Was Reminded of 'Search for Spock' Earlier... by Live Long and Prosper
Summary: I haven't watched the movies for quite some time - well, before I finally noticed the relationship between Jim and Spock, at least - but I was playing a Star Trek game with my mother (another huge fan) to cheer her up and a plot tribble plonked itself down in my drink. During 'Search for Spock' when McCoy is in possession of Spock's katra, he appears to be losing his mind and at times sounds like Spock or uses actions he would have used - if I'm remembering the film properly, there is a scene where he appears to try and use a Vulcan nerve pinch on someone and is totally confused when it doesn't work. So here was my idea: Jim and Spock have already been bonded - whether it was on Vulcan and is a 'full' bond or not is your choice - when they are beamed down to a new planet. An incident occurs and Jim is left there, presumed dead. Spock feels his side of the bond 'close' back aboard the ship and believes him to be dead, also. After the funeral service aboard the ship and as they are under way again, Spock appears to have a 'mental breakdown', for lack of a better explanation. I imagined him looking absolutely fine and acting the same as he always does but making little mistakes like sitting in Kirk's chair and performing his duties. It doesn't really matter to anyone at first - with Kirk gone, Spock is the new captain and it's expected of him. When he starts sitting in the same position/shifting around in the chair like Kirk and using his handwriting, the crew notice but still aren't too bothered by it, even if it does start them worrying. They think that it is Spock's way of dealing with the situation and grieving for him and, although McCoy orders him put on a lighter duty roster, he isn't too concerned either. Then it becomes more serious. I won't dictate exactly what the character should and shouldn't do but I would like a few things included, if possible: trying to enter Jim's room with his old captain's security code, which has already been changed; addressing McCoy as Bones and eating meat or fatty foods that Jim enjoyed and makes Spock himself physically ill. When the situation reaches its peak, Spock is re-enacting whole memories of Jim's past interactions with himself and others, acting as if it is happening right then and there and he is actually being answered, even including things he couldn't possibly know unless he had been there. Perhaps he could even re-enact emotional, private scenes in front of people: 'pillow-talk', the way his relationship with Kirk began, etc. They finally realise that Jim is still alive and was being tortured by the inhabitants of the planet for Starfleet information (in league with the Klingons/Romulans?) and was using his memories of Spock and the others to protect those secrets and his link with Spock from the interrogators. In my mental version of it, McCoy took him to Vulcan and Sarek, in a very Vulcan-esque emotional display, melded with him in order to discover a way to save him but it's not necessary if anyone has another idea. Even so, I would like Sarek and Amanda given a little mention, hopefully in the memories if you can get it to work. I also wouldn't mind this idea being reversed with Jim in Spock's place and vice versa. If anyone wants to try and fit this into the Abrams universe, please feel free; I love the idea of Spock Prime being involved and being the one to 'save' them. Hope someone takes an interest in this and thank you in advance to anyone who does.
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