Wild Cat Kirk by dreamwind

Somehow Kirk is turned into a wild breed of feline (ex. Tiger, leopard, lynx, smilodon, lematya or alien species). The crew is cautiously fearful of their captains new form, so Spock takes over as feline!Kirk's caretaker because he has experience with large dangerous animals, ie his childhood pet I'Chaya. So feline!Kirk shares meals with Spock, follows him everywhere, sleeps in his quarters and maybe on the bed as well and falls "in love" with his Vulcan caregiver.

Bonus: if Kirk retains the ability to take on the feline form at will after he is returned to being human.

Bonus major: Spock and feline!Kirk engage in acts of bestiality before Kirk turns back to human. Kirk can be barbed or un-barbed as per Anon's choice.


Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction
Characters: None
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