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Reviewer: FanficTrekkie Signed [Report This]
Date: 06/12/2014 4:01 PM Title: None

IAt first I loved the idea of the story because I expected Kirk to save the day at the last minute by kicking T'Pring's a** and then sufferring through Pon Far with Spock in one of the bondage rooms.  So gotta admit I was bummed when that didn't happen.  I really didn't want to see T'Pring even get close to getting her way before Kirk saved his T'hy'la.  Still an exciting story but perhaops you will consider doing a second version :-)  hint hint

Reviewer: nhrc Signed starstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 01/29/2011 2:50 PM Title: None

(Crying, laughing, wiping tears corner of the eyes) Oh dear! Ahhh woe is me! It was over so quickly (laughs insanely) is three days it's really short, and I was very uncomfortable chair and small dimensions and finished the story somewhere else that the internet in my room did not work (and just was so comfortable there)

It's the hardest part of this kind Abvsipurim:
the Farewell!
When you put these characters deep into your heart, you forget they are imagination, in the case of Tales fans, "figures that they dream of someone else's dream"
Thanks for a unique adventure. Thanks for letting me be part of it.
With all the good and bad moments
I'm not very good separation, so I hope it will not be too corny to repeat the words of others:
"Live long and prosper"

Reviewer: nhrc Signed starstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: 01/29/2011 2:11 PM Title: None

(continue reading)
Oh no! Oh no! I can not watch it (cover your eyes)
/ / "fool, how do you keep reading blindfolded" / /
Yeah, that's right!
Suciopteit - that's the word I was looking for!
On the third day to read, you find a song I can not stop listening while reading and it seemed so appropriate
It's called "Please Don't forget me" of "Way Out West " words are like tears I can not cry for these two souls .. and for me.

No! I wanted to be there Spock opens his eyes and he finds Jim and they probably will cry, and said a lot of sentimental things as they can ... I'll never forgive you for stealing it from me! I hate you! I really hate you!

Reviewer: nhrc Signed starstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: 01/29/2011 1:13 PM Title: None

It's those few times where the story gets me into deep sadness that takes over me completely, my conduct.
Been better if you were giving this work at times - very difficult for those who need to use translation software to read it.
Pain level started to kind of "ouch" of Aspnke a conversation with the Doctor - "ouch"small and harmless, so I thought to myself most of my innocence will be resolved with the coming time.

Then the doctor spoke with Kirk and I thought 'There will immediately relief "when he came in Spock's quarters became the heartbeat Achshawear stabbings began to heat up ... and I froze as soon as the door opened.

But I knew someone or the other will be brave enough to go first to the other and everything will be alright.
So really it looks like, it felt - there was even laughter, the pain has become a buzz delightful gurgling like a kitten.
Interest will be hot and wild and fear got himself in Ochsakirk spoke buzz became sore blow ... here began burning brides me heartburn reading further.
I encouraged myself and said "Oh, well, distance and time will make him better understand what is lost ... and how he longs to what still does not know - heart win "
But wait and watch Spock tortured agony that so difficult for human beings, so I believe its a few times more painful - I can not bear.
Incident with the boy .. his call to Jim ... and understanding without which he ... "can not be! ... not true ... he will not die! ... are not Romeo and Juliet and today no one died from love"

I fear growing up in the chest and painful I muttered, "Please Captain, please, for all readers who are lovers, I beg, awake Your Heart"
Then the doctor enough Ahahchma to cause Kirk to deal with what his heart and then .. the most wonderful confession, the most chromatic and most tear jerker comes diffused through me like a euphoria ... but only for a moment!
Then comes the exposed heart of Suffolk, written in ink in paperback ... and I'm drowning in the emotions, the incredible sadness that I feel the presence coming up the stairs and soon feel the cold breath down my neck ..
Now I'm not sad or afraid - I dread! I'm terrified! Oh my God, we must get there soon, right now as hard as we wait ... Spock, we come to you, you will have a happy ending for us. This cosmic fate that only people who believe in you (plus, who write) are capable "

Reviewer: Barn Bunny Signed [Report This]
Date: 06/03/2010 4:27 AM Title: None


That was such a nice ending - i really liked it! And your whole scene with T'Pring and that whole deal....gah! I was completely on the edge of my seat.

:D thanks for writing and posting this!

Reviewer: tmelange Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 04/22/2010 10:01 PM Title: None

This story really is a fantastic, realistic portrayal of this first time sequence. Probably the most realistic I've ever read, and not only that but I really enjoyed the addition of the T'Pring plot to keep the action moving. Bravo!

Reviewer: SereneShadows Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/03/2009 5:15 AM Title: None

I'm just in awe.

Honestly, that is one of the best fan fictions I have ever read.
First of all, the characters are spectacular. You captured their traits so well in this story. Reading the dialogue, I thought to myself, "This sounds exactly how the characters talk; these are the things they would say". GREAT job!

Secondly, Spock. I'd imagine he's a rather difficult character to make dialogue for, and to even describe his feelings in certain situations. You, however, did it. Spock's speech is perfect to his speech in the show and going through all the things he did in this story, To me, his reactions are perfect. What's interesting is Spock doesn't compute emotioins like humans do, but when compromised, his feelings can be intense. You captured the emotions perfectly. Perhaps it's also because Spock is my favorite character in Star Trek, but I felt like I was sharing his pain. The whole time reading this story, I thought to myself, "Damn it, Kirk! PLEASE get to Spock on time" and "Oh god, Spock! I feel so bad for you". To me, a story is truly amazing if the reader can connect to the character(s) so well that they feel the character(s)' pain. I was so relieved that Kirk finds Spock and almost cried when Kirk tries to mind-link with him and when he gives Spock the ring. EXCELLENT!

Thirdly, content. Someone has been doing their Star Trek homework! Clearly, you are VERY educated in Star Trek. Putting facts into your story makes the story seem more real. With all your Vulcan facts and even Vulcan language, the story seems like it's an episode for the show. Roddenbery would be impressed (despite the homoerotic nature of the story XD)!

In conclusion, this is an EXCELLENT piece of work! Your writing style is spectacular, your vocabulary is rich, your descriptions are fantastic, and you've captured the characters, emotions, and the essence of love perfectly in this fan fiction. I am VERY impressed! Keep up the good work!

Reviewer: Sage Electra Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 01/14/2008 1:25 AM Title: None

This is the best Kirk/Spock I've ever read. I honestly could not stop reading it, you really suck the reader into the story. It made me cry at one point and was perfect for an emo day. You are truly an excellent author. Congratulations.

Reviewer: kadreshi Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 12/23/2006 7:52 PM Title: None

Wow! This is wonderful, an all time favorite! I normally am not so completely drawn into fan-fiction, but I just couldn't steal myself away from this one. Not only was there a wonderful story line, but it was plausable. This is the type of read that I would expect from a published novel if trek novels were a bit more open on subject matter. At no point was I pulled out of this exciting read by some nuiance or reference that was too "fan-oriented". Often I will read fan fiction and instantly feel that it isn't true to trek, but true to the authors own fantasies, and that does not engross the imagination. You've captured all characters perfectly and this was trek through and through. You have managed to recreate the world of trek, and the lives of Kirk/Spock and give us a rare glimps inside.

Reviewer: Jesmihr Anonymous starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: 12/28/2005 3:43 PM Title: None

I just love this story ! It was one of the first I read when I started on the K/S path, and it has so many lovely, classic elements that I still enjoy rereading it. From the intriguing title, to evil T'Pring, to a dramatic and emotional rescue, to the hot sex ... it has it all. A must read!

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