10 Genres in 10 Snippets by Renata Lord

A meme-type thingy that I picked up in the Merlin fandom.

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Chapter 1 by Renata Lord

1. Angst
The Vulcan word Jim Kirk hates the most, bar none, is kolinahr.

2. AU
The oath of fealty demanded loyalty to be paid in both blood and gold. Pity that it contained nothing regarding heart and soul.

3. Crack!
The Real World: USS Enterprise is generally regarded as the reality show that spawned all the reality shows. Kirk thinks that this is something to be proud of, until Spock reminds him that "Cribs", hosted by a Klingon named Worf, is coming to film at their place next week.

4. Crossover
"Jim, I'm your father."

5. First Time
"Uhura—" he manages to blurt out even as his hands fumble at the annoying Starfleet uniform buttons.
"Will never forgive me," Spock states, and kisses him again.

6. Fluff
It's kind of wrong, how his own mother dotes more on Spock than on him when they come to visit. But he catches how Spock's eyes soften beneath all the rigid embarrassment, and suddenly he's glad.

7. Humor
"Haven't your heard that every time you do it by yourself, baby Jesus kills a kitten?"
"I see. It would only be logical to require your assistance in this matter, then?"
"You only had to ask."

8. Hurt/Comfort
After the ship has left Vulcan Beta, he finds Spock in the observatory and sits down by the man's side, holding that warm hand with his own.
"We will go back there, one day."
"No," Spock doesn't turn to look at him, "there is no longer any need for that."

9. Smut
Whoever says that Vulcans don't beg has clearly been doing it wrong.

0. UST
"I dreamed about you," he whispers, defeated. "It's disgusting, but every night when I closed my eyes, doesn't matter whom I was sleeping next to, I always dreamed about you."

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