Vulcans as elves? by betsanne
Summary: I would love to see a story where Vulcans were banished from Earth ages ago. They were a magical war faring elven race and due to that, other magical creatures (xover if you want with Harry Potter, but only in the vaguest of ways) gathered together, ripped the magic from their race and banished them from Earth, flinging to the now current vulcan homeworld. Vulcan forgot their beginngs, forgetting they were of Earth origin and have become the Vulcans of today. However, due to Spock being part human, he begins to regain his use of magic while on Earth and with Jim's help, he begins to search for the reason of his powers and Vulcan and Earth will never be the same. I would like Jim to be a wizard or has his own magical powers. If you xover with HP, then make him a decendant of Harry.
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