Reviews For A Violent Past
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Reviewer: TRP-Goober Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/16/2019 8:56 AM Title: 1

This is a sort of weird story....why do you just assume that when Vulcan Males go into Pon Far, they are totally irrational and violent sexually...and hurt their partners?  If that were the case, in the cases between Vulcan Males and would the Females survive, how would the couple's procreate?  Vulcan is a Female Dominate Society,in the sense that the Women hold the Males lives in their controls due to the Pon Far. If the men had not, over the course of time, learned how to control their aggression, via theirs Bonds with their Mates, the entire Vulcan Society would have self destructed.

therefore, all this stuff about Spock freaking out and worrying about hurting Kirk during sex, during Pon Far, has no Foundation...if a real Bond exists between them.


in fact, Kirk would have greater control over Spock, because of the Bond, because Spock's Emotions are all crazy, his Logic messed up, and even physically....because Spock is not eating, not drinking and his body under terrific in the Original Episode when It is pointed out that Spock would not have likely been able to win against Stonn in a Battle to the Death.  

just my counter observations to your story....suggesting that, as most fan fic writers tend to do.....stop demasculating Kirk, under false pretenses and create a story that puts them at least on equal footing.  Spock, technically, DID NOT KILL KIRK, in AMOK TIME...McCoy did, with the Neuroparalizer drug.

Reviewer: Rosa Anonymous starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 12/11/2005 3:32 PM Title: 1

Excellent Pon Farr story. Eventhough this kind of story has been written to the point of exhaustion, Saavant gave it a refreshness as if the theme is a new one. I like that Jim and Spock are in character. Jim willing to do everything for Spock. Spock sturboness in not hurting Jim. But above all, the love between them is palpable in every sentence. And the sex is really hot!! Good story Saavant!

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