Trust by Fanor

There are so many stories where Jim is raped and then Spock abandons him thinking that jim has cheated. I want a story where Jim is raped and when Spock sees him knows (Because of the smell of blood, bruises, bond whatever you want). Jim refuses to press charges (for whatever reason) and Spock decides his top priority is Jim so he doesn't push, but some how someone in the crew sees jim walking back to his courters after the rape and thinks he is cheating on Spock. This news gets spread around and now all of the crew despises Jim and is very sympathetic towards Spock. Both are confused about these turns of event but Jim cant handle the hatred so soon after what happened so he and Spock take leave on Vulcan. It is the authors choice if they stay at the enterprise or leave and who is forgiven.

Bonus points if Sarek is all fatherly towards Kirk

And Bonus bonus points if there is a cuddly and over-protective Spock who absolutely dotes on Kirk! 

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Believe in You by Duochanfan Rated: ADULT (NC-17) starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 46]

For once in James Kirk's life things are going well. His relationship with Spock has made him one of the happiest Captains in the fleet. But when stopping off at a Starbase turns sour, he finds no one in his corner but a few precious friends.

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Story Type: Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Trope (OPTIONAL): Hurt Kirk
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Warnings: Rape
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Chapters: 24 Table of Contents
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