Fucking Grammar by spock2U

I  found a 21st Century re-write of a 1910 grammar primer. In it, as an example, it had these memorable words:

"All I've got in this world are my sentences and my balls, and I don't break 'em for nobody."

...which had me spitting coffee at the screen as I heard them in my head in the voice of nu-Bones (Abrams Universe).

So the challenge is simple, just incorporate that phrase into a reluctant 3-way with nu-Bones, nu-Spock & nu-Jim. OR add anyone else to the sexual scenario that you care to pick. 'Serious with Angst' or as "Crack" as you like. Whatever springs to mind for you. The only rule is you gotta use that phrase somewhere in it and it has to be "in character" for whomever you have saying it (ie; you can re-word it to TOS' Bones vocabulary if you pick TOS instead of AOS) and you gotta "keep it gay". So, go ahead; get your sexy on and show me what you got! 

NB: AOS or TOS. Nu or Classic. You choose. I throw it open to both! xoxo

Categories: Fiction, Ficlets
Characters: McCoy, Original Character(s)
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