And in all possible universes by sihaya

Okey, i will try to do this in the most decent english, but be aware that i haven't practiced my english in a long time, so i apologize in advance. :(

So, the challenge go like this: AU, in wich spock and kirk live in the 21th century. Jim is in the navy (or some sort of milicia) and spock is a scientist that stars working like an adviser for some kind top secreat project.

They start hanging out like friends at first but then Jim stars having feelings for spock, but he deny it, and tell himself that is just that he really likes him like a friend.

Extra points if :

-You manege to keep Spock IC :D
-Spock gives the first kiss and Jim starts to freak out but then totally responds to the kiss
-They are totally sci-fi geeks.

the lenght is up to you but i think it should be around 10K or more in order to really develop the story and the relationship.

Good luck and have fun :D

Categories: Essays, Fiction
Characters: Chekov, Chris Pike, McCoy, Scott, Sulu, Uhura
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