But They're Straight by Echomur

There are a thousand stories depicting Jim as the needy human who wants Spock.  And a thousand stories about Spock persuing a straight Jim.  There are accidental bonding, Pon Farr bonding, and mpreg stories.  But now for something a little different.

Here's the challenge.

We've all seen the 'aliens made then do it' fics, but I want that with a twist.  One where neither is already attracted to the other.  Kirk is straight, Spock is straight, and the aliens know it.  But for their amusement (and possible torture of the prisoners), Kirk and Spock are forced to 'perform' (how graphic that performance is I will leave up to the author) acts upon one another and are afterwards rescued.

Where you take it from there is up to you.  They can seek each other out afterwards, discover their latent attraction, or just try to remain friends despite the obvious awkwardness.  I know everyone wants Kirk and Spock to fall in love, but that's totally not actually necessary...

Bonus points for any of the following:

- The aliens being non-telepathic/magical.

- Bones being on the rescue team.  (Bonus bonus points for him giving at least one good 'Damn it Jim, I'm a doctor, not a *blank*.' line.)

- Either Spock or Jim (or both) not being able to get it up.  (Because that's always hilarious.)

- Super awesome bonus points for the ability to get them together afterwards without the old standbys.  (As in, not having them being bisexual, long lost t'hy'la, one of them becoming pregnant, etc.)

Categories: Fiction
Characters: McCoy
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