is forced to take a mistress for Pon Farr...


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Universe: Abrams Universe, ST:TOS Original Universe
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