Understanding T'hy'la by Live Long and Prosper
Summary: Abrams!Universe. It's a year/two years into the mission and Spock Prime has managed to convince his young counterpart that Jim is their t'hy'la and that he should attempt to start a relationship with him. Spock and Uhura either went through an amicable break-up or end it in the story, author's choice. Spock starts spending time with Jim and gets to know him since he has kept things purely business between them up to this point. During a chess game/after a video call from Prime, Jim asks Spock to translate the word t'hy'la for him and asks whether he is this Spock's t'hy'la aswell. Spock admits it but refuses to translate the word. He tells Jim that he doesn't think he is ready to know yet and will tell him each definition when he believes he is capable of understanding and returning the feeling behind them. I'd like to see the three separate occasions where Jim proves he can be Spock's friend, brother and lover and maybe a bonding ceremony at the end? *Puss in Boots eyes* I'd also like to see Spock Prime interacting with Jim and being flirty, loving and paternal all in one. Possibly with a few conversations about what they could have had together if Spock had refused and an ending where Spock suggests he might share during Prime's Time and the occasional shore leave. If Sarek could make an appearance, I'd be very happy.
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