Dark Secrets by AllTheLoveWeHad

I have no good explanation for this. I just love hurt!Jim.

Prompt: James Kirk has suffered more than anyone can ever imagine. Behind the arrogant and cocky mask there is broken man.     

 Jim has many dark secrets (Tarsus IV, abusive stepfather, suicide attempt when he was ten=driving car off the cliff, distant and broken mother and brother who left him alone when he was ten) and he has every intention to keep them that way (McCoy doesn't know about any of them) but after anniversary of Tarsus IV comes his carefully build mask stars to shatter. He has flashbacks and hallucinations (younger Jim that comes to speak to him) that are taunting him. At first he tries to ignore them but starts slowly losing his mind. No one notices at first but eventually some of them start to notice (Spock is the first one, then McCoy, some others can also notice but they don't get to know the truth). Eventual K/S slash (McCoy and Jim are just friends, no threesomes thank you)

Categories: Fiction
Characters: Chekov, McCoy, Scott, Sulu, Uhura
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