Vulcan bond attack by AlysanyeEbony

Everyone throughout the galaxy know of Jim and Spock, they're extremely famous, so it's pretty common knowledge that they're bonded (even with all the completely ridiculous-and some even disturbing- rumors). They've made quite a few enemy's who would want to take advantage of that bond to get rid of them both. 

  What I want is an enemy of theirs to find a way to turn their bond against them. How they go about it is your business (but I do have a scene in my head where Kirk and Spock go down in front of a crowd simultaneously (screaming in agony clutching their heads? Just fainting?) if you include that then I would love you!)  Maybe it affects all bonded Vulcans and their bondmates?

I would prefer if its in the Abramsverse and include Spock Prime and Sarek, but it's not necessary

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