Binary by Tlema

I think 'binary' is the perfect way to describe Jim and Spock.

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Story Notes:

It wasn't completely inspired by Jim and Spock, but I think it's a pretty good descriptive of them regardless.

Chapter 1 by Tlema


Constant motion:
Everything Moves around us;
From the tides of the ocean
To our crew and their devotion
In a system so marvellous.

Like two suns,
We form a perfect balance.
Everything we have done,
And all we can become
Depends on this delicate dance.

The two of us, we’re binary
One can’t function without the other.
You might say it’s destiny
But I know I’ll never love another.

We’re like one and zero,
Only together can we form our language.
With one gone, there’s no tomorrow,
Sense is lost in the other’s sorrow.
No way to program around that damage.

The two of us are binary,
Depending on each other.
Nothing I’ll ever see
Will make me want another.

We are one and Zero,
Two suns bound together.
Together, we can make a language flow.
Together in our warm glow,
Bound together forever.

I’ve seen whole systems die
When one sun loses its lover.
And the two of us are binary
And I’ll never love another.

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