De-aged Spock fic by Josephine

So, I read all of the de-aged Spock fics and I totally love them. And I would really like more of them, so here I go :

I want a de-aged Spock that hopelessy clings onto Kirk, with lots of jealousy, possessivness and fluff :D

And of course, when Spock has his right age again, I want a nice bonding happy ending =)

The rest is up to you, I'm looking forward to any fics that you guys will write ;)


If Sarek makes an appearance.


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A Little Love by CMM Rated: Mature Content (Teen) starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 57]

Now done!

As happens occasionally, my other stories are being stubborn. So I am doing Josephine's De-aged Spock challenge. This will only be a short saga, maybe two or three chapters.

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