A very late sex ed by Juni
Summary: AU where majority of humanoid species divides into alpha, betas, gammas and omegas. Most common are gammas (normal humanoids), while betas are stronger, more intelligent and cunning. Alphas are the ones who are even more gifted – either in intelligence, strengths, wit or all of them. They are born as natural leaders. And there are the omegas who are highly clever and attractive and on a top of that they go into heat. During that time all alphas, betas and gammas go crazy for omega and fight for a right to mate with him/her, which usually ends up with omega being paired with alpha as they are the strongest opponents in the competition. Now off to the real plot. Vulcans don’t recognize omegas since Surak’s teachings were introduced and they started to control their volatile instincts. Their society consists mainly from alphas and betas who control their emotions, relationships are prearranges and omegas were extinct many centuries ago. So what a surprise, when during a deep space mission Spock instead of Pon Farr goes into heat? Turns out he inherited more of his Mother’s genetic make then he wanted and he is an omega. And what fun that is: Kirk – a 100% alpha wants to mate with him, hell, half of the ship wants to mate with him (as alphas and betas are more gifted, they usually end up in bigger numbers on star ships). Spock is confused and not really sure what is happening but at the same time Kirk IS sexy and good looking so why not… And then Admiralty steps in. According to the law, each omega being a member of the Federation can enter a sexual relationship only AFTER being appropriately educated by appropriate doctor in the areas of their sexuality. As there are no omegas on Vulcan, Spock never had omega’s sex ed and without that anyone who mates with him will be considered a sexual criminal. So poor McCoy is tasked with providing confused Spock with a short course on what it means to be an omega. Very short, because they are too far away from any outpost to drop him off and Kirk and other alphas and betas are tearing the ship apart. Bonus points: McCoy being totally mortified by his task. It’s one thing to yell at stupid Ensign about STD but another to talk to grown up Vulcan about omega heat period. While McCoy educates Spock, Kirk spends his time assuring that there won’t have any competition for Spock (fights, traps, deception – all is allowed in love and war and Jim is a genius repeated offender after all) Uhura being a beta and Jim’s main competitor
Categories: Fiction
Characters: McCoy, Uhura
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