Vulcan Mind Techniques by Live Long and Prosper
Summary: I've been watching the series again lately and read a few of the books and I have noticed something about Vulcans; they seem to have more than one version of mind technique. So I checked and it turns out that they do: VULCAN MIND FUSION - A complete merging of minds, difficult and hazardous even for advanced Vulcans. VULCAN MIND MELD - A complete and unimpeded, directly mind-to-mind communication which can also be used to control another mind. Also difficult and dangerous but not so much as mind fusion. VULCAN MIND TOUCH - The most common variety of Vulcan telepathy, usually involving but not always requiring, direct physical contact or proximity. I would love to see a story where Kirk and Spock have only used mind touches before but are then bonded on Vulcan where a full Vulcan mind fusion is required and their reactions to it. A few points: I enjoy stories where the bonding includes sex either in the arena itself or afterwards. Kirk and Spock both receiving pleasure from the creation of the bond and already being more than *cough* ready for that would be great. Bonus if another Vulcan has to enter their minds to assist the creation of the bond and is Vulcanly embarrassed by the residual emotions they pick up from them. While I do enjoy smut stories, it is not necessary. If you would rather focus on their emotions and reactions to the bonding, I am more than happy. Please no evil, hypocritical 'I-won't-let-you-bond-with-a-human-even-though-I-did' Sarek. He is one of my favourite characters and I think he is far too mature for that after Babel. If you could please include him and Amanda at the bonding ceremony, you will get double bonus points as a reward. Anything else is fair game.
Categories: Fiction
Characters: Amanda, Sarek
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