USS Tranship by Redravin

I've heard a lot of stories in abrams verse in which spock is with uhura and then breaks up with her and gets with kirk. Usually its because he's gay or him and uhura really don't click. I just thought of a different idea and would like to see what people do with it

-Spock and Uhura are together and in a serious relationship but have never had sex
-They are going to get it on and Spock sees !surprise! that Uhura has male genitalia. Que explanation (prefer if Uhura is MTF transgender but is holding off on final procedures for career reasons)
-Spock breaks up with Uhura (Bonus points if hes nice about it; extra bonus points if its not a lack of attraction but a responsibility to reproduce [Spock Prime is on New Vulcan (call him whatever you want if you include him) in Spock's place but can't reproduce due to age i.e. Spock, not necessarily all Vulcans, can only produce in pon farr. Spock Prime is too old for pon farr)
-This is the good part, spock really gets to like Kirk and wants to start a relationship (can be as far later as you want) but would feel like a total hypocrite after dumping Uhura for a reason that could be applicable to kirk
-Spock finds out that Kirk is FTM transgender or hermaphroditic and therefore capable of having kids/ attractive to him but is also holding off on final change if transgender due to career reasons. (bonus points if he finds out through McCoy)
-Spock and Kirk get together after this development 
-First time recommended but optional
-Uhura finds out and is heartbroken (bonus points if mature about it)

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Characters: Uhura
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