Where is home? by alex455

my native language is not English so any mistakes are my own.


Abrams universe only!


Spock cannot control his emotions. (He can but in the eyes of the others he can’t) It angers Sarek and T’Pau especially. When Spock is 7 years of age while on diplomatic mission with his father Spock accidently smiles when other child smiled at him first. Sarek is angered to that degree he sends Spock from the room with words :” And don’t ever come back! You’re not welcomed!”

Homeless!Spock meets homeless!Jim. Spock and Jim are taken care of by Bones, a teenager (at least 15 years old) who is thrown out of his house by being gay (or different reason it’s up to you). Nyota, Checov, Sulu are the same or almost the same age as Spock and Jim and are homeless too.

This is a challenge for a very long sad story either with a happy ending or sad ending.

Bonus points if you make Sarek realize what he has done wrong and try to find his son out there in the big world on Earth while looking (with Amanda's help) in orphanages, morgues, even churches and at the very end homeless shelters for years

Another bonus points if Sarek will establish a foundation for homeless people and other species.

Even more bonus points if he finds Spock looking through trash cans at the back alley of Vulcan embassy for thrown out stuff and then follows him to his “home” and finally sees and tries to talk to Spock.

Spock and others should be on the streets for at least 10 years before Sarek finds them.

 Spock and Jim friendship or slash it’s up to you.

I would love if this story focused on how Spock and Jim and others manage in San Francisco, how they live, where, who they meet, do they try stuff like narcotics and if they do something bad or good what consequences it has.

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