99 SAT Words Challenge by TDazz

Write a fic containing all 99 of these words:

abate, abdicate, aberration, abstain, adversity, aesthetic, amicable, anachronistic, arid, asylum, benevolent, bias, boisterous, brazen, brusque, camaraderie, canny, capacious, capitulate, clairvoyant, collaborate, compassion, compromise, condescending, conditional, conformist, convergence, deleterious, demagogue, digression, diligent, discredit, disdain, divergent, empathy, emulate, enervating, ephemeral, evanescent, exemplary, extenuating, florid, forbearance, fortitude, fortuitous, foster, fraught, frugal, hackneyed, haughty, hedonist, hypothesis, impetuous, impute, inconsequential, inevitable, intrepid, intuitive, jubilation, lobbyist, longevity, mundane, nonchalant, opulent, orator, ostentatious, parched, perfidious, pragmatic, precocious, pretentious, procrastinate, prosaic, prosperity, provocative, prudent, querulous, rancorous, reclusive, reconciliation, renovation, restrained, reverence, sagacity, scrutinize, spontaneous, spurious, submissive, substantiate, subtle, superficial, superfluous, surreptitious, tactful, tenacious, transient, venerable, vindicate, wary 

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Jim's way too drunk for this.

~responding to the 99 SAT Words challenge.

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